Movie Limitless – Monarch program

2011 April 24
by wemustknow.koen

In movie limitless, goes about a guy , a writer who lacks creativity. What can be worser than lack of creativity for a writer. He meets the brother of his ex  girlfriend. A dealer who worked himself up the social ladder. He works for pharmaceutical company.  They made a pill which enables 100 % capacity of your brain, instead of common 20 procent.

Hollywood industry makes movies for some reasons. The main and obvious one is money. A second one is mind control/ deception. Everytime a movie is made about a subject, the mass thinks it must be fiction because it is a movie. Well not exactly. Every time a movie is made , they want you to think it is science fiction.
If you want to ‘really’ learn from these so called science fiction movies, begin to pay attention to details, subliminal messages.

In movie Limitless , there is a scene. In that scene there is a bottle at the background named Illuminating / Illumination and a picture of an UFO under it. So you think, so what?! Well if you think this way. It is time for you to  google on worlds like Illuminati, music industry, etcetera. Keep on open mind. It helps, and it is a neccisity if you want to learn.

Watch this movie Base 7 Monarch mind control, espesicially at 54 min.


Quote from a former super soldier. “Life extension technology, Illumination, to do with the brain kind of using 100 procent of the brain. Being in a white room, everything was bright. Instant healing. In seconds. ….
Keep in mind that mind controllers use words to ‘trigger’ sleepers, aka mind-controlled victims, super soldiers.

Coincidence? I do not think so.

Blessings koen.

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