The Alchymist, In Search of the Philosophers’ Stone by Joseph Wright of Derby, 1771.

The philosopher’s stone (Latin: lapis philosophorum) is a legendary alchemical substance said to be capable of turning base metals (lead, for example) into gold (chrysopoeia) or silver. It was also sometimes believed to be an elixir of life, useful for rejuvenation and possibly for achieving immortality. For many centuries, it was the most sought-after goal in Western alchemy. The philosopher’s stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing perfection at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly bliss. Efforts to discover the philosopher’s stone were known as the Magnum Opus, “The Great Work”.[1]


Mention of the philosopher’s stone in writing can be found as far back as Cheirokmeta by Zosimos of Panopolis (c. 300 A.D.)[2] Alchemical writers assign a longer history. Elias Ashmole and the anonymous author of Gloria Mundi (1620) claim that its history goes back to Adam who acquired the knowledge of the stone directly from God. This knowledge was said to be passed down through biblical patriarchs, giving them their longevity. The legend of the stone was also compared to the biblical history of the Temple of Solomon and the rejected cornerstone described in Psalm 118.[3]

The theoretical roots outlining the stone’s creation can be traced to Greek philosophy. Alchemists later used the Classical elements, the concept of anima mundi, and Creation stories presented in texts like Plato’s Timaeus as analogies for their process.[4] According to Plato, the four elements are derived from a common source or prima materia (first matter), associated with chaos. Prima materia is also the name alchemists assign to the starting ingredient for the creation of the philosopher’s stone. The importance of this philosophical first matter persisted through the history of alchemy. In the seventeenth century, Thomas Vaughan writes, “the first matter of the stone is the very same with the first matter of all things”.[5]

Middle Ages

The 8th-century alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan (Latinized as Geber) analyzed each classical element in terms of the four basic qualities. Fire was both hot and dry, earth cold and dry, water cold and moist, and air hot and moist. He theorized that every metal was a combination of these four principles, two of them interior and two exterior. From this premise, it was reasoned that the transmutation of one metal into another could be affected by the rearrangement of its basic qualities. This change would presumably be mediated by a substance, which came to be called al-iksir in Arabic (from which the Western term elixir is derived). It is often considered to exist as a dry red powder (also known as al-Kibrit al-Ahmar الكبريت الأحمر—red sulphur) made from a legendary stone—the philosopher’s stone.[6][7] Jabir’s theory was based on the concept that metals like gold and silver could be hidden in alloys and ores, from which they could be recovered by the appropriate chemical treatment. Jabir himself is believed to be the inventor of aqua regia, a mixture of muriatic (hydrochloric) and nitric acids, one of the few substances that can dissolve gold (and which is still often used for gold recovery and purification).[citation needed]

In the 11th century, there was a debate among Muslim world chemists on whether the transmutation of substances was possible. A leading opponent was Avicenna (Ibn Sina), who discredited the theory of transmutation of substances, stating, “Those of the chemical craft know well that no change can be effected in the different species of substances, though they can produce the appearance of such change.”[8]

According to legend, the 13th-century scientist and philosopher Albertus Magnus is said to have discovered the philosopher’s stone and passed it to his pupil, Thomas Aquinas, shortly before his death circa 1280. Magnus does not confirm he discovered the stone in his writings, but he did record that he witnessed the creation of gold by “transmutation”.[9]

Renaissance to Early Modern period

The 16th-century Swiss alchemist Paracelsus (Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim) believed in the existence of alkahest, which he thought to be an undiscovered element from which all other elements (earth, fire, water, air) were simply derivative forms. Paracelsus believed that this element was, in fact, the philosopher’s stone.

The Alphabeticall Table (an index) to the 1658 edition of Sir Thomas Browne‘s encyclopaedia Pseudodoxia Epidemica includes the entry, ‘Philosopher’s Stone, not impossible to be procured’.

A mystical text published in the 17th century called the Mutus Liber appears to be a symbolic instruction manual for concocting a philosopher’s stone. Called the “wordless book”, it was a collection of 15 illustrations.

In Buddhism and Hinduism

Main article: Cintamani

The equivalent of the philosopher’s stone in Buddhism and Hinduism is the Cintamani.[10]

In Buddhism, Cintamani is held by the bodhisattvas, Avalokiteshvara and Ksitigarbha. It is also seen carried upon the back of the Lung ta (wind horse) which is depicted on Tibetan prayer flags. By reciting the Dharani of Cintamani, Buddhist tradition maintains that one attains the Wisdom of Buddhas, is able to understand the truth of the Buddhas, and turns afflictions into Bodhi. It is said to allow one to see the Holy Retinue of Amitabha and his assembly upon one’s deathbed. In Tibetan Buddhist tradition the Chintamani is sometimes depicted as a luminous pearl and is in the possession of several of different forms of the Buddha.[11]

Within Hinduism it is connected with the gods, Vishnu and Ganesha. In Hindu tradition it is often depicted as a fabulous jewel in the possession of the Nāga king or as on the forehead of the Makara.[citation needed] The Yoga Vasistha, originally written in the 10th century AD, contains a story about the philosopher’s stone.[12]

A great Hindu sage wrote about the spiritual accomplishment of Gnosis using the metaphor of the philosopher’s stone. Saint Jnaneshwar (1275–1296), wrote a commentary with 17 references to the philosopher’s stone that explicitly transmutes base metal into gold. The seventh century Indian sage Thirumoolar in his classic Tirumandhiram explains man’s path to immortal divinity. In verse 2709 he declares that the name of God, Shiva or the god Shambala, is an alchemical vehicle that turns the body into immortal gold.


