Abuses of Power


The Media Is Focusing On the WRONG Senate Torture Report


The Big Story Torture Everyone Is Missing While the torture report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee is very important, ...


What ABC 20/20 Could Learn from All The President’s Men: The Devolution of Modern Journalism, Beginning With Watergate

Brandon Engel

The “purity” of journalism, and its willingness to act as a “fourth estate” of political influence has fluctuated over the ...

Eric Holder

Eric Holder Sends Zero Bankers to Jail for the Mortgage Crisis Meltdown


The telling sentence in NPR’s report that US attorney general Eric Holder plans to step down once a successor is ...


FBI Plans to Enlist Local Cops Nationwide in Massive DNA Collection Scheme


Remember that time the Supreme Court ruled that our DNA is basically just like our fingerprints, and cops can snatch ...


Here Come the Raids: Contractors Seek to Legalize Private Police in the U.S.


There are very few news stories about government overreach that shock me these days, but this week there were two ...


The NSA Was Going to Fine Yahoo $250K a Day If It Didn’t Join PRISM


When we first learned about NSA metadata collection, we wondered how readily the biggest tech companies acquiesced to the government. ...


 InfoGraphic: Where Does Gitmo Fit In? The Long, Winding History of Prison Camps


The history of prison camps dates way back to the dawn of time, with victorious battles leading to enslavement and ...


DEA Gets Unchecked Access To Call Records; Taught To Lie About Where They Got Them


Shortly after the Snowden leaks began exposing the NSA’s massive collection efforts, the New York Times uncovered the DEA’s direct ...


NSA and FBI Duck Dive Dodge Accountabilty, Absolute Figures on Search


NSA says it has no idea how much US info it collects, but FBI searches for it so much it ...


Raw List of NSA Nicknames and Codewords


Below is a listing of nicknames and codewords related to US Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Communications Security (COMSEC). Most of ...


Science Faction?

Brandon Engel

In a somewhat disturbing case of life imitating art, it seems that real world turmoil is catching up with classic ...


Bribe or ‘Tax’? NSA gives 10milion to RSA for Backdoor Access


Hmm. Hold up. So if we go by this Wikipedia entry.. “Founded as an independent company in 1982, RSA Security, ...


Anti-American Sleeper Cell Identified


We’re being destroyed from within by a socialistic bureaucracy who’s overriding goal is its own survival at the cost of ...


DARPA Hackers Show How Cars Can Be Remotely Controlled


Hackers Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller have demonstrated from the backseat of a Toyota Prius that all you need is ...


The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation


Below is a letter claimed to be written by a former music executive who says he witnessed a secret meeting ...


Feds Keeping People Sick: The Vitamin D story


Dr. Lee Hieb explains how medical ‘consensus’ robs patients of their health Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2012/12/feds-keeping-people-sick-the-vitamin-d-story/#f56ZwVCQghm81KD3.99 No one said it ...


11 Secret Documents Americans Deserve to See


Many documents produced by the U.S. government are confidential and not released to the public for legitimate reasons of national ...


Could You Survive Being Sent To A FEMA Camp?


Our banker hijacked government has eviscerated the Constitution through tyrannical legislative acts such as The Military Commissions Act, The Patriot ...


Gun Owners: Invasions of Privacy & How to Properly Answer Questions


  A common Rule of Thumb….when ever a bureaucrat asks you a question, a safe “answer” is to ask them a question ...


Pre-Planned Executive Action: The True Gun Control Agenda Behind Sandy Hook and Aurora Shootings


Following his scripted dog and pony show with a gaggle of stage prop children, the imperial president on Wednesday signed ...

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