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Palantir 101: InfoSec Gov Deployed Malware Explained


  For those who are completely new to the Palantir Platform or could simply use a refresher, this talk will ...


An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden: ‘A Genius Among Geniuses’


Perhaps Edward Snowden’s hoodie should have raised suspicions. The black sweatshirt sold by the civil libertarian Electronic Frontier Foundation featured ...

August 22, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Chelsea Manning, Hastings Update, Cali Gun Confiscation, NSA protected by Whitehouse, Anons FBI Dump, Human Nuggets, SWAT Cops


Bradley Manning To Serve Prison Sentence as Female, Chelsea Manning (examples of injustice shared on following episode) Michael Hastings was ...

May 16, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Ex-Military Chemtrails Admission, SAIC Cyber CIA, Mainstream Conspiracies, Internet Censorship Meeting, Oil Price Fixing, Ag-Gag Veto!


Ex-Military Bio–Enviro–Engineer: Chemtrails Are Real Top Geoengineer Admits to Poisoning our Skies When Confronted CIA-connected SAIC Awarded Government “Cyber Security” ...


November 23, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Texas to Block NDAA/TSA, California Face Scanning, NSA Cyber Silence, Obama’s Secret Inauguration, 2025 Police Drones


Texas Threatens to BLOCK the implementation of NDAA & TSA NSA prohibits disclosure of Obama CyberSecurity effort Facial Recognition Technology ...


Anonymous Releases How-to Instructions on Fooling Facial Recognition


New Tips and Tricks to Fool Surveillance Cameras now Known to be using advanced algorithm technology for automated Facial Recognition ...


Statement from Jeremy Hammond, alleged Anonymous hacker, July 23 2012


23 July 2012 – Statement from Jeremy Hammond, alleged Anonymous hacker – read in Foley Square, NYC Thanks for everybody ...


October 26, 2012 – DCMX Radio: More Benghazi Cover-Up, Civilian Drone Deaths, Executive ‘Cyber’ Order, Massive Cylinder UFO on Film


Drone Attacks Update, Civilians still Targeted Obama’s Drone Joke Massive Cylinder UFO Captured on Film!! Cyber Security Going Crazy Obama ...


U.N. Calls For ‘Anti-Terror’ Internet Surveillance


United Nations report calls for Internet surveillance, saying lack of “internationally agreed framework for retention of data” is a problem, ...


August 13, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Weekend News, Non-Event Update, Giving Thanks, Wikileaks Teasers & The Conspiracy of Privately Contracted Security, Cyber-Security


The Conspiracy driving Private Contractors, Private Security, and Privatized CyberSecurity. Major Players trying to remain Name-less. Government influence on outsourcing, ...


August 3, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Re-cap Week’s Alternative News, Intro to CyberWar: Viruses, Hacking, & Black Security Breaches, Protecting Your Computer, Securing Your Internet Connection & Maintaining Privacy Online


Cyber Security Industry Explosion, Intelligence Spying, Data-mining, Black-Hats, White-Hats, Gray-Hats abound. Alphabet Agencies, Corrupt Globalist Corporations exploiting your info. Micro ...


NSA: Security Con guration Recommendations for Apple iOS 5 Devices


>>>>    NSA_Apple_IOS_5_Security_Protocols  <<<<   Purpose. This document provides security-related usage and con guration recommendations for Apple iOS devices such as the ...


FBI Escalates War On Anonymous


The Feds raid the home of unofficial Anonymous spokesperson Barrett Brown. They’re after his Twitter records, chat logs, IRC conversations, ...


STOP CISPA: Come Togeter – Take Action


COME TOGETHER TO STOP CISPA! WHAT IS CISPA? The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (H.R. 3523) is a bill ...


Hacks of Valor: Why Anonymous Is Not A Threat to National Security


Over the past year, the U.S. government has begun to think of Anonymous, the online network phenomenon, as a threat ...

404 FREEDOM NOT FOUND – Message From Anonymous


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Anonymous: A Message to NATO


Good evening, NATO. We are Anonymous. It has come to our attention that a NATO draft report has classified Anonymous ...

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