Justice Scalia’s Death And Cause, The Mafia Connection, Obama Agenda? Justice Scalia’s Death And Cause, The Mafia Connection, Obama Agenda?
Texas Authorities Broke the Law When They Declared the Cause of Justice Scalia’s Death Judge Cinderela Guevara Violated Texas Law Which Was Then Covered... Justice Scalia’s Death And Cause, The Mafia Connection, Obama Agenda?
  • Texas Authorities Broke the Law When They Declared the Cause of Justice Scalia’s Death
  • Judge Cinderela Guevara Violated Texas Law Which Was Then Covered Up By The MSM

SOTN Editor’s Note:
The following article by an extremely knowledgeable nurse lays bare the troubling inconsistencies and law-breaking neglect that occurred in the process of declaring the cause of Justice Antonin’s Scalia’s death.

VIDEO: Something Is Very Wrong With The Declaration of Justice Scalia’s Death And Cause

The Texas judge who was primarily responsible for the unlawful conduct is Cinderela Guevara.  A close reading of the relevant Texas laws, and there are various laws and statutes which govern this particular situation, clearly indicates that this judge acted illegally.  The point of crucial fact is that she possessed no competence to declare Scalia dead.  Nor did she possess the necessary authority to identify the cause of death.  Hence, she broke the law by certifying the cause of death as “Natural Causes”.  Case Closed!

Special Note:
It’s very important to point out that the mainstream media (MSM) was completely on board with the conspiracy to mislead the American people about Texas law.  Every major organ of the MSM parroted the very same incorrect information as they deliberately misled the public that not conducting an autopsy was somehow okay.  Not only is it not okay, the neglect to do so should be fully investigated and prosecuted.  The judge and those who conspired with her have committed a serious crime against the nation, and especially against Antonin Scalia.  The key point here is not to point out the obvious criminal dereliction of duty and transgression of county, state and federal laws, it is to highlight the MSM quite purposeful complicity throughout the execution of the crime.  Just how critical are the laws that dictate an autopsy be performed so that the cause of death can be accurately determined?  VERY critical … to the very integrity of American society. 

Here’s the core issue: In order to officially declare a death in the State of Texas, the certifying authority MUST also determine — with accuracy — the precise cause of death. Not to do so could create a climate where many are killed and yet the judges simply neglect to properly investigate the death … just as Cinderela Guevara did in this case.  Such a statewide predicament would allow many murders to be perpetrated without any law enforcement followup whatsoever.  This is perhaps the most important purpose behind such laws

Once again, Texas law requires a competent authority to both declare the death, as well as the exact cause of death.  Judge Cinderela Guevara was not in the position to perform either function according to the pertinent laws as the exposé below clearly demonstrates.
Scalia murdered? Did Texas Judge once ask God for a ruling?

This gross miscarriage of justice is even more egregious given the stature and prominence of Justice Scalia.  Every Texas authority should have erred on the side of great caution in abiding with the known law.  Instead, they all performed in a reckless and cavalier manner in discharging of their official duties.  That the statehouse has not weighed in on this matter is equally troubling.  Does the conspiracy of silence and gross incompetence go all the way the Texas State flag pole?

Truly, the murder death of the longest sitting Supreme Court Justice should have had both the State officials and the FEDs jumping through hoops of fire to ensure that all procedures were properly followed and laws were adhered to.  Because just the opposite transpired — from beginning to end — the nation is now left to endlessly speculate on just who it was that killed Antonin Scalia.  And, much more importantly, why did they do it?

The Very Mysterious Death of Justice Antonin Scalia

Justice Scalia’s ‘Natural Death’—Cui Bono? And Why They Did It?

One thing is for certain about this whole sordid affair.  The screw-ups were quite intentional and planned in advance.  Judges nationwide are now well known for their participation in all sorts of criminal conspiracies, and this one appears to be no different. Only its politically impactful effects will be greatly magnified throughout the rest of Obama’s term.

After all, the Obamanation has been distinguished over 7 plus years by its extraordinary and unparalleled lawlessness.  Doesn’t such profound disrespect for the law always produce unpredictable and powerful blowback?

