Update from E.S, a German-speaking researcher, who has been in direct touch with Barabou Vedu, and who has done some excellent work.

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The large document which can be downloaded here (a book of 400 pages, with maps, diagrams, equations, and hand drawings) was sent anonymously, on two disks, to a well-known UFO organization. There is little information about the author, and the material has not been seen before.

The disks were then passed on to a respected German investigator. This person, whom we know well, passed them on to Project Camelot for publication stating that the material might be highly significant.

We do not read German, so we do not know the precise content. But it’s clear that this is extraordinary material. It appears to document extensive, detailed information about a base in Antarctica originally established by the Nazis, advanced physics, mind control, something apparently resembling the ‘Montauk chair’, and alien involvement in the affairs of the human race.

Included in the document are dozens of pages of higher mathematics, apparently detailing the physical theory of interdimensional travel. Whoever assembled this did so with a very great deal of time, trouble and technical knowledge.

The author states he has been a victim of mind control and/or mental illness, and appears to document a bizarre personal journey. But he also certain of what he is reporting. He recounts a large number of very peculiar dreams, but also describes the Antarctic base in detail. Most compelling are the many pages of mathematical physics, which of course cannot be hoaxed.

Strangely, a number of pages which contain the physics have a commentary in imperfect English, as if they have been partially autotranslated. We don’t yet know how this has come about, or if the text was written that way in the original.

Many questions are raised, of course – none the least being how one escapes from Antarctica. But the answers may present themselves to those with the resources to study the document thoroughly.

We intend to get it all translated, which may take time and require professional involvement. We are publishing this immediately because our experience suggests that it is an effective insurance policy not to sit on potentially explosive material privately for too long.

We welcome all and any responses to this, and invite German-speaking researchers and anyone with a knowledge of advanced mathematical physics to contact us privately to discuss the contents. Project Camelot makes no claims for this document, but is publishing it simply because of its potential importance for others to investigate thoroughly.

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German Researcher’s summary

We asked the German researcher to write a summary of the book for the benefit of English-speaking readers:

About the book

I obtained the book from a German UFO society. They had received the book itself (around 400 pages) and two CDs containing the text and several drawings. The envelope had no address on it. However, the postmark reveals that it had been sent from Berlin.

The book was written by “Barabou Vedu in cooperation with R. Eckelt” (both anonymous). The author, Barabou Vedu, claims that his writings are an actual report from his experiences on an old alien base, where he was being kept “somewhere in the eternal ice” until he was 15 years old. He claims that people on the base spoke English and “Indian” language.

About the base

The author says that the base is no longer under extraterrestrial but under human control. He says the reason why there are so many human scientists on the base is because this is a place where many exotic phenomena can be observed, like “vectorial viewing into the future”, “soul travel via machine”, “technical telepathy” or what he calls “eye-movies” (living another’s experiences by proxy).

The author says that the base where he lived it is located not far from another alien base which bears the name “New Berlin”. He suspects that the base where he lived was part of the “New Berlin” base. He describes it as a huge building of glass and plastic, several square kilometers in area. During his stay, he says never left the base physically.

How he left the base

Around the year 1996, the author says that he left the base due to the first signs of schizophrenia; however, he has no conscious memory of how exactly he was “thrown out”. He woke up outside the base in a mountainous area “somewhere in Tajikistan”, where he was welcomed by four Turkish people that he later identified as “one of their criminal mind-control-gangs”. He stayed with them for a while, but then fled and traveled to Germany by train, a trip which took about three weeks. He says that after his arrival in Germany, he was officially accepted as a refugee.

Why he wrote the book

Because of recurring flashbacks, nightmares and “apparent signs of post-traumatic stress”, he was assigned to a psychiatric hospital in May 1998. He says that no-one there would believe any of the stories he had to tell which is why he decided to start lying to the doctors. He eventually managed to discharge himself and decided to confide in a person he trusts, whom he told about his past in order to cope with his fears and nightmares.

