Blackwater Threatens to Kill State Dept Investigator, Trying to Investigate
Even the mightiest have their come-uppance when their internal logic spews out destructiveness returning on the self—“blowback” in a way perhaps not seen before. I refer to James Risen’s extraordinary article in the New York Times, “Before Shooting in Iraq, a Warning on Blackwater,” (June 30), in which the... Read more
Social Activism Reminder – Problems are Profitable Boston Bombing False Flag Wake Up Learning, Sharing, Validating Information Rolling Stone: Conspiracy Theorists finally Vindicated “The World is a rigged Game” No charges for NYPD cops filmed punching, pepper-spraying Occupy protesters Dr Judy Wood – Breakthrough Energy Technology used on 9/11... Read more
Did CIA and State Department Run Illegal Arms Trafficking in Benghazi?
New details have emerged that shed light on the chaos that embroiled the Benghazi mission on 9/11/2012 that led to the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans at the hands of the very anti-Qaddafi rebels that Stevens formally liaised with for the CIA. It wasn’t a... Read more