The philosopher’s stone has been attributed with many mystical and magical properties. The most commonly mentioned properties are the ability to transmute base metals into gold or silver, and the ability to heal all forms of illness and prolong the life of any person who consumes a small part of the philosopher’s stone.[13] Other mentioned properties include: creation of perpetually burning lamps,[13] transmutation of common crystals into precious stones and diamonds,[13] reviving of dead plants,[13] creation of flexible or malleable glass,[14] or the creation of a clone or golem.[15]


Numerous synonyms were used to make oblique reference to the stone, such as “white stone” (calculus albus, identified with the calculus candidus of Revelation 2:17 which was taken as a symbol of the glory of heaven[16]), vitriol (as expressed in the backronym Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem), also lapis noster, lapis occultus, in water at the box, and numerous oblique, mystical or mythological references such as Adam, Aer, Animal, Alkahest, Antidotus, Antimonium, Aqua benedicta, Aqua volans per aeram, Arcanum, Atramentum, Autumnus, Basilicus, Brutorum cor, Bufo, Capillus, Capistrum auri, Carbones, Cerberus, Chaos, Cinis cineris, Crocus, Dominus philosophorum, Divine quintessence, Draco elixir, Filius ignis, Fimus, Folium, Frater, Granum, Granum frumenti, Haematites, Hepar, Herba, Herbalis, Lac, Melancholia, Ovum philosophorum, Panacea salutifera, Pandora, Phoenix, Philosophic mercury, Pyrites, Radices arboris solares, Regina, Rex regum, Sal metallorum, Salvator terrenus, Talcum, Thesaurus, Ventus hermetis.[17] Many of the medieval allegories for a Christ were adopted for the lapis, and the Christ and the Stone were indeed taken as identical in a mystical sense. The name of “Stone” or lapis itself is informed by early Christian allegory, such as Priscillian (4th century), who stated Unicornis est Deus, nobis petra Christus, nobis lapis angularis Jesus, nobis hominum homo Christus.[18] In some texts it is simply called ‘stone’, or our stone, or in the case of Thomas Norton’s Ordinal, “oure delycious stone”. [19] The stone was frequently praised and referred to in such terms.


Philosopher’s stone as pictured in Michael Maier’s Atalanta Fugiens Emblem 21

Philosopher’s stone as pictured in Michael Maier’s Atalanta Fugiens Emblem 21

Descriptions of the Philosopher’s Stone are numerous and various.[20] According to alchemical texts, the philosopher’s stone came in two varieties, prepared by an almost identical method: white (for the purpose of making silver), and red (for the purpose of making gold), the white stone being a less matured version of the red stone.[21] Some ancient and medieval alchemical texts leave clues to the supposed physical appearance of the philosopher’s stone, specifically the red stone. It is often said to be orange (saffron colored) or red when ground to powder. Or in a solid form, an intermediate between red and purple, transparent and glass-like.[22] The weight is spoken of as being heavier than gold,[23] and it is said to be soluble in any liquid, yet incombustible in fire.[24]

Alchemical authors sometimes suggest that the stone’s descriptors are metaphorical. It is called a stone, not because it is like a stone.[25] The appearance is expressed geometrically in Michael Maier’s Atalanta Fugiens. “Make of a man and woman a circle; then a quadrangle; out of the this a triangle; make again a circle, and you will have the Stone of the Wise. Thus is made the stone, which thou canst not discover, unless you, through diligence, learn to understand this geometrical teaching.”[26] Rupescissa uses the imagery of the Christian passion, telling us it ascends “from the sepulcher of the Most Excellent King, shining and glorious, resuscitated from the dead and wearing a red diadem…”.[27]


The various names, and attributes assigned to the philosopher’s stone has led to long-standing speculation on its composition and source. Exoteric candidates have been found in metals, plants, rocks, chemical compounds, and bodily products such as hair, urine, and eggs. Justus von Liebig states that ‘it was indispensable that every substance accessible… should be observed and examined’.[28] Alchemists once thought a key component in the creation of the stone was a mythical element named carmot.[29][30]

Esoteric hermetic alchemists may reject work on exoteric substances, instead directing their search for the philosopher’s stone inward.[31] Though esoteric and exoteric approaches are sometimes mixed, it is clear that some authors “are not concerned with material substances but are employing the language of exoteric alchemy for the sole purpose of expressing theological, philosophical, or mystical beliefs and aspirations.”[32] New interpretations continue to be developed around spagyric, chemical, and esoteric schools of thought.


Main article: Magnum opus (alchemy)

The Philosopher’s stone is created by the alchemical method known as The Magnum Opus or The Great Work. Often expressed as a series of color changes or chemical processes, the instructions for creating the philosopher’s stone are varied. When expressed in colors, the work may pass through phases of nigredo, albedo, citrinitas, and rubedo. When expressed as a series of chemical processes it often includes seven or twelve stages concluding in multiplication, and projection.



How To Make The Philosopher’s Stone — The Secret Of Alchemy Which Can Turn Lead Into Gold Or An Elixir Of Life Which Reverses Aging


(Excerpt from a Cosmic Awareness Channelings, General Reading, April 10, 1992)

A question from A.J. in Columbus, Ohio.

“In a previous reading, you told us what herbs were consumed by Lee Chen Yung in China, who was reported to have lived to be 256 years of age.

The medieval English writer, Roger Bacon, wrote in the 13th Century AD of an Arab named Artephius, who Bacon said lived to be 1,025 years of age at a time far later than the long-lived people listed in the Bible. I must say that I am very skeptical of this. If Bacon’s report is true, this information would be in the Akashic Record. Is Bacon’s report true?”


This Awareness indicates that the entity Roger Bacon as one who was an alchemist. An alchemist is capable of creating that which is known as the Philosopher’s Stone, for turning lead into gold, and also for rejuvenating self.

This Awareness indicates that the entity, in describing this Arab, described a fellow alchemist, whom he had knowledge of, and that this fellow alchemist did indeed live an enormously long life. It appears there is some exaggeration in terms of years of his life, or the claims of the entity.

