There are many causes I would die for. There is not a single cause I would kill for.


Humanity’s Global Solution Manifesto


1. Global Ceasefire: Humans collectively agree to no longer harm, attack, or kill other humans in ‘War‘ or conflict of any form.


2. Awareness, Acceptance, Love of Self, and Nature Inter-Connected. Cultures are returned just property. All religions and creeds are accepted as equal; none shall harm, nor judge another. REAL treaties are born.


3. Medicine/Cures: Complete Natural and Holistic Support, full purge of false synthetics and control toxins, metals, parasites. Elimination of treatment-for-profit, into renewable sustaining health-tech cures. Allowed and promoted: frequency treatment, EMDR, Orgone Generation, RIFE Machine Adoption & D-I-Y, Advanced Self-Healing.


4. TRADE: Tangible Monetary Policy. Barter, Trade & Global Debt Erased, *centralized* banking super-computers to shut down. Adoption + Distribution of Gold/Stones evenly down to 2nd, 3rd world geographies. Tax, Interest, and Debt become obsolete.


5. De-Militarization: Military, industrial, and all (non-personal defense) aggressor & spy weapons deactivated,studied, re-appropriated to sustainable technology R&D.


6. Twin Rights: 1. Right to a personal defense weapon at all times 2. Right to an unrestricted, unfiltered, uncensored, fully-encrypted, DNSSEC(and/or peer-to-peer redundant) internet connection, at all times.


7. Unlimited Energy Distribution: Elimination of centralized coal/nuclear/petroleum/gas, into distribution of [currently suppressed] FREE ENERGY, OVER UNITY and other Tesla technologies opened through #5.


8. Sociology & Culture: Freedom of Location and Habitat through Electric Global Trains/Underground Tubes – what suits your energy best, free to travel anywhere anytime. 100% Open Travel & Communications.


9. Organic Agriculture Technologies (technology exists to grow in adverse/impossible conditions, etc) GMO’s are eliminated, and nature is no longer modified or tampered with in any way. Humanity becomes healthy. With #3 adhered, socialistic recurring (profits-driven) healthcare programs become obsolete.


10. Truly Democratic Local Government: Elected Police, Fire, Council, etc. Break-up of Multi-National orgs like G20, NATO, UN, etc.  Self Sustaining ‘Micro-Cities’ are born and thus spread.  Humanitarian Based Projects take Top Priority.  All homeless are re-rehabilitated into self-sufficiency. Anti-totalitarian, anti-dictatorship, anti-fascist security mechanisms developed, implemented.


11. Education & Development: Study of Full/Real Human History, into natural genetics & psychic: skill, talent, ability (for positive and in love only, obviously). Children receive individualized attention: the child capable of choosing its own development path, with checks & balances in place to help the developing human achieve his/her own goals at optimum cadence.


12. Lifetime Open Education and Study: Exo-politcal (off-planet) development & exploration (also, freedom of travel & relocation to off-world colonies).


13. Negativity Rehabilitation: Prisons for Profit ELIMINATED. Prisoners are cared for and self-re-programmed into fully understanding the concepts embedded in #2. (Criminals no longer go to jail, forced into becoming a more dangerous criminal) With 1-12 in place, society can reach a balance; crime becomes extinct. Humanity evolves to the next level.






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