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US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11


Statistically speaking, Americans should be more fearful of the local cops than “terrorists.” Though Americans commonly believe law enforcement’s role ...


Bribe or ‘Tax’? NSA gives 10milion to RSA for Backdoor Access


Hmm. Hold up. So if we go by this Wikipedia entry.. “Founded as an independent company in 1982, RSA Security, ...


January 3, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Feinstein Gun Control Hypocrite, NDAA Signed, FBI vs. OWS vs. Bankers, Fiscal Cliff Simplified


Media Ignores Shooting Stopped by Law-Abiding Gun Owner CLIP: Dianne Feinstein Says Her Goal is to Disarm All Americans MR ...


December 13, 2012 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Eric Jon Phelps on the Jesuits part VI (Exclusive) Banking Laws Exposed


  Eric Blows the lid on Banking Laws by intentional Mis-direction and Sub-version of the people! INCREDIBLE!   Quick Notes ...


FLASHBACK: Paul Harvey Wise Whistleblower – “If I Were The Devil”


Long time radio newsman/commentator Paul Harvey created the original of this homily around 1965. It was updated as the years ...


Mr Drone Questions General Patreus


Obvious questions remain regarding the Patreus scandal and ‘cover-up’   Related posts: January 3, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Feinstein ...


Afghan Corruption, and How the U.S. Facilitates It


When it comes to corruption in Afghanistan, the time may be now for the United States to look in the ...


Info-Graphic: Mindblowing Police Brutality & Abuses of Power


    Related posts: No related posts.


Whistleblowers: Gagged by Those in Power, Admired by the Public


Despite facing often draconian measures, whistleblowers are increasingly winning public support, reveals a new survey The Obama administration has gone ...


Aurora Theater Shooting Court Documents Blows Inside Job Conspiracy Wide Open


Newly released court documents in the Aurora, CO theater “Batman massacre” case reveals startling inside accusations about who may actually ...


Conspiracy Theorists Deserve An Apology


The world must apologize to 9/11 truth-tellers. The reason why there is so much hate and scorn for 9/11 truth ...


Mammogram Propaganda Fraud: Scientists Blast ‘Komen for the Cure’ Over Agenda of Deception


It is time for the truth to be told about Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The organization is, flatly ...


Whistleblower: Mind Blowing Corruption Within JP Morgan


Rampant silver manipulation?  Rampant gold manipulation?  Rampant LIBOR manipulation?  Hiding MF Global client assets?  These are all happening at JP ...


Congress: Trading Stocks on Insider Information?


  SOURCE: CBSNews Related posts: No related posts.


LOBBYING: Closer to Bribery, or Extortion?


We’ve certainly talked quite a bit about the institutional-level corruption of the way Congress and lobbying works, but a recent This American Life episode, ...

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Track Influence of Money by Bills, States or Congresspeople


Telling people that the men and women in Congress sometimes vote with special interests in mind is like telling people ...


Pope’s butler arrested over Vatican documents leak


Rome (CNN) — Pope Benedict’s butler has been arrested on suspicion of leaking confidential documents to an Italian journalist, the ...


IRS Insider Joe Banister Exposes Illegal Fraud


Joe Banister is the first and thus far only IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent ever to conduct, while serving ...


Outrageous Lies Monsanto and Friends Are Trying to Pass off to Kids as Science


It’s not enough that the biotech industry — led by multinational corporations such as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, BAS, and Dupont ...

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Young Girl Exposes Canadian Banking FRAUD


This is my daughter. She gave this speech at a businees meeting in front of 600 people. Her eyes have ...

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