It seems that the book is a direct result of these conversations. The author says that it was a good idea to write everything down because it was an effective way to “get rid of everything”. One may suspect that the aforementioned person “R. Eckelt” is the one who gained Barabou’s trust and helped him to write down his memories.

His memories

The author says that he and the other humans on the base followed a schedule. They received their food from a tube which came out of the wall. He describes it as a kind of “brown paste”, which tasted like fruit. In order to receive food, they were obliged to follow certain tasks for which they received “bonus points”. Not fulfilling a task resulted in receiving no points, and therefore no food.

One of the main tasks that he and the other humans had was to “follow the thought structures of humans outside the base”, using a technology he calls the “Bereschewan-seat”. The seat itself is described as far too small for a human being – it seems to have been created for beings with another anatomy.

In order to use the seat, the author says they had to put on a specific suit with a cable which ended in a machine. Using the seat, it was apparently possible to see and feel the world outside as if one would experience it with one’s own senses (sight, smell, sound, touch etc). The author says that he was eventually obliged to draw what he saw. Sometimes he was ordered to distract people outside the base from their original thoughts and to “implant” different, more violent thoughts. The author furthermore suggests that this manipulation has been going on for a long time – and probably from the future.

The author says that among the humans, there were also other beings present on the base. He refers to them as “Lemurs” – reddish, greenish robots which he suspects are inhabited by human souls who failed to accomplish their tasks. Another type of being mentioned is described as small and humanoid in appearance with brown, hairless skin. Humans living on the base worshipped them, considering them to be “Gods”. In one part of the book, the author describes how he once saw one of these brown beings sitting perfectly at ease on the Bereschewan seat, a detail which suggests that the seat was their technology.

I have only read, in detail, a quarter of the book so far. There are many more things in the book which are not described in this summary.

A glance at the text

The book is almost entirely written in German, although some paragraphs are written in bad English and seem to have been translated either by a German-speaking person or by an automatic translator. As for consistency of the content, no apparent contradictions can be observed. On the contrary, throughout the book, the author keeps relating again and again to details he has already mentioned before.

There is one chapter which contains numerous formulae and diagrams about what the author describes as “Our theory of everything”. This complex mathematical physics seems to describe an advanced model of a multidimensional universe, and how to travel through it. He states that investigating these formulas might prove the authenticity of his claims, but possibly only “in 20 or 30 years from now”.

First steps undertaken so far

A very experienced remote viewer has been asked to assist to give an opinion on the book’s authenticity. One initial session has been done so far and more are planned.


A complete translation into English would be advisable so that researchers from around the world can investigate this independently. The book is obviously linked to the persistent reports that Hitler discovered an alien base in Antarctica and went there before the end of World War II. Therefore a thorough investigation of parallels between the book and existing Alien-Nazi-Antarctica research seems to be a good idea.


Theoretical physicist’s summary

We asked a theoretical physicist if he would comment on the mathematical physics section of the book. He is a respected academic with a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics (quantum mechanics, electrodynamics and relativity) and over 200 international scientific publications in journals from several countries. His first language is not English, but his English is nonetheless excellent.

1. The mathematics is genuine. The education level of the author would have to be Ph.D.

2. It is a model. In Physics we have many models, and we must consider them all with respect if they don’t lead to experimental contradictions.

3. For example, String Theory is a model. Some people accept it, and others (such as Roger Penrose) do not believe in Strings. But the final word is in the experiment.

4. This presents a Photon Model which reproduces known results in Physics, but it also admits (which is important) the involvement of the Ether. In my personal opinion: Current Physics will advance if it accepts the existence of the Ether.

5. This is an innovative model… and in a few aspects it reminds me of extensions from other models (for example, Tewari’s model for the electron).

6. The ‘Ghost-balls’ remind me of some of Tesla’s experiments.

7. It employs 5 and/or 6 dimensions, which is normal in Physics. For example, the Kaluza-Klein Theory uses a 5-dimensional space.

