“Your thoughts and feelings matter“

The development of a Human being is a feat of engineering brilliance which goes beyond the comprehension of the average person. The blueprint for this understated and yet stunning design begins to unfold when 23 chromosomes containing DNA information carried by Male sperm unites with 23 chromosomes contained in the Female egg – it is this combination of 46 chromosomes that will prompt the primitive heart (which consists of just two basic tubes at this stage) to form in the new embryo no less than 18 days after conception, incredibly, just four days later, around day 22, this primitive heart is animated by an ‘electric’ spark and begins beating.

Even though this primitive heart is the first organ to develop in the body it doesn’t resemble a heart in appearance as you can see by looking at the picture above, personally, I have to wonder if the left & right endocardial tubes materialize because (sub)atomic particles are attracted to and then structure themselves around two electric currents already in existence, likewise, is the moment the heart begins beating the moment a prototype ‘consciousness’ emerges and the proto-body becomes a living but not yet (consciously aware) intelligent being that has the potential to evolve into something quite extraordinary.

At the beginning and center of this brilliance is the heart. The heart develops before the brain. Furthermore, the institutionalized belief that the Heart is merely a pump has been shown to be wrong, in fact, it can be shown to be a twin opposing vortex which embodies the physical capacity to be considered a mini-brain and it communicates with the brain and body in four ways, these are through neurological communication (nervous system), biophysical communications (pulse wave), biochemical communication (hormones) andenergetic communication through the interaction of electromagnetic fields.

It is no longer viable to argue the brain is the driving seat of consciousness or that communication between the heart and brain is a one-way process… the belief that the brain speaks and the heart does as its told has been thrown out the window.


After extensive research, one of the early pioneers in neurocardiology, Dr. J. Andrew Armour, introduced the concept of a functional “heart brain” in 1991. His work revealed that the heart has a complex intrinsic nervous system that is sufficiently sophisticated to qualify as a “little brain” in its own right. The heart’s brain is an intricate network of several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells like those found in the brain proper. Its elaborate circuitry enables it to act independently of the cranial brain – to learn, remember, and even feel and sense. The recent book Neurocardiology, edited by Dr. Armour and Dr. Jeffrey Ardell, provides a comprehensive overview of the function of the heart’s intrinsic nervous system and the role of central and peripheral autonomic neurons in the regulation of cardiac function.

Although we may not have the capacity as a developing embryo or foetus or baby to understand much of anything (at least that we can remember) every single cell in our body is being enveloped by an electric (informational) field which is emanating from the Mothers heart.  This field oscillates with emotions, in other words, it can change frequencies and these changes can influence those coming into contact with it. Furthermore, others that comes into close proximity with the Mothers field will generate an interaction where information can be transferred energetically. Without even realizing we are an integral part of our Mothers conscious experiences… both good and bad. The same principle applies to adults.

Something else to consider as well is the phenomenon of water memory. When you consider we are water-based right down to the molecular level one has to ponder how much of an influence thoughts and feelings of the Mother and those that interact with the Mothers heart field have on cellular development. If words or emotions projected in anger distorts water at a molecular level what kind of distortion is being manifest to water-based (sub)atomic structures?

Sound frequencies are information in that they either carry or are instructions to organize matter – we can see this in Cymatics. Different frequencies structure matter into different shapes. We decode these frequencies and hear a noise that is the frequency – we basically tune in. Frequencies are energy/force information. Beethoven’s 9th symphony for example is harmonic frequencies or oscillating energies/force. Thoughts and emotions, which define human experience contain all kinds of information depending on what we are thinking and how we are feeling. This information or knowledge is intangible even though its coherent, organized, intelligent. Love and Hate will have unique frequencies and an entire spectrum of frequencies can manifest from Love and Hate when you consider the kind of feelings we can “will” into experience.

Thoughts and feelings are not only chemical-based but they are (electrical) energy or frequency based as well.


The final two studies in this section are concerned with energetic communication by the heart, which we also refer to as cardio-electromagnetic communication. The heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs. The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain. This field, measured in the form of an electrocardiogram (ECG), can be detected anywhere on the surface of the body. Furthermore, the magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5,000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain, and can be detected a number of feet away from the body, in all directions, using SQUID-based magnetometers. Prompted by our findings that the cardiac field is modulated by different emotional states (described in the previous section), we performed several studies to investigate the possibility that the electromagnetic field generated by the heart may transmit information that can be received by others.

Everything that is tangible in nature has dimension. This is an inescapable fact. The length of something reveals how long that something is. This is information. The width of something determines how wide that particular something is. This is information. Likewise the depth of some-thing establishes the height of an object – all of these tangible qualities define three dimensional information.

But what dimension(s) do thoughts and emotions have if they are transmitted energetically… do thoughts and feelings have dimension in that they are imprinted on/in/around indivisible (sub)atomic particles or are they attached to or are they an integral part of the energy associated with brain waves and electric fields.


Thus, the last two studies summarized in this section explore interactions that take place between one person’s heart and anothers brain when two people touch or are in proximity. This research elucidates the intriguing finding that the electromagnetic signals generated by the heart have the capacity to affect others around us. Our data indicate that one person’s heart signal can affect anothers brainwaves, and that heart-brain synchronization can occur between two people when they interact. Finally, it appears that as individuals increase psychophysiological coherence, they become more sensitive to the subtle electromagnetic signals communicated by those around them. Taken together, these results suggest that cardioelectromagnetic communication may be a little-known source of information exchange between people, and that this exchange is influenced by our emotions.

The highlighted section of energetic communication is the most fascinating and intriguing aspect of this research. This explores (energy) information being transferred between electric fields. We experience these types of interactions when we walk into a room and are able to “sense” something is wrong. We can’t quite put our finger on it. We feel bad vibes but we don’t know why and more often than not we will dismiss the vibes even though we know we were probably the topic of conversation moments before or that a heated exchange has just taken place between two people who are now sitting with fake smiles on flustered faces. It’s easier to tow the line of ignorance and dismiss the phenomenon despite the obvious static or electrical fluctuations lingering in the air.

The concept of intelligent energy gets even fuzzier because energy is defined through theconservation of energy.

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed it can only be transformed from one state to another”

Think about the above for a moment. If thoughts, memories and emotions which can be measured via ‘brain-waves’ and electric fields, then these electric projections can only exist as  part of something that cannot be created or destroyed.

Does the fact that the Heart field is massively more powerful than the brain field confirm which organ has the influence on the body. Does the presence of electric fields confirm the presence of at least two electric currents “pinched” at points we can call nodes. The nodes being the brain and heart. Let’s not forget the human body is designed as a near-perfect conductor of electricity because it is very much water-based… it is the perfect medium (entity) for facilitating this mysterious force.

When the heart stops beating or the brain ceases to function the Human body becomes inanimate or dead. What has happened… the body is no longer being animated and electricity (and consciousness) are no longer present in the flesh. Matter becomes lifeless, there is no magnetic field, the body cannot function when the electrical forces have departed. Where does this life-giving force or Fohat go if it cannot be created or destroyed. Some suggest the events (memories)  that  constitute to your life becomes part of theAkashic records or the eternal library.

Thoughts manifest within an ethereal part of our-self that we call the Mind. Memories, like thoughts, are energy-based and are “seen” in the Mind and not before our eyes. They are intangible. Where does this “information” disappear too, the brain is flesh and blood, it is tissue that consists of molecules, which are atoms fused together… they are indivisible particles… pieces of matter.

There are no flesh and blood filing cabinets hidden away in that drab grey organ we call a brain.