Reality Creation: 10 Insights



Insight #1 … Reality is consciousness manifest in electromagnetic grids of experience. We ONLY manifest physically by grid connection.

Insight #2 … If you are emotionally balanced you will attract that which will keep you in balance. If you have emotional problems – and are in denial – you will attract drama!

Insight #3 … Think outside the box :: Observe what, when, and how you sabotage the patterns of your life. This is a form of manifestation by your soul after its energy reserve with existing patterns is depleted.

Insight #4 … DNA :: We all search for different things … love, power, money, recognition, healing, etc. Manifesting the desired result goes to one’s programming and the DNA code they came here to play out. Use your family’s DNA patterns as a guide.

Insight #5 … Healing systems cannot teach you how to manifest, but can give perspectives about your emotional body and soul decisions. Psychologically speaking, it is the subconscious mind that is the driver of it all, therefore you have to link to that part of who you are to understand your patterns past, present, and future.

Insight #6 … When trying to manifest, one must consider a whole host of peripheral streams of interconnected energies based on attaining that which one thinks they want.

Insight #7 … Learning to manifest and shift grids creates synchronicities which may have underlying repercussions.

Insight #8 … Observe your patterns and face the truth about limitations, so manifestation can evolve within the guidelines of your life.

Insight #9 … Self-awareness will help you unfold your true potential and heal old wounds.

Insight #10 … The nature of reality is an ever evolving hologram that is about to manifest souls into their true essence.


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