State of the Nation
February 22, 2016


A Nurse’s Perspective: Justice Scalia’s Death in Texas is the 21st Century Version of the Assassination of JFK


The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia shocked the nation, especially when hearing the distinguished Justice appeared to be in good spirits, “entertaining,” and active the night before. What is even more shocking to some is the post death procedures. It has led to many speculating foul play was involved despite what those at the scene claim. A primary area of concern centered on reports that Justice of the Peace Cinderela Guevara never examined Scalia’s body, but pronounced Scalia dead over the phone. As a friend likes to say, “What’s wrong with this picture?”

From a nursing perspective, there is quite a bit wrong with this picture. Let’s start from the beginning. In looking at the circumstances surrounding the finding of Justice Scalia dead, there will be a look at Texas Statutes and many rhetorical questions will be posed because it is being evaluated through a nurse’s eye based on medical perspective.

On Friday evening, Justice Scalia spent the evening with a private group. No one noticed any health related issues compromising Justice Scalia. The next day, John Poindexter found Justice Scalia in his bed, a pillow over his head without any disturbance of the bed sheets or pajamas. Poindexter used the description “looked like he had not quite awakened from a nap.” Poindexter determined resuscitation would be futile since Justice Scalia was cold and had no pulse.

Where did John Poindexter receive his medical degree to determine whether or not resuscitation efforts would be futile? Poindexter did not describe Scalia as pale with blue discoloration (cyanosis) of the lips, eye orbits or fingernails. Neither did Poindexter take Justice Scalia’s temperature via the rectum or liver (common in forensic investigations). A person’s skin can be cold yet still be in a state to revive using resuscitation efforts. Did Scalia have a blocked airway from an object lodged in the throat? No one knew how long Scalia had been dead. The rule of thumb or what any reasonably prudent individual would do is call emergency services, begin resuscitation efforts and continue until arrival of EMS to assume the duty. Considering the remoteness of the resort, Poindexter should know the proper procedure from a first responder standpoint and first aid perspective.

How was the pillow positioned over Scalia’s head? No one has described this very important detail. Neither has anyone indicated the position in which they found Scalia’s body. If Scalia was lying on his side with the pillow under his head but folded over his ear or another pillow over the ear, it would possibly indicate drowning out noise or getting in a comfortable position. However, if Scalia was lying on his back with a pillow over his head and one under his head, it could suggest foul play or that Scalia was shielding his face and eyes from some outside interference.

Finding Scalia in a pristine bed and unwrinkled pajamas is akin to the “magic bullet” theory on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as well as hint to the pristine bullet found on the gurney with JFK. Take the test. Put on your pajamas then crawl into bed. Now, make sure your pajamas aren’t wrinkled. Smooth out the areas you “damaged” as you position yourself in a lying position. Regardless of how much you try, evidence of your efforts remain. It is almost as if Scalia were lifted by levitation and placed on the bed after dying.

It’s no wonder many people are asking questions. It is these unusual circumstances and actions by the individuals involved that create suspicion.

It has been reported the Sheriff called a judge to inform the judge of Scalia’s death in order that a determination on autopsy be made.

The question is, “Who determined that Justice Scalia was dead?”

Under Texas State Statute, Health and Safety Code, Title 8: Death and Disposition of the Body; Subsection A: Death; Chapter 671, Determination of Death and Autopsy Reports, “A person is dead when, according to ordinary standards of medical practice, there is irreversible cessation of a person’s spontaneous respiratory and circulatory function.” This chapter acknowledges an unspoken fact that physicians have authority to declare someone as deceased in Section 671.001 (b). Additionally, Section 671.001 (d) declares a registered nurse or physician assistant may determine and pronounce death in situations other than those described in subsection (b).

So, who determined Justice Scalia was dead? Various reports stated Presidio County Judge/Justice of the Peace Cinderela Guevara pronounced Scalia dead over the phone. It has been in various reports and comments by many on various articles written that judges in Texas may pronounce death. However, the Texas State Statute cited would appear to contradict this. In reviewing Texas Statutes concerning judges pronouncing death, hours of review did not produce a statute. However, The Texas Association of Counties website provided descriptions of the duties of county officials through the “2014 Guide to Texas Laws for County Officials.” The duties of judges began on page 63 and justice of the peace duties on page 123. In reading the duties, no where did the document list a duty of a judge or justice of the peace to “determine” or “pronounce” death. As previously indicated, Texas Statute on Determination of Death outlined who may determine an individual dead, according to ordinary standards of medical practice.
Guevara should state exactly how she can determine Scalia died from “natural causes” without being a medical professional, conducting an investigation or inquest, and not seeing the body.

