Anonymous Press Release – The Recent Hack Of The FBI Cyber-Crime Division


Greetings World — On September 3, 2012 our comrades in AntiSec released a Press Release here –>

In this release they disclosed the fact that they had hacked the laptop of an FBI agent in the Cyber-Crime division and among the booty taken was a file containing 12 million UDIDs from various Apple products owned by people in the USA. They released evidence of this in the form of 1 million partially redacted entries from the file. The media did their usual idiot dance, latched onto the story and ran without thinking. Then mid-week it was pointed out by their critics that Anonymous could have got that file from many sources. Of course the FBI denied they were hacked, did you honestly think that the FBI Cyber-Crime guys would be like yeah Anonymous hacked us and we are butthurt? Please. Then no sooner does the media turn to this idea that hey, Anonymous could have got this info from some app developer lo and behold an app developer mysteriously discovers that they have been hacked and the data belongs to them. Yeah right. And now the media has come full circle like baying dogs and is reporting this shit as the newest version of reality. Fucking jokers. We have strong reason to believe this company Blue Toad are liars. But even if their data matches the data set obtained from the FBI by AntiSec, this simply points to one possible source where the FBI might have obtained the data. As AntiSec themselves pointed out in their response to the FBI’s lies, no one ever said the FBI got this data from Apple.

Now that the main stream media is finally catching on that this so-called “Blue Toad” revelation proves nothing, everyone seems completely perplexed. Some tech journalists are demanding hard “proof”. Don’t be fools, that would land a bunch of us in prison and it ain’t going to happen. What AntiSec and Anonymous HAVE provided you is evidence that only has meaning to the FBI Cyber-Crime guys.

These partial IPs for instance:


Has any reporter asked the FBI Cyber-Crime division if these IPs have any meaning to them. No, of course not. They would only deny it or just not answer the question saying it was a “security issue”, right ? But it IS your job as a reporter to at least ask. In the initial Press Release, AntiSec provided the name of the Cyber Agent and the make and model of his laptop. “During the second week of March 2012, a Dell Vostro notebook, used by Supervisor Special Agent Christopher K. Stangl from FBI Regional Cyber Action Team and New York FBI Office Evidence Response Team was breached.” Has even ONE reporter contacted Agent Stangl and asked him what make and model laptop he uses for work? Uhmmm, no of course not. You are all so quick to believe some strange company who conveniently pops up out of the mists (and who we have never even heard of ourselves until today). But what is REALLY incredible is that you would believe a group who is historically PROVEN to be pathological liars and criminals, namely the FBI. AntiSec also provided the method used, and most security “experts” (i.e. White Hat Scum) have grudgingly admitted the hack would be possible using the technique described. AntiSec has even provided the MAC addresses of all the hardware used in the new York office of the Cyber-Crime Division:


Has anyone asked the FBI if these MACS are real? And before you reply “they would just deny it or say no comment” – it is STILL your job as reporters to at least ASK and report their answer to your audience. You have asked for chat logs from the hack. AntiSec has indicated they may provide them after they have thoroughly scrutinized them and redacted shit that can get them V&ed, which will most likely include the forensic “proof” some of you crazy journos are clamoring for. But the bottom line is this. Anonymous and AntiSec have provided FAR more evidence for their side of the story than the FBI has with their two lousy tweets and then a steady stream of “no comments”. The FBI has not provided one shred of evidence for their lying denials. Anonymous and AntiSec have provided what they can, and may provide more in the future.

Here is the latest statement from AntiSec –>


AntiSec hacked the FBI and found 12 million UDIDs from Apple products on the laptop of a special cyber agent of the FBI. Whether the FBI had these for some tracking scenario as AntiSec opines, or whether they had them to use to crack open Apple stuff they seize when the “suspect” won’t give them the passwords – or whether they had them for some completely un-known nefarious reason, they had them and Anonymous took them. We know this is true, and more importantly the FBI knows this is true. It is not our job to convince either the media or the masses. But the truth is there, if the journalists want to actually WORK for a living and dig for it. Also, that file wasn’t all that AntiSec obtained from Agent Stangl’s laptop. The FBI and all you media journos should….



— Anonymous Anonymous Global —

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