Beautiful Space: Antennae Galaxy.. or Quantum Mirror?


Are we looking at beautiful space-dust….?  Or could it be the depth of one’s own mind?

The Ultimate
Secrets of Reality
Graphic based on
Menger Sponge by
Paul Bourke


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Science is searching for a Grand Unified Theory which integrates our knowledge into one encompassing solution. That search ends here, with a breakthrough discovery of the underlying structure of a mind-matter system. That discovery unifies mind and matter. Mind is the compliment of matter, and has existed since the universe first formed. We live in a quantum hologram which blends mind and matter into space-time.

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The underlying form of our universe is a mirrored, oscillating IO-Sphere
[pronounced Eye-Oh], which turns inside-out, then outside-in.

Inside the sphere is mind. Outside is matter. The inside-out oscillation
of this sphere blends mind with matter –to make space-time.

That Sphere is planet Earth.
That Sphere is You.

We exist on the mirrored skin of this IO-Sphere. Which explains the
bi-lateral symmetry of our bodies; the bi-hemispheric structure of the brain;
and the stereoscopic nature of our vision -as well as a host of other physical
attributes which confirm the existence of this higher dimensional structure.

O everts to I, inverts to O, at C3

Eversion produces the explicate chaos of matter.
Inversion produces the implicate order of the mind.

Key axioms which arise from the mirrored
nature of the surfaces of this hypersphere:

Mirrors turn things inside out.
A physically flat mirror is a cognitively curved surface.
All mirrors are curved surface sections of a single cognitive sphere.
The world in the mirror is a concept zone of pure forms.
Mirrors are portholes into the individual mind,
and the collective mind or Godhead.


Video Presentation by Lelabear

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