In summary: the model presented in this material has genuine ideas and mathematics. Separately from that, it may or may not be successful in describing Nature. If this material is rejected, then one must reject many, many similar scientific papers that each day are published in the Journals of Physics.


David Wilcock’s Analysis

January 22, 2008

Hey guys,

You can publish this if you like.

I took a VERY detailed line-by-line look at this PDF. You didn’t mention the fact that almost all the illustrations are captioned in English, not in German. We need to get this text translated into English as soon as possible.

In my professional estimation this is a very substantial move forward in disclosure. There’s no telling whether the author’s dreams have any impact other than for his own subconscious symbol set – and it does appear that at least a third of the book’s content goes into various pieces of dream data.

Nonetheless, there are MANY correlations with other pieces of data. You look at the testimony in the black-ops marked-up version of Morris Jessup’s “Case for the UFO” – from Carlos Allende and two other insiders – and you see this ongoing discussion of the “S-M”, which apparently are the “Space Men,” and the “L-M,” which apparently are the Little Men / Lemurian-Men. I’ve already started writing about this on my website.

Here is Part Three of the article series where I began tackling this:

New Philadelphia Experiment Revelations, Part III

Here is Part One if you want to read it sequentially, as it goes into the Rainbow Project (Philadelphia Ex) and the new things I’ve learned about it recently… followed by a link to the marked-up version of the Case book:

New Philadelphia Experiment, Part I

You will notice that the physics model I begin outlining in Part One of this article series, New Philadelphia Experiment Revelations, is very, very similar to what we hear at the end of this book from an alleged German insider witness.

The data about “Lemurs” in this German witness’ book has many strong correlations with the data I’ve been gathering about the alleged Lemurians… enough so that they appear to be one and the same thing.

The excerpts from Allende et al’s liner notes of Case for the UFO appear to be describing, in part, a war that occurred between a terrestrial ET species centered in the Pacific – i.e. the Lemurians – and a non-terrestrial invading species which is very likely the Anunnaki, or what they refer to in code as only the S-M, or “Space-Men.”

It is entirely likely that while most of humanity was in a primitive state, at least one ET race was able to colonize the planet, and may also have interbred with native humans to some degree. It is also possible that evolution proceeded along parallel tracks on Earth, and the “Lemurians” are a particular strain of human being that advanced far more quickly and was driven into hiding due to a still-ongoing war with the so-called Anunnaki.

It seems clear from the testimony in Case for the UFO that there were wars where the Anunnaki harvested asteroids, using powerful gravity-control technologies, and fired them at Lemurian cities with devastating effects. This is apparently what forced them to take refuge into undersea bases, where they still reside to this day.

It is likely that a more informed review of the Sumerian texts would tease out the details of this war, since someone like Sitchin might not understand all of it without the proper context.

It is also quite possible, given Burisch’s testimony, that the “Lemurians” are actually travelers from one aspect of humanity’s future, as he has repeatedly described – and attempted to colonize the Earth at a time when humans of the era posed no threat, only to find themselves embroiled in a major war with an opposing ET faction.

Allende et al’s testimony in “Case” further correlates a variety of UFO sightings with an apparently well-known body of data about these Lemurian craft – including the fact that a form of slag builds up on the exterior of the craft as a result of their encounters with earth materials as they travel, and they have a function where they can slough off this material, which then pours off the craft as a molten liquid. Deacon’s recent testimony also indicates the Anunnaki as an active influence, offhandedly mentioning an “Enki ship.”

I also have a mysterious testimony that came in, via a colleague, from a Russian scientist who quoted a series of books that he claims all have bits and pieces of this story. The basis of the Russian’s story is that a major Lemurian base existed in Antarctica, with the species still living and working there, and the Nazis formed a pact with them during World War II. This completely correlates with what I heard. I have been sitting on this and haven’t even told you about it before, and now we see the same thing in an entirely different form.