This Awareness indicates that the Philosopher’s Stone as that which rejuvenates and helps to restore youthful energies in the system. This Awareness indicates that it appears to have been a valid assertion on the part of Roger Bacon.


He had a follow-up question: “If the answer is in the affirmative, what did he consume or do which caused him to live to such an extremely old age in times when the vast majority of people didn’t even reach 50 years
of age?”


This Awareness indicates that this has been given: the entity consumed parts of that which is known as the Philosopher’s Stone. This Awareness indicates that this Philosopher’s Stone is that which is described in many of the old alchemy books, that it has been written of in its creation through coded writings speaking of Fire, Air, Water and Sulfur, Quicksilver (Mercury) and Eagle’s Wings.

It has been described as coming from the First Matter (Prima Materia) and being made from the most abhorrent element there is, that which is hated by all human-kind, and as having been pierced by the dagger of the alchemist.

There are many different codes and symbolism used to explain the secret approach to the alchemist’s creation of the Philosopher’s Stone. Once the Philosopher’s Stone is developed, it serves as a kind of powder that can be put into the melted lead and its presence then turns that lead into gold, or it can be taken orally as a kind of elixir of life which turns the aged into a younger person.

This Awareness indicates that all this symbolism of the alchemists led many entities to experiment with elements of mercury, sulfur, etc., and eventually led to modern-day chemistry as it evolved out of alchemy. This Awareness indicates that there are dangers involved in the study of alchemy. There are also certain requirements in terms of one’s motives and spirits.

This Awareness hesitates to explain the technique for creating the Philosopher’s Stone because there are mistakes that can be made and entities are likely to risk those mistakes for purposes that are nothing more than greedy.

This Awareness indicates that entities playing with alchemy need to be extremely spiritual and avoid the greed aspects. It can turn against you. This Awareness indicates however, that it does appear that the time is right for some entities to become knowledgeable about this ancient science.

This Awareness will give a short summary in plain English of the ways by which the Philosopher’s Stone is made, and suggests that before anyone begins studying and making this Philosopher’s Stone, that they turn to the books and symbolism on alchemy and study these areas more thoroughly.

Cosmic Awareness Breaks the Secret Code

This Awareness is simply breaking the code for you to allow you to study those alchemy books in light of the code revealed. This Awareness indicates that It does not wish to get involved further in helping you to create your Philosopher’s Stone after revealing this code. Your responsibilities in this action are those of your own.

The “First Matter”

This Awareness indicates that the First Matter for alchemist normally referred to as water, is that element known as urine. This Awareness indicates that the urine is taken at the time of the spring or fall, at the eclipse of the moon. This is often referred to in alchemy as the “Slaying of Diana,” Diana being the Goddess of the Moon.

This Awareness indicates that this is to be put into a cornerless jug, in other words a jug that is bulbous in shape, without any corners, so that the urine can flow without being caught in any corners.

The urine or First Matter, is sometimes described as Mercury and Sulfur; mercury because it flows in a liquid form, and sulfur because of the sulfur content in urine. This Awareness indicates that in this rounded bulbous bottle there needs to be a cork or seal, preferably a cork, that can be put in after 40 days.

The bulbous bottle with the urine in it is kept at room temperature approximately 80 degrees, or 75 degrees, relatively warm, during that 40 days. After the 40 days, it may be capped with a cork, to continue fermentation.

The fermentation that occurs during the first 40 days requires that you have it somewhere that can allow for the odor to escape without offending others.

This Awareness suggests that this may be in a garage or room or shed, someplace where it can be kept warm, such as in a bucket of sand that is on a hot water tank or some place that keeps the temperature up.

A light bulb in a box, after the sand has been heated may keep the box warm enough and may keep the bulb bottle warm enough.

The “Eagle’s Wing”

This Awareness indicates that after the 40 days, the substance is corked, the cork put in and sealed with wax, dripping wax around the cork so that no air can enter or leave.

This Awareness indicates that the temperature remains warm, but below body temperature, and time passes. After several months you will see a rainbow-like oil on top. This is referred to in the alchemical symbolism as the “Eagle’s Wing.” It is colorful in that the oil, when light strikes it, causes a rainbow effect so that there are colorful reflections on the oil that surfaces or floats to the top of the mixture.

This Awareness indicates during this time, the substance grows dark, almost black, and the Eagle’s Wing, or the oil floating on top becomes more vivid. This Awareness indicates that as the year comes to a close, the oil begins to turn red in color, a more reddish color, and eventually, near the end of the year, it should become more or less dried out as a whitish colored powder.

Creating the “Starter”

This Awareness indicates that the white powder is the Philosopher’s Stone, which then can become a product for creating more Philosopher’s Stone by adding more urine and simply allowing it to ferment and evaporate.

It works faster once it has a starter. Much like the starter in sourdough, it creates the starter for the more rapid creation of the Philosopher’s Stone being repeatedly created.

This Awareness indicates that of course, the cork is removed after one year and new urine is added, and allowed to ferment and evaporate, creating still more Philosopher’s Stone as it moves through the process.

It does not become necessary to recap the bottle after the first year, but by simply adding to it, the mixture evaporates, leaving more residue as Philosopher’s Stone.

This Awareness indicates that from this brief description, It suggests that entities wishing to study further should read some of the alchemy books available, but not to become too hung up in those books for many of the alchemy books are written by entities who do know what they are talking about, unless these are from the 16th Century.

Many of the modern-day writers are speculating and guessing, and the main information you seek should come from books they quote from the 16th Century, or books from alchemists such as Saint Germaine, or Roger Bacon.

This Awareness indicates that once the symbolism is understood, you will be able to gather more meaning from these alchemy books, but it is important not to talk too much to others about what you are doing and it is important to work and grow spiritually as you progress with your alchemy experiment.

