Gobekli Tepe: 12,000 Year Old Unexplained Structure


Gobekli Tepe: It just stands there.. a mystery. Asking us to go figure… How was this done? What’s the background to this. We don’t know who made them. They just come out of the darkness of the last ice age where we no nothing and enter this stage of history already fully formed.
In what is now Turkey, 12,000 year-old circular city. Twice as old as any city in Mesopotamia. The Germans are excavating it. No stone-cutting tools used. Amazing find (History Chanel Documentary).


Now usurped by the movie Prometheus – real ancient alien star maps showing human origins from the stars.
The Gobekli Tepe stone circles ruins complex in Turkey now believed to be the oldest ancient megalithic civilization has been deciphered. Gobekli Tepe’s symbols, Gobekli Tepe’s layout plan and even its builders motives are decoded. They had the same secret knowledge … hidden records of their star ancestors matching the same blueprint secret knowledge of a star of their ancestors like the empires of ancient Egypt, the Maya, the Inca and at Stonehenge.

the star map lists matching Gobekli Tepe … http://thehiddenrecords.com
Hebrew and Secret society knowledge of the star map… http://keyofsolomon.net

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