Mysterious Shadow Hackers: The Equation Group
An unnamed scientific researcher walks out to her mailbox, shuffles through some bills and advertisements, and pulls out an envelope containing a CD of pictures from a recent scientific conference the researcher had attended in Houston. Excited – though maybe a bit nervous – to see the candid photos... Read more
Sell Out Hackers: The Zero-Day Exploit Market
Exploit sellers arm governments and businesses, but are they harming security for everyone else? Remember the final battle scene in Star Wars: A New Hope? Remember how Luke Skywalker slotted a bomb from his X-Wing down the Death Star’s exhaust port to blow the spherical space-station apart? Well that... Read more
Hack Like a Pro: How to Exploit and Gain Remote Access to PCs Running Windows XP
In my first installment in this series on professional hacking tools, we downloaded and installed Metasploit, the exploitation framework. Now, we will begin to explore the Metasploit Framework and initiate a tried and true hack. Before we start hacking, let’s familiarize ourselves with Metasploit so that when I use certain terms,... Read more