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Do the Dinosaurs Still Walk Among Us?
Dinosaurs are probably the best-known group of prehistoric animals, and were the dominant form of life during the Mesozoic Era or “The Age of Reptiles.” The Mesozoic Era ended 65 million years ago after an asteroid struck the Earth. Officially, the only dinosaurs that survived that cataclysm were the... Read more
Stonehenge is a mysterious and prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, England, about 2 miles west of Amesbury and 8 miles north of Salisbury. The stones lie atop a major intersection of magnetic ‘ley lines’ suggesting the builders had a highly scientific awareness of the specific location.Stonehenge is a mysterious... Read more
Easter Island
Easter Island is a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the southeasternmost point of the Polynesian Triangle. Easter Island is famous for its 887 extant monumental statues, called moai, created by the early Rapanui people.Easter Island is a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the... Read more
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu or Machu Pikchu is a 15th-century Inca site located 2,430 metres above sea level. It is located in the Cusco Region, Urubamba Province, Machupicchu District in Peru.Machu Picchu or Machu Pikchu is a 15th-century Inca site located 2,430 metres above sea level. It is located in the... Read more
Zorats Karer (Armenian Stonehenge)
Zorats Karer, also called Karahunj, Qarahunj or Carahunge and Carenish is a prehistoric archaeological site near the town of Sisian in the Syunik Province of Armenia. The phrase Zorats Karer is literally translated from Armenian as Army Stones.Zorats Karer, also called Karahunj, Qarahunj or Carahunge and Carenish is a... Read more
Göbekli Tepe
Göbekli Tepe is an archaeological site at the top of a mountain ridge in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, approximately 6 km northeast of the town of Şanlıurfa. The tell has a height of 15 m and is about 300 m in diameter. Read more
Lake Titicaca Underwater Temple
Located in in the Andes on the border of Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America. There are many tales about the lake containing underwater citadels and wealth and archeologists are now beginning to discover some of the precious ancient objects hiding beneath the... Read more
Dwarka, Gulf of Cambay, India
Marine archeology in the Gulf of Cambay – now known as the Gulf of Khambhat – centers around controversial findings made in December 2000 by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT). The structures and artifacts discovered by NIOT are the subject of contention. The major disputes surrounding the... Read more
‘The World’s Weirdest Places’ Interview with Nick Redfern
Nick Redfern takes us on a dark journey with his new book ‘The World’s Weirdest Places’. Make sure you bring your camping gear and you might wanna consider an automatic rifle. And of course don’t forget your paranormal what nots for this expedition of the weird. The book is... Read more
ThanksGiving: Native American Day of Mourning
  The National Day of Mourning is an annual protest organized since 1970 by Native Americans of New England on the fourth Thursday of November, the same day as Thanksgiving in the United States. It coincides with an unrelated but similar protest, Unthanksgiving Day, held on the West Coast.... Read more
Gobekli Tepe: 12,000 Year Old Unexplained Structure
  http://youtu.be/OiRl11hdj9c Gobekli Tepe: It just stands there.. a mystery. Asking us to go figure… How was this done? What’s the background to this. We don’t know who made them. They just come out of the darkness of the last ice age where we no nothing and enter this... Read more
In Search of the Philosopher’s Stone
The philosopher’s stone (Latin: lapis philosophorum) is a legendary alchemical substance said to be capable of turning base metals (lead, for example) into gold (chrysopoeia) or silver. It was also sometimes believed to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. For many centuries,... Read more
El Chupacabra: “The Goat Sucker” Picture Finally Surfaces?
