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4 More Drones! Robot Attacks Are on Deck for Obama’s Next Term


When Barack Obama took office, drone strikes were a once-in-a-while thing, with an attack every week or two. Now, they’re ...


Imran Khan Detained and ‘Interrogated Over Drone Views’ by US immigration


Imran Khan, the former Pakistan cricket captain turned politician, was taken off an international flight from Canada to New York ...


Biometric Voice-Identification Technology Leads to Arrests of Terrorist Suspects in Europe


Officials who apparently thwarted an alleged terror plot against Europe used voiceprinting technology to catch several suspects. The British Government ...


America’s Deadly Double Tap Drone Attacks Are ‘killing 49 people for every known terrorist in Pakistan’


Study found war against violent Islamists has become increasingly deadly Researchers blame common tactic now being used – the ‘double-tap’ ...

Notre Dame law professor Mary Ellen O'Connell is a leading critic of the U.S. targeted-killing program against Al Qaeda militants. (Los Angeles Times, Ken Dilanian / October 9, 2012)

Notre Dame Law Professor Leads Lonely Campaign Against Drone Strikes


A law professor at Notre Dame leads a lonely campaign to stop the targeted killings in Pakistan and elsewhere, insisting ...


Mysterious Bird-like Drone Captured In Iraq and Pakistan, Origins Still Unknown


The quite strange unarmed bird-like drone which was recovered by Pakistani forces in August of 2011 apparently did not just ...


War Toys: US Kicks-off Global Drones Race – Ultimately to Collect Data and Search Citizens


Last week, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez showcased his country’s first unmanned drone. It seems that an international race to dominate ...


Black Ops and Blood Money – Raymond Davis, Agent In Pakistan


When a CIA operation in Pakistan went bad, leaving three men dead, the episode offered a rare glimpse inside a ...


Obama’s First Paper Airplane – No Casualties


Barack Obama at 6 Years Old after making his first paper airplane, flying it over a part of town where ...


Calling out the CIA: Secrecy Killings


Today Andrew Rosenthal of The New York Times published a thoughtful columndiscussing the untenable position taken by the government in response to ...


US Military Drones targeting Rescue Workers and Funerals in Pakistan


The CIA’s drone campaign targeting suspected militants in Pakistan has killed dozens of civilians who had gone to rescue victims ...

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