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George Carlin – Entertainer, Activist


George Denis Patrick Carlin[1] (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008) was an American comedian, social critic,actor, and author. Carlin ...


Why Engagment Rings are a Scam


  The comical geniuses over at College Humor recently released a new short video that is capturing the attention of ...


WHAT IF: Rothschild Bloodline Had Been Replaced with Tesla’s?


Anyone remember ‘The Jetsons’ cartoon?  This was not far from the truth – actually – it was the truth.  A ...


The Grad School Scam


The worlds biggest financial scam in history is revealed! Visit us on Facebook: JestComedy Related posts: ‘Government’ as explained to ...


Colbert’s The Word – Two Birds With One Drone


Two Birds, With One Drone The Obama administration reasons that anyone in a strike zone is likely Al Qaeda, so ...


Joe Rogan and The American Ideal


A very enlightened Joe Rogan discusses the American Ideal. Clips from his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. Also from The ...


LOST WORMHOLE: Space/Time Continuum in Danger


“Do Not Attempt Capture Because You’ll Totally Screw With The Space/Time Continuum Bro” Related posts: No related posts.


Obama’s First Paper Airplane – No Casualties


Barack Obama at 6 Years Old after making his first paper airplane, flying it over a part of town where ...


Real Journalism Under Attack: RAP NEWS Nails it Again with “A News Hope”


Juice Rap News: Episode XIII – A NEWS HOPE. It is a time of corporate war; deprived of a reliable ...


Illuminati, the Conspiracy Theory That Connects Jay-Z and Queen Elizabeth


Why did Jay-Z and Beyoncé name their kid “Blue Ivy”? What was the deal with Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show? ...


‘Government’ as explained to an Alien Visitor


  An inquisitive alien visits the planet to check on our progress as a species, and gets into a conversation ...


Ben Franklin’s Unlearned Lesson of 9/11: The Theory of ‘Duh’


Disarming Innocent People, Does Not Protect Innocent People Related posts: No related posts.


Anonymous Service – The Ultimate International Career


ANONYMOUS Service  (a CIA Job Post ‘Spoof”) The Ultimate International Career The Internet’s ANONYMOUS LEGION is the front-line source of ...


Alien Satire: Occupy Earth


Related posts: ‘Government’ as explained to an Alien Visitor

Television: It Trains Ignorance


Related posts: No related posts.

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