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January 10, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: Iowa & Wyoming Gun Proposals, Firearms Industry Deaths, India GMOs, Prepping Practice, Austrian Born Citizen Speaks on Hitler’s Take-Over


Iowa Legislator Wants Semi Auto Weapons Confiscated

Wyoming promotes GUN PROTECTION legislation

John Noveske- Owner of Company That Makes Top Quality Firearms Posted Message on Facebook About Mass Shooters Who Had Taken Psychiatric Drugs|
— Killed in Car Accident Days Later

Manager of FPS Russia ‘firearms enthusiast’ channel on Youtube- Killed execution style, surrounded by his own guns

India signs GMO Labeling into LAW – Awesome!

Don’t get caught off-guard: 9 Common Mistakes by Preppers

A speech by 85 year old, Austrian born, American Citizen in South Dakota, Kitty Werthmann.

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