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Kenneth O’Keefe – Military, Humanitarian


Kenneth Nichols O’Keefe is an Irish-Palestinian citizen and activist and former United States Marine and Gulf War veteran who attempted ...


Norman Finkelstein – Politics, Activist


Norman Gary Finkelstein is an American political scientist, activist, professor, and author. His primary fields of research are the Israeli–Palestinian ...


Noam Chomsky – Professor, Author, Activist


Avram Noam Chomsky (/ˈnoʊm ˈtʃɒmski/; born December 7, 1928) is an American linguist, philosopher,[21][22] cognitive scientist,logician,[23][24][25] political commentator and activist. ...

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Pink Floyd – Entertainers, Activists


Pink Floyd are an English rock band formed in London. They achieved international acclaim with theirprogressive and psychedelic music. Distinguished ...


The NSA Helped Israel Blackmail Palestinians


Scores of former members of Israeli military intelligence’s very secret and quite elite Unit 8200 have publicly refused to collect ...


Remember When: Finkelstein Shreds Blitzer on Israel Palestine Double-Standards


Israel is under an obligation to terminate its breaches of international law; it is under an obligation to cease forthwith ...


Critical Facts All US Citizens Should Know Abut Israel & Palestine


Gaza (along with the West Bank and East Jerusalem) is occupied Palestinian territory under international law, determined by the vast ...


Media Distorts Truth About Israel’s Campaign of Brutality Against Gaza


Today Israel carried out aerial strikes in Gaza targeting a mosque it claims was hosting rockets, a disabled care center ...

May 27, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: March Against Monsanto GMOs, Israeli Landmines, Boston Liar, Project Camelot Update, Smartphone Tech, High Fructose Corn Syrup Addiction


The #MarchAgainstMonsanto – A portrait of rebellion from around the world Facebook censors pictures of children rallying against GMOs Senate ...


November 29, 2012 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: UN Recognizes Palestine, First Amendment Cop, GMO Giant Strong-Arm, Drug War Extension, Neil DeGrasse Cosmic Quandaries


“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” —George Orwell UN implicitly ...


November 28, 2012 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Fluoride Removal, Security Cutlure, Goldman Corruption, CCA Prison Biz, Arafat Death, Heart-Mind Connection, Organic PB, OMG Drones


Scientists Discover New Technique to Remove Fluoride from Drinking Water Security Culture: a handbook for activists Goldman Sachs: A Criminal ...


November 21, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Anonymous on Gaza & Israel War Crimes, AT&T iPad Conviction, Blackwater CEO’s New Biz, Random Headlines, Uruguay President Charity


Anonymous statements on Gaza / Israel Conflict & Ceasefire Security researcher Andrew Aurenheimer found guilty of conspiracy and identity fraud ...


November 19, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Eric Jon Phelps on the Jesuits Part III (Exclusive)


Max Interviews guest Eric Jon Phelps on the Jesuits Part III Topics Covered: Jesuit Coadjutors- Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, George ...


US-Israel Alliance: Obama’s “Green Light” to Israel Attack on Gaza


A short interview broadcast by CNN late last week featuring two participants – a Palestinian in Gaza and an Israeli ...


Tears of Gaza: The War They Don’t Show You


“Disturbing, powerful and emotionally devastating, Tears of Gaza is less a conventional documentary than a record — presented with minimal ...

Palestinian workers line up to get checked by a Palestinian security officer in the north Gaza Strip. Palestinian workers line up to get checked by a Palestinian security officer before entering the Israeli controlled industrial zone in Erez area between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

Gaza, The World’s Largest Open-Air Prison


A look at life under occupation. Gaza has the look of a Third World country, with pockets of wealth surrounded ...


November 7, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Corruption in Afghanistan, Obama’s Drones, Wikileaks Grand Jury, Gazan Prisoners, Rejecting the Police State & Negativity


Afghan corruption, and how the U.S. facilitates it 4 More Drones! Robot Attacks Are on Deck for Obama’s Next Term ...


November 1, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Messages from Water, Illiminati-Nazi-Israel Connection, Poland Plane Bombing, Facebook Censorship


The Healing Power of Water – Miraculous? 3 Reasons U.S. Drone Policy is Really Freakin’ Scary Illuminati, Nazis and the ...


Che Guevara Remembered in Palestine


Fight Back New Service is circulating the following statement from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. On the ...


Activist Hip-Hop: Lowkey’s Message To Weapons Manufacturing


  “Hand On Your Gun” [Intro:] This one is dedicated to the suit-wearing arms dealers To the champagne-sipping depleted uranium ...

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