I actually bought every book the Russian scientist referred to in his letter but have not yet had the time to study all the references. There are an astonishing number of pieces he brought together in this one letter and I have confirmed that each book has the contents he speaks of – I just haven’t had the time to read them all in total.

I’ve long suspected that more of this Anunnaki-Lemurian war story would come out as new whistleblower testimony came to the fore, and that appears to be what is happening here.

Daniel also said there were Atlantean ruins under the ice in Antarctica, and that the Third Reich migrated to South America after World War II – specifically the southern tip of Brazil. He saw artifacts they gathered from there, implying there must be a base of at least some capacity in Antarctica that we are not normally privy to.

There are a variety of other correlations with things I heard from Daniel’s testimony that are specific and unpublished, things I’ve never gone public with and have not seen elsewhere. These alone would be sufficient to warrant a deeper investigation.

Furthermore, I studied the physics model the German author is giving, since most of it is in English. Again, there are a great deal of correlations with what I’ve heard from Daniel and from another key witness I will call Clark, who I haven’t had reason to discuss before.

These physics correlations are far too specific to be simply a product of chance – including the six-dimensional frame, the toroidal model where our 3D is but the exterior of a “hollow sphere,” and the idea (only implied here) that time-space is the region on the interior of the hollow sphere – the mirror-opposite of our own reference frame.

There is also material in the German text about the interchange of space and time causing volumetric contractions and expansions of time. This is not that far from existing relativity models, but nonetheless the specifics of how he articulates it are very similar to things I’ve heard from Daniel in the past. From what I know of physics equations I’ve seen when studying these alternative models, it does appear to be very well thought out and sound.

There should be utilities out there allowing you to do a fairly decent translation automatically within a PDF file. It’s all the better that the vast majority of the illustrations are already in English. I would consider it highly likely that a substantial percentage of the non-dream portions of this witness’ testimony will turn out to be accurate.

I think it is wise to hold back on the Russian testimony for now until we see if anyone else has correlative data to support this. The inevitable challenge we face is of people who take existing pieces and want to fabricate a story. While this may seem a great way to get your 15 minutes, I consider these hoaxes a spiritual crime, and most of them never make it through the gate anyway.

– David


Preliminary translation by anonymous translator

Here is the translation. I know that some sentences sound wrong… but they also do in German. This is his style.

I tried to keep the translation as original as possible. [Some notes have been added within the text.]

[ ____ ]

Preface (Vorwort)

Hello, my name is Barabou Vedu. I was born in 1983, and until I was 15, I was trapped inside an alien base somewhere in the eternal ice. Beside English, we also spoke Indian in this base. I think in Indian my name means: “May you be his firstborn son of the Moon!” Strange name, isn’t it? Seriously, who would name his son like this? Having such a name, you might as well let yourself be lined up against a wall to be shot. Was this name supposed to just make me furious, or did it have another reason as well? In addition, my father in our base [translator’s note: later he talks about another father who also gives him a Turkish passport] had a similar idiotic name. His name was Hohunarao Vedu. I think this means in Indian: “May you be someone who will be bathed (man of) Moon.” In the world of the symbols in our base, this meant as much as: “Though you are not of pure clear spirit, you deserve to be washed clean with clear pure spirit.” This ritual of the washing clean of one’s own dirty spirit with clean clear spirit could be connected to the common baptism ritual here in the world outside.

My mother in our base also had a very strange name. Her name was Wara, which means in Indian “Swan”, I think. In the world of the symbols in our base, this meant that you belonged to the light blue-green side of the spirit on which all divine entities are at home as well. Alone, my elder brother, eight years older, had a name without a religious background. His name was simply Magba, which means in Indian as much as tenth Moonhouse. I can’t say why they spared him all this religious stuff in his name.

At the start, I spoke about our alien base being a former alien base. By this, I wanted to state that in present time our alien base is not any more under extraterrestrial control, but probably under terrestrial control. The reasons for this are obvious. For example, there were scientists in our base who spend nearly each whole day developing new physical theories. Well, which alien lets his own technologies be examined by terrestrial scientists, so that they can tell him how that works what one has carried around the whole time with oneself? One can be sure that everywhere, where scientists walk around, terrestrial powers have taken the power. So, probably, also in our base.

