This article by Peter Eyre suggests that it is not only Julian Assange who is being heavily guarded after having sought refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy but rather, and more importantly, a woman named Andrea Davison.

Eyre writes:

Dr David Kelly and Andrea Davison have several things in common both were experts on Biological Weapons and both were involved in the arms that went to Iraq and WMD’s and both were whistleblowers.

In his article, Eyre makes the case that others are also making that the Assange Wikileaks revealations are less than stellar and in fact, it has been said by several sources that Assange is likely a CIA/Australian secret service/Mossad asset and not the hero and defender of whistleblowers that he has been depicted as.

Apparently, Ms. Davison has evidence of arms sales and weapons of mass destruction that were moved by the Brits from South Africa to Oman and then stolen….  And much more that according to Eyre would implicate Brown, Blair and other British government members in a vast conspiracy.

According to this evidence Ms. Davison:

She knows as much as the late Dr. David Kelly and in actual fact puts herself on par with him…..she also did many runs to Iraq and herself worked for the DTI Select Committee as an “Arms to Iraq” investigator and may have also worked for MI5/6…….and yes she would be considered as a “thorn in the side” to current and past leaders and their respective governments!!

Dr. David Kelly is widely thought to have been suicided to keep hin silent and so if this is true, and Davison has similar evidence, it is vital that she be allowed to testify in open court or at the very least have that evidence reach the major media with whatever further information it can provide on just how far this rabbit hole goes.

Peter Eyre was a recent guest on my radio show… And I will endeavor to have him on once again to discuss this and other background to the axis of power with regard to the City of London who he refers to as the “Crown Templar”.

It is fact that all of the above were all involved in the New World Order financial rape of not only this country but many others compliments of the Crown Templar that is housed in the City of London – the “True axis of evil” with its tentacles radiating out from the Rothschild’s and the Committee of 300 across the waters to Europe and the good old US of A.

Many Camelot readers will be familiar with our whistelblower [see Anglo Saxon Mission article here] who talks in detail about being present during City of London meetings where fates of nations were discussed like dominoes on a board.  This is an area that needs further revealing and Eyre is clearly on that trail as an investigative journalist with inside information in that regard.

Thursday, 23 August 2012 02:04
Written by Kerry Cassidy
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