While I did not find the statute on justices of the peace pronouncing death, it is assumed it is within their authority despite not being listed in the Texas Statute on determination of death or listed in the guide as a duty of the justice of the peace or judge. It is an important duty to be excluded from the guide for county officials. The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 49: “Inquests Upon Dead Bodies” Art. 49.04 states, “A justice of the peace shall conduct an inquest into the death of a person who dies in the county served by the justice if: … (3) the body or body part of a person is found, the cause or circumstances of death are unknown, and: (A) the person is identified.” There is a distinct difference in determining death and determining the need for an inquest — the two are not the same or even similar.

Now, should an inquest into the death of Justice Scalia have occurred? His body was found in his room with the circumstance surrounding his death unknown and his identity verified. So, the answer is “yes.” Let’s go further in explanation.

While Justice Scalia had “health issues,” many health issues are treatable, manageable and non-terminal. There has been no indication Justice Scalia had a terminal illness or an illness one would presume to cause death. With that said, there are only two causes of death — respiratory failure or cardiac failure. No breath, no life; no heartbeat, no life. Now, which one did Scalia suffer? It is unknown which one came first meaning whatever caused his respiratory or cardiac failure or both is unknown. His body was found without anyone in witness to the circumstances surrounding his death, which means no one knows when exactly Scalia suffered the mechanism (s) to cause death or what that mechanism (s) is or are.

Is any of this indicative of foul play? It is plausible that it is. With that said, why was an inquest not done to determine what happened? Granted, the family did not want an autopsy, which is their right; however, blood samples, tissue samples, and other evidentiary samples taken discreetly during a forensic investigation could provide further answers. In the extended education obtained to specialize in forensic nursing, cases such as this were summed up as “It’s homicide until it’s not.”

All of this is quite interesting as this was not treated as a crime until proven it was not. Justice Scalia has no voice to speak for him as to what happened. Those in Texas involved in discovery and afterward silenced his voice by not pursuing an investigation or an inquest according to Texas Statute. All the important people were notified. The news organizations ran the story, claiming a Judge/Justice of the Peace declared Justice Scalia as dead. Still, who exactly determined Justice Scalia to be dead, according to ordinary standards of medical practice? It would appear Texas justice excluded the most important individual in this situation.

The public will never know the answers since no investigation was done, no inquest performed, and his body embalmed within 24 hours. Neither will his family. Justice Scalia’s death in Texas is the 21st century version of the 20th century assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Via FreedomOutpost


Who is Texas Judge, Cinderela Guevara, who denied an autopsy?

by Jon Rappoport

February 16, 2016

Chew on this quote for a minute. I’ll put it into context later:

presidio-county-judge-cinderela-guevara“[In 2013], my sister and my daughter’s paternal aunt and I went to see Cinderela Guevara several times. [This is Judge Guevara, who just ruled Scalia died of natural causes and no autopsy was necessary.] I went to see her alone two times…

“When she was alone with me, Ms. Guevara asked about my religious beliefs several times. We spoke about the Catholic faith and on September 3, 2013, when I met with her, she told me that she had prayed to God for an answer as to whether it was suicide or not and asked God to give her an answer in the video. She said she did not receive an answer as to that, but she did receive an answer from God. She stated to me that God told her that, yes this was a tragedy, but the true tragedy was that Melaney had died without accepting Jesus Christ as her savior.

“This was the woman who was deciding the cause of death of my daughter. Was she willing to consider any investigation of a homicide if she believed I was being punished by God?”

A US Supreme Court Justice dies. The circumstances are unknown. Therefore, a Texas Judge rules: no autopsy is necessary. Talk about insanity—or worse.

NY Post, 2/15, “Detectives question lack of autopsy in Scalia death”:

“Bill Ritchie, a retired deputy chief and former head of criminal investigations for the DC police, said he was dumbstruck when he learned that no autopsy would be performed.