This Awareness indicates the main reason for studying the alchemy books is to look for those symbols so that you can convey the information symbolically to other alchemists and not have to talk in plain English, in areas and in situations that would be undesirable to you.


The urine used, I assume is that of the alchemist.


This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates that once the first Philosopher’s Stone powder is made, additional urine can be added to the bottle, and the substance can be heated enough to allow it to evaporate at a more accelerated rate; however, it should never be raised above body temperature.


While we’re on this subject, we had a letter from K.K., Indianapolis, Indiana, which we checked out with Sam Millar (CAC Tarot Reader), who said his motives were sincere, and I’d like to read this and ask if the information just given would be sufficient for this entity to work with.

He writes: “I was pleasantly surprised to see the mention that some information has been ‘interpreted’ by Ralph Duby on the subjects of alchemy and metallurgy.

My spiritual studies, meditations, contemplation, writings, etc. lead me to believe that some of the principles of Nature (human, etc.) also applied to the mineral kingdom. And I began serious laboratory work in spiritual chemistry (alchemy) beginning in early 1988.

The progress towards accomplishing the Magnum Opus has been steady and satisfying. And I feel confident in accomplishing the work. Over the years I have dreamt of the possibilities — to help C.A.C., the Aquarian church, and other humanitarian activities.

I believe these are strong possibilities to come in the future. I have thought of writing to ask Awareness for insight to help me with the work, but so far I have gone it ‘alone’. So, while I was first inspired to write in order to ask for the information that Ralph Duby ‘interpreted’ years ago that pertain to the subjects, at this point perhaps we should ask Awareness about my situation specifically, to see if any help may be offered.

If you would like to ask in general that would be great. Consequently I could compile a short list of (not too technical) questions that would help me. The art of Alchemy is in the ‘domain’ of Natural Philosophy, so the philosophical insights, at the very least, would be very interesting to the readers, I believe.” And that basically was his request and I’d like to ask Awareness if the information just given would be satisfactory to this entity?


This Awareness indicates this as being sufficient for the entity to create that which is known as the Philosopher’s Stone; that there are many entities who attempt to deal with alchemy using metals; that this is not the proper understanding of the science.

They can have many rewards in that direction also in terms of the action of chemistry.

Proof of Alchemy in British Museum

This Awareness reminds entities there is a coin in the British Museum that is half lead and half gold.

It is divided, not pressed together or made of two pieces of metal, but it is divided as one piece of metal, half of which is gold in nature, the other half as lead.

These markings on the coin suggest that it was lead to begin with, and that the gold simply was a transmutation that occurred to the coin.


This Awareness indicates that there was a time when the disclosure of information relating to alchemy would have been certain death to entities disclosing such information, but because alchemy as a science has more or less died out, is no longer seen as valid, and the books on the subject are so confused with symbolism, speculation, and double- talk, it is at a stage now where there are no alchemists around to protect their sacred science, and therefore, information on the subject is only available when given in plain English.

The rest is nothing but confusion. This Awareness indicates however, that It does wish entities to understand the symbolism of alchemy relates to far more than turning lead into gold.

It relates to turning the philosopher, the alchemist, also into a golden being, a being of high spiritual nature.

Without the spiritual qualities, it is unlikely that the Philosopher’s Stone will ever have truly high quality.

The quality of the individual helps to go into the making of the Philosopher’s Stone.

It is related to the Law of Sympathetic Vibration: that whatever the alchemist is in his own vibration, that vibration resonates in the crystal of the Philosopher’s Stone, and thus, the Philosopher’s Stone is of the same frequency as the philosopher or alchemist.

This Awareness indicates that as the Philosopher’s Stone is created to develop a high spiritual frequency and then is ingested by the philosopher himself, the alchemist; that frequency of a spiritual level then enters into the physical body to become a catalyst for altering the physical cells to that same high frequency and it is in that manner that the rejuvenating effects take place.

(End of Reading; The Law of Gratitude is given.)

ED’s Note: I believe this “Law of Sympathetic Vibration” is a new Cosmic Law.

(There is the Law of Vibration, but that is different.) Please add this to your booklet of Cosmic Laws and Precepts of Cosmic Awareness.

Also, anyone successful in making the Philosopher’s Stone, we would like to hear from you.

The idea that taking the liquid can add 500 years or so to one’s life has possibilities!

From Issue 1995-02

More On How To Create The Philosophers Stone

(How Can You Keep The Liquid Warm For A Full Year?)


We recently published the Philosopher Stone information, and quite a few of the members are trying the experiment. There’s some questions on this from L.J. in New England. She wants to know: “The Philosopher’s Stone/alchemy; must this be done at full eclipse or will partial do? And must the urine be passed at the height of the eclipse? And how does this affect the alchemy?”


This Awareness indicates that a partial eclipse is sufficient; that it does not necessarily require it be at the exact height of the eclipse; it is more of a close proximity that is important. This Awareness indicates that the alchemy experiment can be started in any year, at the eclipse of the moon, either in the Spring or in the Fall, and at any place, regardless of whether it is a full eclipse or a partial eclipse.


She wants to know: “How can liquid in a sealed container turn to powder?”


This Awareness indicates that it has to be maintained at a warm temperature. It is suggested the temperature be near that of the human body, however, it appears that 98.6 is somewhat too much. It would appear that a temperature of approximately 85 degrees would be sufficient.

As it sits for a year at such temperature, the energies inside the bottle begin to go through certain cycles. At one point it becomes very black in color; at another point, oils appear which reflect different colors of light as they float on the liquid; these in alchemical terms a red, so-called Eagle’s Wings. It is spoken of in alchemical terms as the Black Eagle, or Black Oil.

