Sovereign Independent: Alan Watt Discusses ‘Master Plan’


The Sovereign Independent is an Irish Truth Newspaper which disseminates information that the mainstream media avoid or refuse to print. Our national mainstream media do not uphold the Constitution of Ireland in any way and do not accurately deliver thorough and truthful news to the People of Ireland as it should. Unfortunately this has left little choice but to produce a newspaper which strives to deliver truth to the People of Ireland.

The Sovereign Independent focuses on issues which affect Ireland and the People of Ireland. It also frequently draws attention to the so-called “New World Order” and what this would mean for Ireland. As such, it includes news from around the world relating to this “New World Order” and utilizes written material from authors from other parts of the world if it is felt that this relates to the People of Ireland.

The Sovereign Independent is a not-for-profit publication and is intended purely to inform the Irish People of the truth regarding what is really going on in Ireland and the world. It is intended to counteract the frequent deception of the mainstream media.

The Sovereign Independent has no religious or political affiliations and is not backed by any corporation, group or individuals. However, at times there will be articles printed which are written by and aimed at people from various religious groups for the purpose of  drawing their attention, in the most effective way,  to the threats against Ireland’s Independence and the emergence of the New World Order.  Printing of physical copies of the newspaper is made possible purely as a result of the generosity of its readers and their willingness to contribute financially to the production of  the newspaper.


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