“’I took a look at the report and I almost fell out of my chair,’ Ritchie told The Post from his home in Maryland.

“’I used to be an instructor in the homicide school. Every death investigation you are handling, you consider it a homicide until the investigation proves otherwise,’ Ritchie said.”

Who is Judge Cinderela Guevara, the Texas official who decided she didn’t need to look at Scalia’s body to rule his death was from natural causes—therefore requiring no autopsy? (See “Scalia’s death to be ruled a heart attack” and “Urgent calls begin for Scalia autopsy: Rush to ‘natural causes’ conclusion criticized” and “Judge Cinderela Guevara: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know”)

Who is this judge who shut the door on an investigation?

Had this judge ever done anything like this before? Had she ever ruled against a homicide investigation in a case that cried out for an investigation?

Well, there was that case of a young woman found dead on the railroad tracks in Texas in 2013. Was an autopsy denied there as well? Did the Judge instead pray to God for a ruling in the case?

Daily Kos, March 28, 2014: “Like a dead dog on the tracks: Injustice in small town Texas…”:

“The nightmare began on the morning of Thursday, August 8, 2013. My daughter, Melaney Parker cashed out of her favorite bar at 12:01 a.m. after a night of dancing and flirting with her new husband, found him and kissed him on the lips, and said love you, see you at home. Her body was lying on the tracks when struck by a Union Pacific Railroad train at 12:23 a.m.

“After reviewing the video taken by the train, the Union Pacific Railroad claims representative told an attorney who volunteered to assist us, that she appeared to have been placed on the tracks and seemed to be unconscious or dead, not moving or flinching as the train approached….The claims representative said that he pleaded with the Justice of the Peace and the Sheriff to open this case as a homicide. They insisted it was a suicide.

“…My sister and I and other members of our family talked to the Justice of the Peace, Cinderela Guevara…When we asked if a rape kit had been ordered, she seemed surprised. She said she had only ordered a toxicology report. We did not understand until later that she meant she had only ordered a toxicology report and not an autopsy. She later tried to say that it was Dr. Contin’s suggestion because she thought the cause of death was obvious. My sister asked her at one meeting, ‘With all due respect, Judge, how do you know she wasn’t already dead when she was hit by the train?’ Ms. Guevara said nothing to that and just stared nervously at my sister. Had the possibility never entered her mind? What was called an autopsy report, so they could insist that an autopsy had been performed, were two pages signed by Dr. Contin on the evening of August 8, 2013, stating that ‘after investigation’ it was determined that Melaney ‘intentionally placed herself on the tracks’ and the cause of death was suicide. It appears that Dr. Contin only did a superficial visual examination and never took any samples or tissues, other than from the liver (approximately 8 hours after her death on a summer night) for the toxicology report. After researching the finding, we found that samples should not be taken from the liver, especially after physical trauma, because of the possibility of contamination.

“The Union Pacific Railroad claims representative told our attorney that if they had known an autopsy had not been ordered they would have paid for one…

“My sister and my daughter’s paternal aunt and I went to see [Judge] Cinderela Guevara several times. I went to see her alone two times…

“When she was alone with me, Ms. Guevara asked about my religious beliefs several times. We spoke about the Catholic faith and on September 3, 2013, when I met with her, she told me that she had prayed to God for an answer as to whether it was suicide or not and asked God to give her an answer in the video. She said she did not receive an answer as to that, but she did receive an answer from God. She stated to me that God told her that, yes this was a tragedy, but the true tragedy was that Melaney had died without accepting Jesus Christ as her savior.

“…This was the woman who was deciding the cause of death of my daughter. Was she willing to consider any investigation of a homicide if she believed I was being punished by God?”


But of course, there is no problem. No problem at all. Justice Scalia died of natural causes. Of course. No autopsy necessary. Judge Guevara didn’t need to see the body. Why bother?

No need for an investigation.

We absolutely know there is no cover-up in the case.

The Judge has ruled.

Politicians in Washington DC would be in an uproar if anything were wrong. But they’re silent.

That means all is well.


Even the MAFIA is enraged about the killing of Scalia

And you never mess with the Sicilian mafia!

Got that Obama?!