This Awareness indicates there is also a time when it appears red and it is called red oil. At such times the liquid becomes lower in the bottle. The liquid totally evaporates and leaves the bottle through whatever occurs so that the elements of hydrogen, oxygen, in its two parts, the H2O, is no longer there as a combined liquid and you end up with certain powder.

The powder generally turns white at the end of the cycle. This Awareness indicates that a way by which you may keep the bottle warm as necessary would be to keep it in a bucket of sand in which the bucket is heated throughout the year so that the sand always maintains a constant temperature. This Awareness indicates that if the bottle is hermetically sealed so as not to leak, the temperature can be higher, such as the 98.6 suggested by the alchemists.

If you cannot seal it properly so that there may be some potential for leakage of the liquid, then it is best to drop your temperature somewhat, keeping it close to 80 or 85 degrees. This Awareness indicates of course, if it is truly hermetically sealed, a temperature of 98.6, which is below boiling and yet is warm enough to keep the substance moving and stirring; this would be the more ideal.

By using sand as a carrier for the heat, you can assure an even temperature of the liquid.


“Why, is this called “stone” if it’s a powder? Books say the Philosopher’s Stone refers to transformation of consciousness only.”


This Awareness indicates It is giving you the information of alchemists.

It is not giving you the information of authors who write about alchemy.


“What is the prescribed dosage or frequency for rejuvenation? Will it restore even people with “invariably fatal” conditions to health?”


This Awareness indicates that if it is done properly, which requires also a certain mental parallel work, then the entity can be rejuvenated, even in levels of health. This Awareness indicates that there is a parallel movement between the entity’s psyche and the work in terms of the Philosopher’s Stone. This Awareness indicates that as an entity progresses with the spiritual growth that occurs within his or her psyche, the attunement of the vibration to the stone affects the psyche of the individual. They both complement each other.

This Awareness indicates that it is an art form more than a scientific form of changing consciousness and matter. The transmutation has as much a dependency on psychic energies as on chemical energies.


Once you’ve got this powder, how do entities administer it? Do they add it to water, and drink it? What is the prescribed dosage for this?”


This Awareness indicates that usually, when an alchemist creates the energy of the Philosopher’s Stone, the powder, the entity then begins to use that powder to create more: this by further addition of further liquid, and the process serves as a kind of catalyst to move the liquid more quickly.

At some point it can be done without sealing the liquid so that it evaporates quickly and dries and the powder turns the new liquid into more powder. This Awareness indicates that as more and more is created, an entity can have a large amount, and it only takes small amounts to serve as the substance to ingest, this being approximately 1/8th or 1/16th of a teaspoon of powder per day or per week, depending on how quickly the entity wants to make changes.

Changes that are too rapid can be somewhat unpleasant.

Thus, entities need to take the powder slowly and carefully. You cannot give the powder to someone else; it must be your own alchemical creation for yourself.

How Was The Philosopher’s Stone Discovered? (An Important Leak Was Taken In 12,000 Bc)


She asks: “Where did the formula for the Philosopher’s Stone originate? How could anyone have known or suspected this or figured it out, or was it revealed?”


This Awareness indicates this was used back in ancient Atlantis and in Egypt. It came about partly by accident in which entities ingested substances found in the desert, where there had been what appears to have been a place where a certain entity urinated frequently and at some point noticed the white powder on the earth without recognizing how it got there, tasted it and noticed certain things happening to him.

After some time, the entity began to realize what it was and how it worked. This Awareness indicates this appears to be approximately 12,000 B.C. This Awareness suggests that the entity did not discover at that time the effects of the powder on metal; only at some much later time was this aspect of alchemy recognized.

How Does The Alchemy Accomplish What It Does?


“How does it accomplish what it does?”

COSMIC AWARENESS: (After a long pause)

This Awareness indicates that the question: How does an alchemical activity accomplish what it does is extremely difficult to put into words.

Alchemy is the ability to change consciousness, to change forms, substances and vibrations. This Awareness suggests that in the changing of vibrations, an entity can say: “How does the vibration change?”

This Awareness indicates that there are many ways to change vibrations. They either speed up or slow down. It is like asking: “How does life come to be?” It is not something that can easily be explained in words. It is an experience. Human tongue is not the proper tool for explaining the experience of life or how life came to be.

Words are not the proper form or tools for explaining how life came to be. This Awareness indicates that the changing of frequencies and vibrations create all manner of results.

The holding of temperature over long periods of time on a fluid that is vibrating at your own frequency, holding that at a certain temperature for years throughout an entire solar cycle, changes the frequency to a higher octave and has an effect on your own frequency.

This Awareness indicates that it can also have an effect on the frequency of metals that have been placed in its vicinity. It can have an affect on other things that are vibrating at a frequency so that the frequencies are changed. This Awareness indicates that as with all things in life, the frequencies of energies are the key to what they are, to how they express themselves and to how they are perceived or valued.

These frequencies also affect events, actions, attitudes, thoughts, and behavior.

There are many ways in which entities can alter frequencies, change consciousness, change events, physical relationships, through the manipulation or altering of frequency.

This Awareness indicates this entire field of changing frequencies is that which can be called alchemy, and it is an art.

ED’s Note: For more on how to make the Philosopher’s Stone, please refer to “Revelations of Awareness” issue number 94-05, The Secret of Alchemy, $3.00 from CAC.

Awareness has suggested that the liquid should be placed in a glass container, with a rounded bottom, such as a test tube, and placed in a bucket of sand somehow so the heat is constant, perhaps on a water heater in the house.

We checked this one out and it is easier said than done. The water heater is set so that the temperature is too hot and even if wrapped in foil the wax the glass tube is sealed in often melts and the liquid runs out.

Others have suggested a small aquarium, whereby you somehow rig the test tube so it is immersed in the water of the fish bowl and the temperature regulated by a common water heater used in aquariums. We tried that one also, but trying to rig a test tube so that it will stay in one place and not fall into the water (tank water would ruin the experiment) isn’t easy.

