Einstein: “Everyone is a Genius..”
  “Everyone is a Genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole live believing that it is stupid.”  -Albert Einstein   Read more
2012: A Message of Hope
Lawsuit Filed To Protect Themselves from Unfair Patent Enforcement on Genetically Modified Seed Action Would Prohibit Biotechnology Giant from Suing Organic Farmers and Seed Growers If Innocently Contaminated by Roundup Ready Genes NEW York: On behalf of 60 family farmers, seed businesses and organic agricultural organizations, the Public Patent... Read more
  Insight #1 … Reality is consciousness manifest in electromagnetic grids of experience. We ONLY manifest physically by grid connection. Insight #2 … If you are emotionally balanced you will attract that which will keep you in balance. If you have emotional problems – and are in denial –... Read more
This encyclopedic reference currently contains over 90 compounds and substances with cancer fighting properties that most people don’t know about, and the scholarly studies behind them. With this vast array of mostly natural substances you can apply these complimentary alternative treatments to boost your odds of beating cancer, and... Read more
How to Tell a Young Soul from an Old Soul by Jose Stevens, Ph.D. (Who is a long time observer and reader of the Edgar Cayce Readings.) “The following is a brief description of the characteristics of five basic soul levels. Each level has many lifetimes of lessons to... Read more
Dolphins and Children with Autism Communicate the Same Way     by Jean Charles Genet Researcher and autism survivor Jean Genet believes that dolphins and children with autism communicate in much the same way. Genet believes that the reason a child with autism cannot maintain a presence in (our) reality... Read more
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMCf7SNUb-Q Explanation: Mystery of the Silver Rings by Don White, Creator of Project Delphis The young dolphin gives a quick flip of her head, and an undulating silver ring appears–as if by magic–in front of her. The ring is a solid, toroidal bubble two feet across–and yet it does... Read more
The spirit is the energy of light and within this light there is a unique pattern called the soul. The soul carries within it an electromagnetic holographic images of past experiences or other incarnations, but also within this pattern of energy there is an electronic invisible energy map which... Read more
Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain By David Eagleman Hardover, 304 pages Pantheon List price: $26.95 Chapter 1: There’s Someone In My Head, But It’s Not Me Take a close look at yourself in the mirror. Beneath your dashing good looks churns a hidden universe of networked machinery.... Read more