But in this connection I’d like to mention that the scientists of our base kept the same demonic dressing protocol concerning the choice of their clothes as we did. This protocol stated that the color of one’s clothes must match one’s current emotional state. You wore red in anger, orange in pain, yellow in fear, green in kindness, blue in love and violet in grease [translator’s note: ‘grease’ in German also means to make sure someone else doesn’t get caught while doing something]. The color white could be combined with the colors green and blue, and black with the colors orange and red. The choice of these colors for the corresponding human emotions corresponded to the coloring of their spirit, which changed colors depending on one’s state of mind.

Why so many scientists took care of our base isn’t difficult to guess. A place in which so many exotic phenomena like vector viewing into the future, “soul travel” by machines, technical telepathy, or eye-movies of people could be watched, shouts for a scientific examination. The interesting things the scientists of our base discovered during their examinations, one can readily read in the chapter “Appendix of our physical theories of tomorrow”.

This chapter about our physical theories might be a real treasure trove to physicists with an interest in the Nobel Prize. Those who think highly of themselves, and would like to prove to all of us that alien bases really exist, are free to earn their Nobel Prize at my expense. I think that’s only fair. Because I don’t own these ideas either. And I don’t see why I should take these theories with me to my grave, just because it isn’t yet the right time for these theories.

The ether-theorists of the 19th century were not that wrong in their ideas about the world. But I’m afraid they should have experimented with 4 to 5 dimensional ethers instead of three-dimensional. Because then their physics would have been perhaps a little more successful, and Einstein wouldn’t have blocked the further development of ether-physics by his SRT [Special Relativity Theory]. But that’s a completely different problem.

So what to do to prove that their ether-physics is more correct than our ether-less physics of today? The way it looks, first SRT must go before one can continue with classic ether-physics – the physics of the extraterrestrial? But this is easier said than done. Einstein is an acknowledged expert in physics. To attack him and to claim new experiments about the topic of SRT, is a hard nut to crack for modern physicists. Especially as the disproof of SRT in favor of our 4-dimensional ether-physics indeed needs very demanding experiments for light propagation.

For example, one would have to measure the linear speed of light between two places, without using reflected light. A measurement which unfortunately currently still involves high measuring-errors. But a change from the physics of relativity to the physics of ether-theory includes, as I will show in my report “Their Theories”, great physical discoveries.

Among other things, one can for example prove that the Theory Of All could be a fractal hollow-sphere-model in a 6-fold or 6-dimensional space. In such a fractal hollow-sphere-model of All, the world repeats itself in the micro as well as in the macro, again and again at each level/plane of size. No matter where and no matter in which of these level-sizes one is currently situated, the world always looks the same.

Funnily enough, one can at the same time take this Theory Of All also totally informally to a string theory. Because if the world repeats itself on the level of a universe or of a photon again and again in the micro, then one has automatically contracting since produced by gravitation, fields in a space. Combined with a 4-5 dimensional hollow-sphere form of these fields, the result in a 6-dimensional space with a shifting of space dimensions 1 — 3 to 4 — 6 are contracting strings to expanses in space.

And so we get from the original hollow-sphere-theory an incomplete string theory!


From Thomas Kirschner, editor of the German NEXUS Magazine:

Dear Bill,

Our team here spent a few hours analyzing the document, and I made a few calls to other “well-connected” friends.

It’s probably too early to make a definite assessment, but my general impression is to be careful.

This document consists of two parts: 95% of it is a fantastic story, and my own judgment is that it isn’t more than that. I could be wrong, of course, and some of my friends disagreed with me. Still, I would advise everybody to be extremely cautious. Besides that, this part of the book doesn’t really contain much useful information (in the sense that the material could be related to anything in the “real” world).