That technique was just too hazardous. We also tried a crock pot, which would work OK except the minimum temperature is still too hot. I finally hit on something that really works. Years ago during my hippie stage, I procured a food dryer which is designed to dry fruits and vegetables at a very low temperature for long periods of time.

This particular dryer is made of wood and has 4 trays with screens on which you lay out the fruit you wish to dry. You then close the door of the dryer and set it to low heat.

With a thermometer, I discovered you could regulate the heat from as low as 50 degrees to as high as 120. I set it for about 80 degrees and placed the glass containers on one of the screens in the dryer.

It holds the heat just fine and the electric bill has only increased by about a dollar a month. I have seen similar food dryers in health food Stores and there is a small one being hawked on late night TV.

If you are interested, as I was, in trying to keep this experiment going, you may want to check out the food dryer as a method of creating your Philosopher’s Stone.

( note: An easy way to keep the liquid at the right temperature for a long period is to put the liquid in sealed mason jars, put the mason jars in a large cardboard box, then put a small electric heater fan in the box. You can get heater fans for about $25 that will blow warm air for 10 seconds or so and then shut off for a couple minutes, then blow another 10 second blast of hot air over and over.

Put a thermometer in the box and adjust the timing on the fan to heat the box to the right temperature. The liquid in the jars will form the clear liquid on top, the white powder on the bottom and the liquid will begin to darken within a few days.

Obviously be careful not to let it overheat and start a fire. If the fan is new it should have an automatic shutoff if it becomes too hot. DO NOT USE A KEROSENE HEATER or anything like that. A “Holmes HFH111T-U Heater Fan with Comfort-Control Thermostat” will work.)

From Issue 1995-06

The Philosopher’s Stone: What Is The “Parallel Mental Work” Required ?


A question from D.J. in New York: She writes: “Awareness did not specify the “Certain mental parallel work” needed for Philosopher’s Stone. Could we ask for that supplement?”


This Awareness indicates that the parallel works follow the actions of the effort in making the Philosopher’s Stone, in that the entity’s consciousness is affected by the experiment to raise the philosopher’s consciousness toward a kind of spiritual frequency or vibration, much like that of sympathetic vibrations that are caused by musical tones, wherein an entity being given a musical instrument, plucking those strings, will hear and feel certain frequencies.

This Awareness indicates that it is not a parallel message in verbal tones or verbal meanings that is some kind of secret code for philosophers. It is simply the frequency that entities may attune to, and as the experiment goes through its journey or voyage, the vibrations, or frequencies have an automatic sympathetic broadcast of energy to the cells of the individual.

It is likened unto a radio broadcast or frequency broadcast of sound, but it is not heard. It is simply experienced by the cells of the individual as the Philosopher’s Stone program goes through its various stages of development, so that the entity, through vibrations, grows along with the Stone in its evolution and development.

This Awareness indicates that there are many instances in which entities make assumptions that are not necessarily correct, and if an entity becomes convinced or assumes that all knowledge is transferred through words, or through concepts or ideas, and the entity is used to receiving words, concepts and ideas for carrying messages or receiving messages, for enhancing their wisdom, their understanding; there is a tendency to want those things put into words.

This Awareness indicates that if an entity does not understand the nature of experience, the nature of receiving information from an experience, from experiencing a ritual; for example, if an entity doesn’t understand what it means to the soul to go to its knees and experience a kneeling before God, how can the entity understand through words about “putting myself in a devoted kneeling or subservient position to God” if they are expecting this information to come through words?

How do you become subservient to God by definition, by someone defining what to do, or by defining the term “devotion”?. If there is no understanding of “devotion”, how can one understand it by having it explained in words, without the experience?

This Awareness indicates in other words, the parallel information in regard to the Philosopher’s Stone is not simply a formula of verbiage, a formula of words, it is an experience that accompanies the program of working on the Philosopher’s Stone.

From Issue 1997-09

David Hudson’s “White Powder of Gold” (More on Creating the “Philosopher’s Stone”)

Bruce has one other question. He writes: “David Hudson has developed a process for producing “white powder of gold” also known as Philosopher’s Stone. There is also a product called Acemannan with similar properties. Finally, there is a tea made from plants growing on a naturally formed “white dust” found on some Native American owned mountain out West somewhere.”

“Would Awareness care to comment on this “white gold” and the relative potencies of its variations, and how do these products-compare with that substance produced from alchemically processing your own urine?”


This Awareness indicates this does not appear to be that which is actually the Philosopher’s Stone. These products appear to be created in different methods. One appears to be created from certain minerals. Another appears to be created from the use of minerals and plants growing from minerals so that the plant absorbs certain minerals and the extract then is taken from the plant

Don’t Allow Someone Else’s Urine In Your Philosopher’s Stone

This Awareness indicates that there appears to be one entity who attempts to use his own urine as part of the process, but this would not be to the benefit of others. The use of your own urine in making the Philosopher’s Stone would vibrate in part to the frequency of your cells and be beneficial if properly made, but not the frequency from someone else, for it would not vibrate to your own frequency and could be of some danger to you.

Don’t Waste Your Time or Money on Hudson’s Hustle

This Awareness indicates It does not see any of these things as being what they purport to be or what they imply themselves to be in the Sense of a true Philosopher’s Stone. This Awareness sees these as being a waste of your concern or energies or money or efforts. The only value would be from the suggestion and the placebo effect. If you believe something is good for you, it does have some potential benefit to the strength of your belief, but intrinsically, there is not seen anything of value for entities in these substances, except for the one selling them.

New Information On Creating Your Own Philosopher’s Stone


Bruce had one other question. He asks: “At this time does Awareness wish to offer any additional information related to the alchemical techniques for producing white powder of gold?”


