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Police Departments Retaliate Against Organized “Cop Watch” Groups Across the US


When communities attempt to police the police, they often get, well… policed. In several states, organized groups that use police ...


FBI Plans to Enlist Local Cops Nationwide in Massive DNA Collection Scheme


Remember that time the Supreme Court ruled that our DNA is basically just like our fingerprints, and cops can snatch ...


Why “One Gun” or “Three Guns” for TSHTF Is a Bad Idea


We’ve all been part of these discussions, and we’ve all read a ton of them on forums and blogs over ...


US Police Have Killed Over 5,000 Civilians Since 9/11


Statistically speaking, Americans should be more fearful of the local cops than “terrorists.” Though Americans commonly believe law enforcement’s role ...


11 Shocking Facts About America’s Militarized Police Forces


The militarization of police is harming civil liberties, impacting children, and transforming neighborhoods into war zones. The “war on terror” ...


Max is Back – Decrypted Matrix 3.0 – Launch Broadcast


  Max is Back – Decrypted Matrix 3.0 Thanks for your patience, and support. Introduction to the new format, upcoming ...


CENSORED: Nothing Better to Do – The NSA Goes After Parody T-Shirts


Throughout history, one of the ways in which the human spirit has overcome or dealt with the brutish forces of ...

August 22, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Chelsea Manning, Hastings Update, Cali Gun Confiscation, NSA protected by Whitehouse, Anons FBI Dump, Human Nuggets, SWAT Cops


Bradley Manning To Serve Prison Sentence as Female, Chelsea Manning (examples of injustice shared on following episode) Michael Hastings was ...

July 8, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Egypt Overthrown, Michael Hastings Crash Cover-Up, Wiretap Bounty, Police State Comandeering, Top 20 Obama Scandals


Egypt – Why The Muslim Brotherhood Was Overthrown: Cults And Democracies Don’t Mix CLIP: Very Unusual Intense Hot Fire in ...

June 3, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Dome on Mars, Istanbul on Fire, MI6 Terrorists, iOS Compromised, Supreme Court on DNA, Monsanto & Big Pharma Exposed, Kicking Cancer


City Dome Discovered On Mars In Juventae Chasma, Video & Photos The Sixth Day of Fire, Tear Gas, and Blood ...

May 31, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: WTC7 Evidence Surfaces, NASA Official DEAD, FBI Photoshops Boston, Google’s G8 Tax Scam, DMT in Rats, FED Whistleblowers, Historical Terrorism


More Proof of WTC 7 Lie / 9/11 Strange New Footage WTC 7 – Video | 9/11 and Ground Zero ...


Homeland Security and FBI Release Document Once Again Labeling Photographers as Potential Terrorists


Photographers are still being classified as potential terrorists in a newly released document from the Department of Homeland Security and ...


April 8, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: IRS Spying, Sirius Mini-Alien, N. Korea Transmits, Joe Biden NWO, Sovereign Citizens, Berkeley Brainwaves


IRS to monitor Facebook, Twitter for tax cheats ‘Sirius,’ Steven Greer’s Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny ‘Alien’ Humanoid Secret Transmission ...


Preppers, Patriots and Pirates


Now that the prospects of a second Obama administration are hitting home, the pace of a rapid deterioration are confronting ...


North Carolina Police Lieutenant Warns Of Plans For Martial Law In 2013


In this broadcast of the Cybertribe News Network, a North Carolina Police Lieutenant calls in to give his first hand ...


Public Buses Across Country Quietly Adding Microphones to Record Passenger Conversations


Transit authorities in cities across the country are quietly installing microphone-enabled surveillance systems on public buses that would give them ...


CTC Says Opposition to a New World Order is Terrorist Activity


According to a report from the “Combatting Terrorism Center” at West Point, ‘Anti-Federalists’ who oppose a New World Order as ...


Gun Owners: Invasions of Privacy & How to Properly Answer Questions


  A common Rule of Thumb….when ever a bureaucrat asks you a question, a safe “answer” is to ask them a question ...


March 18, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: National Security Letters, CIA Secrecy Rejected, NSA Profiteers, Eric Holder Crime Boss, Censorship, Monsanto Thugs


Federal Judge Finds National Security Letters Unconstitutional, Bans Them Appeals Court Rejects CIA Secrecy on Drones Feds: No Warrant Needed ...


March 12, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Brad Manning Audio Leak, Police State Expert Speaks, Prison Industry Profiting, GMO Vitamin Warning, Liar Cheney, Monsanto’s Bees


Bradley Manning Speaks! Leaked Audio from Trial An Interview with Police Militarization Expert Radley Balko:How Cops Became Soldiers Non-Violent Marijuana ...

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