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Ed Snowden – Intelligence, Leaker


Edward Joseph “Ed” Snowden is an American computer professional who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency, starting in ...


William Binney – Intelligence, Leaker


William Edward Binney is a former highly placed intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency turned whistleblower who ...


Thomas Drake – Intelligence, Leaker


Thomas Andrews Drake is a former senior executive of the U.S. National Security Agency, a decorated United States Air Force ...


The FBI Can Bypass Encryption: Cyber Security Is a Magic Act


Encryption has gained the attention of actors on both sides of the mass surveillance debate. For example in a speech ...


The NSA Helped Israel Blackmail Palestinians


Scores of former members of Israeli military intelligence’s very secret and quite elite Unit 8200 have publicly refused to collect ...


The NSA Was Going to Fine Yahoo $250K a Day If It Didn’t Join PRISM


When we first learned about NSA metadata collection, we wondered how readily the biggest tech companies acquiesced to the government. ...

NSA Spying Legacy Machines

Snowden Saga Decrypted: NSA Leaker or Distraction Double Agent?


  Max Maverick breaks down everything we know, don’t know, and should be asking about this mainstream media ‘circus’ that ...


DEA Gets Unchecked Access To Call Records; Taught To Lie About Where They Got Them


Shortly after the Snowden leaks began exposing the NSA’s massive collection efforts, the New York Times uncovered the DEA’s direct ...


NSA and FBI Duck Dive Dodge Accountabilty, Absolute Figures on Search


NSA says it has no idea how much US info it collects, but FBI searches for it so much it ...


Raw List of NSA Nicknames and Codewords


Below is a listing of nicknames and codewords related to US Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Communications Security (COMSEC). Most of ...


New flight 370 details: All signs point to backdoor westwardly landing approach onto secret island base


All evidence shows that a massive cover-up surrounding flight 370 has taken place, likely implementing U.S. military factions INDIAN OCEAN ...


Malaysian Airline Mystery Decrypted


Not many ‘Answers’.. just all the right QUESTIONS     -A Distraction Decrypted-   NSA Tracking Capabilities – Everything means ...


Max is Back – Decrypted Matrix 3.0 – Launch Broadcast


  Max is Back – Decrypted Matrix 3.0 Thanks for your patience, and support. Introduction to the new format, upcoming ...


Bribe or ‘Tax’? NSA gives 10milion to RSA for Backdoor Access


Hmm. Hold up. So if we go by this Wikipedia entry.. “Founded as an independent company in 1982, RSA Security, ...


An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden: ‘A Genius Among Geniuses’


Perhaps Edward Snowden’s hoodie should have raised suspicions. The black sweatshirt sold by the civil libertarian Electronic Frontier Foundation featured ...


President Appoints Top Spy Who Lied to Congress to Lead Review of Surveillance Programs


A fox raids a chicken coop, killing all the chickens. With feathers sticking out of the sides of his mouth, ...


World of Spycraft: NSA and CIA Spied in Online Games


This story has been reported in partnership between The New York Times, the Guardian and ProPublica based on documents obtained ...

September 19, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: News Updates, Navy Yard False Flag Indicators, NSA Latest Leaks, High Tech Exploitation Round-Up


Local police departments are now receiving a FBI document painting “9/11 truthers” as potential terrorists. Michael Jackson 1 Day Before ...


Whitehouse ‘Panel’ Is Dead Before It Even Starts – Lacks Tech And Telco Execs


As part of his promises regarding better oversight of the National Security Agency, President Obama called for expert external opinion ...


CENSORED: Nothing Better to Do – The NSA Goes After Parody T-Shirts


Throughout history, one of the ways in which the human spirit has overcome or dealt with the brutish forces of ...

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