Anonymous Submission from an Italian American

Justice Antonin Scalia was an only child whose father was Salvatore Eugene Scalia, an Italian immigrant from Sommatino, Sicily.  Here’s where Sommantino is located in the Province of Caltanissetta on the island of Sicilia.


Now you have to know a little bit about the real Sicily to really understand the nature of the people there.  Sicily is a beautiful isle in the Mediterranean that is well known for being the most conquered island in world history.  It’s highly strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea made it a prize to every country that rims the Mediterranean coastline.  It’s raw beauty and beguiling serenity were irresistible to even the most crusty of seafarers and navies.

Because of this well-known predicament, the indigenous people who settled there over millennia had to bond together to defend their families and their homes.  Communities became very tight-knit, so tight-knit that a quasi mafia was formed as a sort of protection racket.  As this nascent mafia (not to be confused with the original 5 families of the MAFIA*) grew in numbers and power, it became corrupted and took advantage of the same people they were supposed to safeguard. It then morphed into a full-blown protection racket which oppressed the people.

*MAFIA = Mazzini  Autorizza  Furti  Incendi  Avvelenamenti
Unknown to virtually everyone but very few insiders, there are two distinct mafias.  The original grew up in Sicily; the later grew out of the Black Nobility in the cities of Venice and Genoa.  As follows:
Northern Italians have last names that end in “i” and “e”.  Sicilian last names usually end in “o” and “a” as in S C A L I A. The five northern Italian names shown above are all from the original cities from which the Black Nobility came from — Venice and Genoa. The Black Nobility came from the richest commerce and banking families in world history, bar none.  The Rothschilds have nothing compared to the Black Nobility.  How so?  Because the Black Nobility was the recipient of the greatest transfer of wealth ever effectuated in the current epoch of humanity.  They were the beneficiaries of the original Silk Road paved by Marco Polo and his Roman Catholic sponsors in the second half of the 1200s.  Eventually, they formed the MAFIA for profound political and geopolitical, and practical economic and financial, reasons which are global in scope and import.  The 
Sicilian mafia was completely different, but based on the same self-protection concept.  In the end the big MAFIA simply took over the little mafia and used the violent Sicilian mafia image (which was purposefully cultivated as a precursor to modern-day terrorism) to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and adversaries worldwide.
— End of today’s real history lesson. —

Creation of The Venetian Black Nobility

In due course of time these protection rackets across the island of Sicily became highly organized and formed an even more sophisticated and powerful network throughout all of Italy.  That ubiquitous network ultimately evolved into the notorious Sicilian mafia of New York City and Chicago fame.

The Sicilian mafia is quite proud of their Sicilian Heritage

What is not well known, except within the Cosa Nostra, is that the original mafia in Sicily was often closely associated with the Roman Catholic Church and other organizations which did a lot of good in the community.  They did this for two reasons.  First, they felt better about themselves given the dirty work that comes with being a part off the Sicilian mafia. Secondly, the real mafiosas loved to support the famous Italian Americans like Frank Sinatra so as to reverse their bad image.  Not that it worked that way, but it made them proud of their heritage.


Justice Antonin Scalia at the National Italian American Foundation event in Washington DC

Enter Antonin Scalia

Justice Scalia was famous in Sicily for rising higher in the firmament of American politics than any other Italian-American in U.S. history.  Regardless of your political persuasion in Sicily, you were proud of the honorable jurist on the Supreme Court of the United States. After all, he was still one of them with Sicilian blood running through his veins.  Anyone who knew Antonin Scalia experienced his joie de vivre and infectious passion for life.  A living expression of his love of life were his 9 children and 28 grandchildren.

Now we come to the VERY serious part of this post.

The Sicilian mafia working together with the Black Nobility MAFIA is and has been the most well connected criminal organization in the world over centuries.  It always knows what’s going on on the street.  These guys pride themselves on having their ear to the ground.  Whatever the scuttlebutt is on, say, a political assassination, they know how it really went down before it even happened.  Yeah, they’re that informed about practically every sordid happening anywhere and everywhere on Planet Earth.

What’s the point?

When one of their own gets taken out — regardless of who ordered the hit — they take it very personally.  The Mafia — both of them — are especially unhappy when one as prestigious and proud as Antonin Scalia is rubbed out.  No, they don’t like that … … …
at all.

