The Meaning of Armored Vehicles Rolling Toward Standing Rock – NODAPL

Globalist Corporations Nov 7, 2016 0

Catcher Cuts The Road, an Army veteran, leads a protest march to a sacred burial ground at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota, on September 9, 2016. (Photo: Alyssa Schukar / The New York Times) When opposition... Read more

Justice Scalia’s Death And Cause, The Mafia Connection, Obama Agenda?

Events & Assassinations Feb 23, 2016 0

Texas Authorities Broke the Law When They Declared the Cause of Justice Scalia’s Death... Read more

The Story You Aren’t Being Told About Iran Capturing Two American Vessels

News Feb 23, 2016 0

This frame grab from Jan. 12, 2016, video by the Iranian state-run IRIB News... Read more

The Many Problems With San Bernadino

Events & Assassinations Jan 10, 2016 0

When nobody thought it could get any crazier (or more obvious) than the fake... Read more

What You Need to Know about the Internet’s Energy Impact

News Dec 22, 2015 2

The recent, rapid growth of digital technologies has produced a vast new appetite for... Read more

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