It does make claims that bear similarity to certain Montauk-concepts (the author talks of a certain chair that can be used for remote viewing etc.) – but anybody could come up with such a story, having read the Montauk books and other far out material.

The physics section is something else, and it seems to me rather unrelated to the rest of the book, which makes it seem to me as if the author just copied it into his own story to gain credibility. But coming back to the physics:

One of my friends is a really, really well informed scientist, who is familiar with the work of Dr. Burkhard Heim. He told me that the material seems to be definitely based on Burkhard Heim’s work, and he had the impression that it even goes beyond that – like a practical application. If that’s true, then it would be really something.

I asked for my friend’s opinion about the rest of the book, but he did not want to go into detail. However, he assured me that it is indeed “something”. He also assured me that the Russian video documentary, which I have not seen yet, would be “very revealing”.

So, that’s really all I can tell you at the moment about this book. But I learned some other interesting things in that phone conversation:

My friend assured me that the information from Henry Deacon and Dan Burisch is absolutely head on, especially the claims regarding T1 and T2 [timeline 1 and timeline 2]. He said that there are two calculations regarding that fork-point: One says that it might come already this year. The other says that it will come right at the end of 2012.

I asked him: “Why do you think that it would come now? Do you think the Mayans made a mistake?” His answer was that the Mayans were surely right, but that our calendar system could be wrong, i.e. the “real” 2012 might be earlier than we think.

Then I asked him for the physical, scientific evidence for this [the timeline split], and he said that it would come from Burkhard Heim and from physicist Kip Thorne. He urged me to Google for “Thorne” and for “Vega”.

He also said that for top-ranking scientists who work for the (shadow-) Government, Montauk is absolutely standard knowledge. Whether it happened exactly as in the famous Montauk books would be another question, but T1 and T2, as Dan Burisch describes them, are current topics of discussion.

I asked him about Planet X and if he thought that was a real danger. His comment was that it might only be for those who stayed on T2. Then I asked him how he imagined the transition from our time into T1 or T2, and he said that he imagined that we will go into some kind of tunnel, or enter a short sleep, that might only take seconds, and then we’re in the new time.

To conclude: these are all exciting topics. But let’s try to not get carried away. Remember, everything that I’ve just written is just human opinion, and each of us could be wrong.

The only “hard” evidence that can be checked out is that last section of the book, which contains scientific material. Whether that is real has still to be researched. And whether that author came up with it by himself or whether he just copied it from some book, is another unanswered question. I myself would tend to the second conclusion.


From E.S., German-speaking researcher :

E-mail exchange with Barabou Vedu – a Summary

After finding out his email address in late January 2008, I contacted Barabou Vedu with a couple of questions.

He replied with the following : The base New Berlin was most likely NOT founded by the Nazis: he himself was shown inside the base several “eye-movies” dating back to the 17th century. He concludes that the base must therefore be much older. As for a possible Nazi- Alien connection, he says that he does not know anything about that. He mentions that were many tall, blond and blue-eyed people present. As for the “Indian” languages spoken in the base, he says that he was often addressed in an unknown language that was called Indian. However, he only remembers a handful of words from that language.

As for the advanced physics in the last part of the book, he explains that modern physics can not progress without integrating the idea of the “Ether” into their models. He lists a number of possibilities that should result, albeit with different probabilities, from the advanced physics in the book: among these are, Space Travel at any desired speed (even greater than C), leaving our 3-dimensional space in the 4th or 5th spatial direction, use of Ether as an information storage medium, with advanced Mind Control technology as a consequence.


In my next email, I asked about his personal life and circumstances. BV replied that is was rather tough going and he mentions for the first time “terrible traumatizing events” which he would rather forget forever.

He says that he finished school and then did not do anything for years as he did not comprehend that someone who wants to have a job must go out and find a job. In 2004, he finally decided to try and learn a craft. He mentions that he even dreamed of studying math and physics, but this came to nothing as he realized that intellectual work was not for him.

