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Jake Davis – Hacker


Topiary, real name Jake Leslie Davis, born October 27, 1992, is a former hacker. He has worked with Anonymous, LulzSec, ...


Jeremy Hammond – Hacker, Activst


Jeremy Hammond is a political activist and computer hacker from Chicago. He was convicted and sentenced in November 2013 to 10 years ...


No Place to Hide: #PayPal14, Glenn Greenwald, PayPal Billionaire


* Use the hashtag #PayPal14. Respond to tweets from @Pierre and @ggreenwald. Don’t forget Greenwald’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/glenn.greenwald.5 PRESS RELEASE ...


Activists Hacktivists – The Signifigant Seven


The Significant Seven, an @exiledsurfer remix Don’t get it? More exiledsurfer remixes here. Related posts: No related posts.


November 30, 2012 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Anonymous Bulks Up, NSA Decieves Congress Praises, Body Scanners, CypherPunks, Brain Weapons, TSA Criminial, Jerusalem Segregation


 Anonymous Hacktivists: ‘Bigger and Stronger Than Ever’ NSA’s Marching Orders to Congress: Deceive the Public, Praise NSA Effusively Next generation ...


Inside Par-AnoIA: The Anonymous Intelligence Agency


Paranoia is reputed to destroy you. But if you’re a whistleblower in search of a safe, neutral outlet, it just ...


The Federal Reserve Plans To Identify “Key Bloggers”


Conversations About The Fed On Facebook, Twitter, Forums And Blogs The Federal Reserve wants to know what you are saying about ...


Statement from Jeremy Hammond, alleged Anonymous hacker, July 23 2012


23 July 2012 – Statement from Jeremy Hammond, alleged Anonymous hacker – read in Foley Square, NYC Thanks for everybody ...


Barrett Brown – Communiqué from Prison 9/20/12


It is hard for me to express how much I appreciate your letter, which is the first I have received ...


Activist Barrett Brown Raided by FBI During Online Video Chat


For the second time this year, self-proclaimed Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown was raided by the FBI. The latest dramatic incident ...


Hacked Intel Email: NYPD Involved in “Damn Right Felonious Activity”


The New York City Police Department (NYPD) really has gone rogue; at least that’s what a high-level FBI official believes. ...


Make it Happen 2012 – Anonymous Transmission


Protesting, Police Violence, Transparency, Global Government, all being manipulated against Humanity’s interests.  2012 is the year we take back our ...


#InfoSec: If it walks like th3j35t3r and talks like th3j35t3r, its probably TomRyanBlog


UPDATE: Our hero Jake Davis provided some interesting commentary on this subject recently: I remember seeing IRC logs of you ...

Click to Chat with Decrypted Matrix | irc.VoxAnon.net - #ConspiracyBunker

Chat >> Support >> Collaborate >> irc.VoxAnon.net:6697 #ConspiracyBunker


  We Are All Anonymous - United as One, Divided by Zero  Related posts: Socialize Meet Kaepora: Nadim Kobeissi Creator ...


Is Anonymous The Internet’s Most Powerful Mirage?


You may have noticed it last week. Anonymous claimed the scalp of yet another a major government agency. Supporters of the ...


How to secure your computer and surf fully Anonymous BLACK-HAT STYLE


This is a guide with which even a total noob can get high class security for his system and complete ...


Opinion: Why we need Anonymous 2.0


by Lisa Vaas on April 24, 2012 A few thoughts on the “hacktivist” group Anonymous that came out of Josh Corman and ...


Hacks of Valor: Why Anonymous Is Not A Threat to National Security


Over the past year, the U.S. government has begun to think of Anonymous, the online network phenomenon, as a threat ...


The Rise of the Hacktivist


Rise of the Hacktivist: From /b, to Scientology, to the Arab Spring, Through HBGary up to LulzXmas Related posts: Surge ...

Beast1333: Templars of Hip Hop Present – Anonymous


Distributed denial of Service the Barbs are Stacheldrat When DOS attacks Suits without a Head Get scared and shit they ...

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