This Awareness indicates that t has given information on this previously. At the end of the cycle or year of incubation, the powder left in the bottle should begin to turn white. At that time, the lid can be removed so that the powder dries, it still needs to be kept in a warm environment with no moisture.

This Awareness indicates that if all has gone well; if the vibration and frequency of the alchemist has been such as to help in the process, then the powder should be completed when it is fully dried. This Awareness indicates that it then can be used as starter for another incubation, which would not take the full year, whereby it could be used with greater heat and evaporation so that the process becomes speeded for the next batch.

Understanding the Importance of Frequency and Vibration

This Awareness indicates over a period of time, by continuing to use the starter, one could then build the powder more quickly. This Awareness indicates there is an element of frequency and vibration and harmony that needs to be understood. The alchemist has a frequency or vibration that harmonizes with the matrix in the bottle as the experiment is in process and the alchemist needs to evolve spiritually during this process to keep the formula working properly with the right vibration.

If the entity’s spiritual vibration evolves properly, that which is in the bottle also evolves properly by sympathetic vibration or mutual harmony between fine frequencies, and this adds to and helps in the quality of the white powder that the entity ends up with.

How to Turn the Lead to Gold

This Awareness indicates turning of lead into gold requires that the lead be melted, the powder be sprinkled into the melted lead. If the powder has been processed correctly, it would then has its effect on the lead to turn it to gold.

This awareness indicates that this does require a psychic or mental or spiritual element as part of the process, which will shut out some people who are operating strictly from greed or who are not progressing spiritually during the time of the processing.

This Awareness indicates in other words, throughout the year of the alchemical experiment, entities need to be well-focused in their own spiritual evolving in order to make this work. It is for this reason that not many alchemists are successful in these efforts.


I think most of the members who are running this experiment are more interested in getting the powder and using it for stopping the aging process rather than making gold.


How to Tell If Your White Powder Is Working

This is in the affirmative. This Awareness indicates if it has been done properly a few drops on the tongue at the time when the powder is well-dried, will be enough help the entity realize whether it is working or not.

This Awareness suggests that when the powder is formed in the bottle and is white, even if not fully dried, then the heat can be increased slightly so that over a period of the next week or two, it can be dried further and then used.

The lid may then be taken off so that the evaporation occurs and the powder becomes completely dried. This Awareness indicates, of course, if there has been some disruption in terms of heat, temperature, or if it has not progressed properly, the powder may be weak and not very effective, or it may not be working at all. There are possibilities that it will be quite effective, and the entity using it will immediately feel something significant in its use.

You Eat Some of the Powder and Use Rest for Starter

You would want to break the powder into two-parts: one to take internally, and the other part to use as starter tor your next batch. The next batch would then develop more quickly from the use of the starter. By ‘starter’ this Awareness suggests it be compared to sourdough starter for making the sourdough that is used in pancakes.

This Awareness indicates that by using this substance as a starter, it gets to work on the matrix more quickly to bring about the next batch. The heat for this second batch would need to be raised somewhat so that it moved more quickly to its state of dryness. There again, it would go through the darkening and the oil separation similar to that of the early experiment.

This Awareness indicates that which is referred to as the “eagle’s wings” or “eagle’s feathers” is actually speaking of oils that reflect different colors of light which would float on the top of your matrix. After these oils rise from the dark matrix, then gradually, the substance starts becoming more into its direct processing (sic) and the evaporations of liquids then begin to occur more quickly, so that the amount of fluid reduces more quickly, eventually leaving the bottle entirely and then leaving a white powder.

Again, remember the bottle must have no ridges such as comers. It must be rounded from bottom to top and sealed at the top, preferably with a wax around the cork and no metal in the bottle. The bottle may not be plastic. It must be glass.

From Issue 2003-02

The Philosopher’s Stone: He’s Made Powder But It’s Dark Not White (What Does He Do Next?)


A question from Stephen Ratanashi, Toronto, Canada. He writes: “I would appreciate it if you could ask Awareness about this, regarding the Philosopher’s Stone, I had white powder already visible in my flask, floating on top of liquid and a good portion at the bottom settled down. I let the liquid evaporate as suggested, but now, all of the powder residue that has settled down at the bottom has turned dark brown, red, or almost black in color, just as the color of the liquid was.”

“There is little trace of white powder; some grains visible on the sides of the flask. Everything else is dark color. Is this still good? Do I just add liquid now? Will the new powder created also turn this color? Please respond!”


This Awareness indicates there is that in the alchemical books which describes the color of the raven’s wing; this being black in color. Them is also a reference to the color red. This Awareness indicates that it appears the powder is still valuable, and that additional liquid at the time of the full moon can revitalize that powder so that it remains valuable and workable.

This Awareness indicates that it does not see this as needing to be at the time of the eclipse, although that would be a better time, but that it can also be revitalized
at the time of the full moon and simply by adding the further liquid. This Awareness indicates that there is some potential for it to not work properly, but approximately 80% chance it will continue working.

The further action is seen as occurring with the top of the bottle removed during that time period while the matrix is kept warm so that the liquid can go through its evaporation, and the powder should retain a lighter color at the ‘end of the evaporation.

It is seen that continual addition of liquid to the powder with each full moon can be a method of build-up of the powder. This Awareness suggests that this may be capped long enough to shake up the liquid and the powder in the bottle, then the lid may be removed.

Ed’s Note: My own personal experiment ended in the same way, all dark powder after the liquid evaporated. I did not try the experiment again due to more pressing projects. For more information on making your own Philosopher’s Stone, please refer to “Revelations of Awareness” issues, 94-05, 95-02, 95-11, 95-06; $3.00 each from CAC

From Issue 2009-08

An Update On The Philosopher Stone (Here’s A Guy Who Has Successfully Made It!)