Mysteries of the universe and the world Chupacabra Even though some sightings date back to the 1970s, El Chupacabra – “the goat sucker” – is primarily a phenomenon of the 1990s, and its fame has largely been spread by the Internet. The sightings started in earnest in 1995 with... Read more
‘Oldest Maya tomb’ found in Guatemala’s Retalhuleu
One of the oldest Maya tombs ever found has been uncovered in western Guatemala, say archaeologists. Located at a temple site in Retalhuleu province, the grave is thought to be that of an ancient ruler or religious leader who lived some 2,000 years ago. Carbon-dating indicated the tomb had... Read more
Tomb of Mayan Snake Lord Discovered in Guatamala
Archaeologists say they’ve discovered what could be the tomb of one of the greatest Mayan rulers, the seventh-century warrior queen Lady K’abel. The tomb was revealed during digging at the ancient Maya city of El Perú-Waka’ in the rain forest of northern Guatemala. Alongside the body, excavators found a... Read more
Native American Survival Skills
It has been said that knowledge is power, and that applies to any area in life. Of course, it is important to arm and prepare, but it is even more important to constantly learn new aspects of survival. Some of these arts and sciences have been lost in the... Read more
The Lacerta Files: Interview With a Reptoid of the Inner Earth?
Note of the Editor of Brother Veritus’ Website:  These English translations were edited to correct English grammatical errors but message and intent were left intact.  The word “Ilojiim” or “Illojim” used extensively in these texts could mean “Elohim”, since this is the equivalent traditional word used in Western culture,... Read more
Zionist Origins & Symbolism:  Set, Isis, Osiris & Nephtys
The 4 primary Egyptian deities were Set, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys. Their initials spell SION, and if you take all the letters that make up their collective names, without repeating letters, you get “Hypnotizer”. One way or another the devotees of the ancient Gods and Goddess have strived to... Read more
12,000 Year Old Unexplained Structure
For a more thorough analysis related to the geological existence for sites such as these, visit: http://welteislehre.com/ Amazing find (History Chanel documentary) in what is now Turkey, 12,000 year-old circular city. Twice as old as any city in Mesopotamia. The Germans are excavating it. Read more
Hopi Prophecy: Spritiual Awareness & Balance
The end of all Hopi ceremonialism will come when a “Kachina” removes his mask during a dance in the plaza before uninitiated children . For a while there will be no more ceremonies, no more faith. Then Oraibi will be rejuvenated with its faith and ceremonies, marking... Read more
Mysterious Ancient Megaliths Of Mount Shasta A Place Of Forgotten Land
  MessageToEagle.com – Mount Shasta, is a place shrouded in mystery. This is an enigmatic place where ancient myths and modern mysteries blend like a dream against a scenery of outstanding natural beauty. Located near the northern side of beautiful Mount Shasta, close to Lake Shastina, there is ancient... Read more
Ocean X Research Team Discovers  Mysterious Egg Shaped Object on Baltic Seabed
15/6/2012, PRESS RELEASE THE TREASURE HUNTERS, OCEAN X TEAM, DISCOVERED SOMETHING UNIQUE WHEN THEY DOVE DOWN TO THE MYSTERIOUS CIRCLE-SHAPED OBJECT IN THE BALTIC SEA Treasure hunters confirm they have found something abnormal in the seabed STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 15, 2012 The Ocean X Team dove down to the... Read more
The Reptilian Gods: Shapeshifters & Genetic Hybrids
http://youtu.be/RGWkQJApCJE David Icke speaks on the historic significance of the ‘dragon’ races, ancient hybrids, and Shapeshifting ‘god-figures’ embedded throughout history.   How ’bout a snap-shot.. of that history:   List of reptilian humanoids From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For reptilian humanoids in conspiracy theories and ufology, see Reptilians. Reptilian... Read more
Oetzi the Iceman’s Blood Is World’s Oldest
Oetzi’s genome was published in February, indicating his probable eye colour and blood type Researchers studying Oetzi, a 5,300-year-old body found frozen in the Italian Alps in 1991, have found red blood cells around his wounds. Blood cells tend to degrade quickly, and earlier scans for blood within Oetzi’s... Read more
Ancient City Older Than Egypt’s Pyramids Unearthed Off Georgia Coast
Six hours southeast of Atlanta off the Georgia coast on Sapelo Island, archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient walled city which predates the construction of Egypt’s pyramids. Known as the Sapelo Shell Ring Complex, this ancient city was constructed around 2300 B.C. and featured three neighborhoods each... Read more