Yes, the world turns in highly mysterious ways in 2016, but with Sicilians, blood is always thicker than water, unlike the Brits, the French or the Americans.  ALWAYS!

Therefore, should it be proven that Justice Antonin Scalia was killed because of the many reasons that the New World Order ruling cabal would have him killed for, they now have extremely serious problems.  All of them!

You just don’t kill a sitting SCOTUS jurist of Sicilian ancestry and expect to get away with it.


scalia-1Now to the real point.

Every single person who had anything to do with the death of the Honorable Antonin Scalia will answer for their involvement.  No matter how far they are from the actual scene of the crime, every co-conspirator will find themselves in grave danger.

Just an FYI, it makes no difference whether the actual decision-makers were CFR or Bliderbergers, Trilateral Commission or Committee of 300, One World Government wannabes or New World Order big wigs, when the curtain falls on them, it will likely be fast and furious … like a guillotine!

State of the Nation
February 18, 2016

Editor’s Note

Now many will say — CORRECTLY —  that the MAFIA plays an integral role in the leadership of the current NWO ruling cabal.  And, therefore, Justice Scalia was whacked only because he posed a very serious impediment to the implementation of the NWO climate change agenda.  Also correct.

Scalia murdered? Sealed his fate 4 days before his death?

However, these various covert organizations, which really do rule the world by the way, are now full of dissension within the ranks … all the ranks from low to high.  The ongoing and intensifying internecine warfare within the World Shadow Government has never been so heated and impactful.  Much of what you see in the headlines is due more to THEIR war with each other, than with their war on us — We the People. You see, the snake of predatory capitalism is literally eating its own head (it has already eaten its tail — that’s us) at this very moment.  The carefully premeditated assassination of Justice Antonin Scalia stands as a testament to this Illuminati fact of life in 2016.

Further testimony to this dramatic War of the Titans occurring at the very pinnacle of the peak of the pyramid of worldly power is provided by President Barack Obama himself.  Yes, he knows something very wrong and dangerous just occurred with the shocking murder of the beloved Justice Scalia.  The following video illustrates just how shaken he is, as he was forced into the conspiracy as executed it was executed and covered up by the U.S. Federal Government … his Administration.  Now what?  How will We the People respond?  It’s the Year of the Fire Monkey, so hold onto your seat if you’re not participating directly in the 2nd American Revolution.

VIDEO: President Obama officially addresses the death of Justice Antonin Scalia

Special Note

Marco Polo and the Black Nobility
*The unprecedented accumulation of wealth by the Black Nobility had its roots in the commercial ventures to the East made by Marco Polo of Venice in the 13th century. He was used to establish the largest export/import business in world history. And, yes, it grew to be the most profitable business venture of all time, as it effectuated the greatest transfer of wealth the planet has ever seen. This highly efficient enterprise was responsible for the most successful exchange of goods, services and resources from East to West, and vice versa, ever to have occurred. It continues up to this very day.
(Source: The Global Economic and Financial Control Matrix Disintegrating in Real Time)

Author’s Note

The author who submitted this piece for publication was born into a family that was half Sicilian and half northern Italian.  Needless to say, every day evolved in such away that Mount Vesuvius blew its top every morning whereas Mount Etna erupted every evening. Yes, it was that completely crazy and explosive.  Hence, the author was forced onto the path of understanding how the world really worked.  He quickly realized that many of the problems of today’s world not only lay with the legacy of the Holy Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church, his religion of birth, but also with the modern nation of Italy and the exceedingly heavy influences of the original Black Nobility.

He came to find out that the Black Nobility were not only Roman Catholic Italians, they were also Jewish bankers and Muslim businessmen from the Middle East.  They were in fact represented by the rich and powerful from all over the globe, including the Orientals who bought into the original Italian corporations, particularly those chartered in both Venice and Genoa.  These were, in fact, the world’s first corporations and were based on Roman (Catholic) law.  Those predatory capitalist corporations of London came along centuries later, after the Italians had already set up the monopoly board in their eternal favor.

There are VERY good reasons why all roads lead to ROME … … … and to get there you must first go through Venice, and Genoa, and Milan, and Turin, and Florence, etc.

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