Definitely worth a listen!  We all know that Facebook had some shady beginnings.. stolen code.. angel investment via outed CIA ‘front company’ In-Q-Tel, and it goes on..  What if Zuck really was just the chosen puppet leader of what would ultimately be the worlds largest ‘voluntary citizen dossier’?  Give it a listen and decide for yourself.  These statements certainly seem to ring true with plenty of background info to give reasonable merit.


    • Mark’s real name is not even Zuckerberg.
    • Mark was chosen ahead of time and ‘placed’ at Harvard to fit the story.
    • Mark did not create the Facebook brand name nor did he write any code.
    • Mark has ‘handlers’ that dictated (and still do) his every move.
    • Mark’s lack of any moral compass made him the perfect figure-head.
    • Mark is the just the face of a much bigger agenda at work.

    Interesting ‘Top Comment’

    ” So, Zuckerberg’s Harvard professor, James P. Chandler, is one in the same patent attorney who stole Michael McKibben’s Leader Technology ideas that he was supposed to help get a patent and instead STOLE the information! WOW, all these deep stater’s are totally intertwined, like a huge cancer. How do you kill a cancer? STARVE IT! “