Barrett Brown – Journalist, Activist
Barrett Brown is an American journalist, essayist and satirist. He is often referred to as an unofficial spokesperson for the hacktivist collective Anonymous, a label he disputes. He is credited with the creation of Project PM, a research outfit and information collective determined to expose agents of the corporate... Read more
New Show Schedule – 2 hours / Thursdays Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria Russia Submits 100-page Report Detailing Chemical Weapons use by Syrian ‘Rebels’ Chemical Weapons Update – 10 Cases the US Gov Wants you to Ignore CLIP: Barrett Brown Faces 105 Years for... Read more
“Shut up, Barrett Brown”  – The Indictment Cover Up
Real or imagined- reasonable or grandiose, I think we can all agree that things that Barrett Brown has recently said leading to his recent arrest and indictment were on the solid side of stupid.  People who hate him figured it was about time they nailed him on something, and... Read more
Hacktivist’s Advocate: Meet the Lawyer Who Defends Anonymous
As a lawyer not particularly immersed in the technology world, Jay Leiderman first became interested in the hacker collective Anonymous around December 2010. That was when Anonymous activists launched distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) against Mastercard and PayPal, who stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks. Since then, he has... Read more
Barrett Brown – Communiqué from Prison 9/20/12
It is hard for me to express how much I appreciate your letter, which is the first I have received here, along with the support I’ve reportedly gotten from others so far. Before I forget, let me request that you also send a tweet of support to Jenna, @ElviraXMontana... Read more
Activist Barrett Brown Raided by FBI During Online Video Chat For the second time this year, self-proclaimed Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown was raided by the FBI. The latest dramatic incident occurred late Wednesday evening while Brown and another woman identified by some as his girlfriend were participating in an online chat on TinyChat with other individuals. Two minutes... Read more
August 13, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Weekend News, Non-Event Update, Giving Thanks, Wikileaks Teasers & The Conspiracy of Privately Contracted Security, Cyber-Security
The Conspiracy driving Private Contractors, Private Security, and Privatized CyberSecurity. Major Players trying to remain Name-less. Government influence on outsourcing, etc. Every Week Night 12-1am EST (9-10pm PST) Read more
FBI Escalates War On Anonymous
The Feds raid the home of unofficial Anonymous spokesperson Barrett Brown. They’re after his Twitter records, chat logs, IRC conversations, his computer, and apparently everything else, according to the search warrant obtained by BuzzFeed. Last month, the FBI raided the Dallas home of Barrett Brown, the journalist and unofficial... Read more
Dis-Info Campaign Against Journalists Who Investigate Contracting Firms
(Left) Tom Vanden Brook (on C-Span in 2010), a senior reporter for USA Today apparently targeted by a cyber-attack of misinformation and harassment. Photograph: The report by USA Today in which two of the paper’s employees became targets of a widespread and dishonest online disinformation campaign immediately after making inquiring calls to... Read more
Endgame Systems: Hiding Behind Censorship?
Endgame Systems Endgame Systems (founded 2008) has been of interest to this investigation due to the firm’s close association with corrupt HBGary CEO Aaron Barr, their stated intent to avoid public attention towards its work with the federal government, its longtime collaboration with Palantir employee Matthew Steckman (whom Palantir... Read more – Exposing The Cyber Surveillance State
The purpose of Project PM’s wiki is to provide a centralized, actionable data set regarding the intelligence contracting industry, the PR industry’s interface with totalitarian regimes, the mushrooming infosec/”cybersecurity” industry, and other issues constituting threats to human rights, civic transparency, individual privacy, and the health of democratic institutions. Contents... Read more