Our next question is from M.W. (Name and location withheld) He Writes concerning the Philosopher’s Stone Update. It is quite lengthy. It starts, “I am a regular subscriber to CAC and a couple of years back you asked Cosmic Awareness some questions concerning how to make the Philosopher’s Stone. (CAC Issues: 79-12, 86-1, 88-1, 94-51, 95-2,6 &11, 97-9, 2003-2, 6 & 9) I think that you and Avaton even tried to make it. As I recall, something happened that prevented you from completing the task. Well, guess what, I’ve done it! (I think!) Here are the details:

A close trusted friend and I followed Cosmic Awareness’ instructions for making the Philosopher’s Stone exactly at the full lunar eclipse last March, 2007. Each of us buried a hermetically sealed 500 ml flask containing about 300 ml of our urine into sand that was heated to 85 degrees F. and we were able to successfully keep the cooler and sand heated at that temperature continuously for 15 months.

Last week we dug them out and here’s what we found: my flask had 2 inches by 2 inches by 1/4 inch “oval” of white precipitate at the bottom and it was covered by about 300ml of very light amber liquid.

My friend’s flask had the same amount of white precipitate; only his was covered by deep red burgundy colored liquid.

Could you please ask Cosmic Awareness for an update on this subject? Have we actually been successful at creating the Philosopher’s Stone? Do we need to do more? Where do we go from here? Are we done? Can we do any more to the white precipitate – like make the “red lion”? Or is the white precipitate THE very Legendary Red Lion? Why the different colors of fluid in each of our flasks? What can/should we do with it? Can we indeed make more simply by pouring off the overlying liquid in the flask, putting more of our urine on top of the precipitate and letting it stand for several weeks without heating, as I think were Cosmic Awareness’ instructions on how to make more? Do we need to heat it again? I would really appreciate any input and/or updated information that Cosmic Awareness wishes to share on this subject at this point.

Maybe you would want to publish our progress and Cosmic Awareness’ responses to these questions in the newsletter. I’m sure many would like to hear of someone’s “apparent” success and read about an update on this subject.

Of course, my sharing my progress may be a VERY sensitive subject to some of the more private alchemists, so I would request you not quote my name and address in the newsletter just yet, as a protection against any “mad scientists.”

Does Awareness have an update and/or additional comments to offer? Thank you.


This Awareness does have a comment to make. The white material that was formed is that which is basically that substance known as the Philosopher’s Stone. The liquid that is atop of the white material is to be poured off. It can be further used in a similar fashion in the sandbox with new urine added to it to duplicate the procedure. The difference in the colors of the two liquids is purely because of the biochemistry of each individual producing a different colored liquid. Doing this will create more of the white precipitate that has been mentioned by the individual, and this can be added to the original Philosopher’s Stone substance.

There are other things one can do with the Philosopher’s Stone material. One can put a small amount (it does not take a large amount) into a glass of water. An individual can then drink this for the effects of the Philosopher’s Stone.

It works along the homeopathic principle of a small amount carrying the resonance and the purity of the substance. A simple amount or grain even would be sufficient. Thus, a little will indeed go a long way.

One can also put some of the Philosopher’s Stone in fresh urine which will act as a catalyst and create new material after a sufficient period of time has gone by that will be more intense than that which was previously the case. One can also use the Philosopher’s Stone material to infuse water, which then could be added to the urine.

It does not even have to be the actual white material itself that is used. The pure refinement and the more expensive refining of the materials will create stronger and stronger formulations of that which this Awareness is calling the Philosopher’s Stone.

The Philosopher’s Stone Not Really About Turning Lead to Gold

In some ways this is a repetitive process until a stage is reached where the purer substance can thus be made available. This would take several distillations to reach, but each level and each production of that material that is the Philosopher’s Stone will have its own power and its own capacity to create health and well being, to bring forward that state of illumination that was the ultimate quest of the alchemists. It was not simply about turning lead into gold. This is a materialistic goal that was attributed to alchemists to those who later came and held as important materialistic wealth versus spiritual wealth.

Thus the lead that is to be transformed is the individual, him or her self. The urine is a product of a refinement process within the human body and despite social taboo against and around, urine is of a relatively pure nature. Indeed, most of the toxins have been removed from the urine in the distillation process of the body as it reduces the liquids of the body down into the pure urine, and the purest urine of all is the urine that is available in the morning upon getting up and first going to the bathroom. This would be the urine that this Awareness would recommend to use in further distillations.

There Are Other Ways of Reaching Enlightenment

This process can indeed take a number of years to complete in this way, but there are other ways of reaching enlightenment and illumination where one does not simply rely on the ingesting of a substance, even the substance of the Philosopher’s Stone, but one learns how to go within oneself and through a process of inner distillation, or working from within, one can refine one’s character and also reach a place of spiritual purity and enlightenment.

The substance created through the formulation of the Philosopher’s Stone has its own merit. This Awareness will not at this time express all of the effects of the white powder of the Philosopher’s Stone and its use and benefit, for It asks the individual himself to share it with others when he feels that this is appropriate and correct.

As the different colored liquid that formed on top of the surface suggests the different biochemical attributes of each individual, so will the Philosopher’s Stone produced through this process have individual differences and different effects.

Thus a process of experimentation with the powder is that which this Awareness would recommend to the individual to see what he finds in his journey towards his own spiritual enhancement and purification. It may be used before meditation, a small amount being put in liquid so that it enhances the actual, experience of going within. This may be one use of it, but there are many uses.

Congratulations From Awareness

This is an accelerant, a catalyst to help the individual on that process of self-awareness, self-enlightenment, and self-realization. This Awareness congratulates the two individuals upon achieving the Philosopher’s Stone. It is not an easy path to follow, nor is it a path for everyone. Those who accomplish this have indeed shown tenacity and perseverance and have as their goal ultimately their own highest spiritual purification. This Awareness is now complete