Being asked whether he had approached publishers with his book, he said that he had not- but that he would not mind someone doing this, so long as he could remain anonymous.


I decided to challenge him on several points that I found hard to believe when I read his report.

To give just two examples, I asked where the Coca-Cola cans in the secret base came from: Barabou Vedu says he does not know, but they may have been received in exchange for Advanced Technology.

In another surreal bit of that email string, I remarked that a film about the great famine in America can hardly have been called A Film about the Great Hungary. I explained to him that Hungary is a country in central Europe. He replied, perplexed, that those films he saw about “Hungary” talked about hunger and poverty in the 30s in the USA.

I also asked him why he says that the base was in Antarctica, when on the cover page of his printed edition there is a poem that reads “The future has already begun here, under the ice of an Arctic glacier” ? I asked, which one is it now?

He replied, that while writing the report he had become more and more convinced that the base was actually NOT located in Antarctica but near the North Pole.


After several more email exchanges with BV, I suggested that we finally meet in person. BV declined, but he agreed to participate in a conference call that (as Bill had suggested) I set up with BV and another German-speaking researcher.
During our phone call, we put forward the following to BV:

Q : Do you have a visual memory of your father?
BV: No, all I remember is that he used to sit in a corner and cry when I was in the (bereschewan) seat.
Q: What is your mother tongue?
BV: My mother tongue is English. I only started learning German once I got out of the base
Q: Do you have any “missing time” in your life ?
BV: Yes, between the autumn of 1996 and around March 1997, I cannot remember a single thing.
Q: Give us an example of those “terrible, traumatizing things” that you witnessed at the base ?
BV: One day my friend and mentor, Walter Pfeffer went up to the glass roof of the base, and he looked through the glass and said “Well, spring is here finally !”

We also asked BV what exactly the purpose of the base and its operations was: he said one purpose was to go into people’s minds, to read their thoughts, and influence them.

Another purpose of the Chair was to share new ideas with scientists. It was also used for telling bad people to better themselves and for making warlike people more peaceful.

As for the science, BV adamantly insists that he saw pictures (not formulas) in the “eye-movies” inside the base and that he wrote down the formulas and equations years later.


I discussed the above exchanges with Bill and Kerry on several occasions: we all agree that Barabou Vedu must have gone through some very traumatizing experiences, very likely involving advanced Mind Control technology.


After the phone call, we sent to BV a link to an important, leaked NSA document that summarizes in detail the different Mind Control techniques developed in the US over the last 40 years.

BV replied, commenting that the technology that was used on him must have been much more advanced than that. He suspects that the NSA scientists must have come across something very advanced in a strange place and must have been trying to replicate it ever since. With limited success, he says.

He finds interesting that the NSA’s MC masters ask their victims to write diaries.. much as he himself was encouraged to paint whatever he had seen in the eye-movies inside the base. He concludes, there are striking parallels between the NSA experiments and his own experiences, but that in his case the transmission of pictures directly into the brain was far advanced.

Lastly, and this is the last we heard from BV: He categorically refuses to consider any kind of regression or hypnosis therapy in order to come to the bottom of his strange tale.

He insists that his personal “therapy” has been the writing of the report, and the “case is closed” for him.


The fact that BV lives de facto in hiding – and yet he made a great effort writing, printing and distributing his work is another, fascinating contradiction in this whole story. It is one of many, we feel. With so many fundamental questions unanswered, it is hard to believe that the “Base New Berlin” story is really to be taken at face value.

On the other hand, we clearly feel that BV is a troubled man who has suffered greatly through something that is shrouded from his conscious memory at the moment. His decision to call the case closed is understandable and we respect it. Although it may only be temporary .. as we hope.


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In three of the above five articles, ‘Neu Berlin’ or ‘Neuberlin’ is referenced as a Nazi base in Antarctica. The source of this in each case is a 2003 report by Russian researcher Dr Konstantin Ivanenko.

SOURCE: http://projectcamelot.org/base_new_berlin.html