Lake Titicaca Underwater Temple


Located in in the Andes on the border of Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America.

There are many tales about the lake containing underwater citadels and wealth and archeologists are now beginning to discover some of the precious ancient objects hiding beneath the water.

A team of underwater archaeologists that participated in an expedition that began two months ago have just found a number of relics that are from different eras, both Inca era and pre-Inca (1438-1533).

“We found 2,000 objects and fragments,” Christophe Delaere, the Belgian co-director of the Huinaimarca Project that unearthed the items, said at a ceremony in La Paz.According to Delaere divers found the objects more than 20 feet (7 meters) underwater off the Island of the Sun.Scienctists participating in the proiject unearthed 31 gold fragments, mainly around the Isla del Sol.

The legend holds that mythical founders of the Incan empire emerged from the lake’s waters.

“There are ceramics and urns from more than 500 to 800 years ago,” Delaere said. Among the objects were also 1,500-year-old objects such as stone vessels, incense containers and figures of animals like pumas.

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