What is the Meaning of Life?
To learn, grow, experience, improve, love, and most importantly… to remember. We assert more control of the hologram than we realize. Use this power carelessly, or wisely. Creation doesn’t create pointless creations. Learn from mistakes and evolve… or cycle, rinse, repeat.

Who Runs the World?
The core control group can not be easily proven. But behind the private Federal Reserve System sit many shadowy ‘royal’ families, groups, and ‘secret’ societies which fight among each other for ultimate control of Earth’s resources & Humanity’s fundamental usage of:

Space Travel

It is indeed possible, and evidence suggests that these groups may still answer to a higher order(or believe that they do), be it ET/Alien, Demonic, Deity, or otherwise. The modern day class division between the have’s, and have not’s has never been greater, and the control over this above list has never been tighter. The core controlling elite is estimated to boil down to 25-150 individuals. Some researchers would go so far to say ultimately one single individual decides all policy on Earth. Follow the money is true, but it only gets darker the deeper you go, be warned. i.e. ‘the Pindar’, and ‘the Black Pope’ are topics to take you there.

Which religion is correct?
Modern day religions have not only been manipulated and perverted but evidence implies even controlled from origin. In their purest forms, Tao’ism and Buddhism are lifestyles most inline with self-governance in accordance with universal law, harmony, balance, and love. Accuracy towards the true nature of reality is the better question to ask, so answered as such.

Is there an afterlife?
An extremely high percentage of Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) live to tell of indescribable awareness, connectedness and love during this ‘in-between’ time while outside of the typical fabric of reality. The most puzzling of all is that the majority of individuals see what they ‘expect’ to see, with visions often aligning with their religious or spiritual belief system.


What is the nature of reality?
The actual basis of reality, beholds a Holographic construct with regard to the Mind, Body, Consciousness connection. Through past control mis-direction of all media and info distribution, TPTB have successfully diverted understanding of this into a pseudo-scientific mockery in the subconscious of the masses. The intention here is to hide your own power from you, to make you more controllable. We are matter, matter is energy, and our thoughts & belief systems implicitly shape the physical reality that we manifest into existence, moment to moment to moment. Why? Because Atoms and Sub-Atomic particles behave differently when we observe them, versus when we do not observe them. The human mind can actually change reality ‘out there’ with nothing more than a conscious thought. The best place to start researching this is by reading The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, based on both rigorous scientific study & global human experience. Our minds are connected because consciousness is like ‘the internet’. Each of us creates a unique experience through this (one) consciousness, as does every other computer terminal ‘connected’ to the (one) internet. We are in the driver seat, at the keyboard, and we have connectivity to consciousness in order to create our own realities – it really is that simple. The most intriguing of all, is that we seem to get what we deserve. Some would call it Karma, while others would call it Universal Balance between positive/negative, good/bad, yin/yang across many inter-connected lifetimes.



Whats the deal with Aliens, are we alone?
What if we are the aliens? A large variety of evidence indicates we have never been ‘alone’, and have simply forgotten our history (either by accident or intentional). A combination of ancient genetic engineering, and evolution has brought about the current variety in human racial distribution. Over 500 government contractors and witnesses dating back to the 1940’s have gone on record to various levels of experience working with such top secret projects and hidden programs to exploit the advanced technologies. Army Intelligence officer Clifford Stone told the Washington Press Club (May, 2001) that the US Military, at his time in service, had cataloged 57 different types of -ironically hominid- off world beings. NASA at the highest levels is a ‘front’ operation using legacy technology, simply to keep the tax money flowing (while hiding alternative agendas, from the public). The Secret Space Program has been described by countless whisteblower’s to date. i.e. Gary McKinnon, Randy Cramer, Mark Richards, James Casbolt, among others..



Technology seems limited, but how?
Because weaponization #1, until system crash/reset. Technological advancement depends on weaponization vs profitability. Some technology can reach commercial application for positive benefit on humanity, but the majority does not. ie, Wireless Free Energy, Teleportation, Unlimited Water Filtration, etc



What happened to the United States of America?
What we think we know about America is only illusion. Generally people on Earth just want to be happy and keep their families & loved ones safe. It is the corrupt element within the global government framework that has bankrupted the financial & corporate sectors under the protection & direction of ‘TPTB’ (the powers that be). Countries are simply a clever way to control Humanity using ancient ‘Divide & Conquer’ techniques. Perpetual war keeps this ‘division’ in place. Investigate ‘the country which has the most military bases on foreign-soil, and why would this be necessary’


Why are countries always at war with each other?
Humanity as a united front against tyranny could be incredibly effective. Countries at war are controllable and profitable, for the international interests (TBTB) focused on controlling earth’s resources through globalization & technological domination. America and Israel are only the chosen pawns to play ringleader and instigator of perpetual global conflict, by this incredibly small sadistic minority. This plays out for all to watch as an alternative reality on the Mainstream Media News Mafia..


How can we ever know what is really going on in the world?
We probably can’t. So does that mean we just give up? Of course not. We focus on what we can best understand, and control within our own immediate sphere of influence. What happens ‘out there’ really only matters in accordance to how you need to feel ‘in here’. Pay attention, while keeping it light and laughing at the Bull$#* thrown at you. Make better educated decisions for your family, loved ones, and avoid the traps.


Are ghosts real?
Evidence suggests there has always been more to reality than meets the eye. If people and things (matter) are all just abstract energy… then it isn’t that hard to consider a person’s soul, or personal essence ‘energy’ can be left imprinted in the ‘fabric of reality’, during or after ones lifetime. This para-normal effect seems to be most evident when extreme pain, emotion, or agony was actualized at the time of physical death.


Are Humans the highest evolved species on Earth?
Unlikely. Even putting aside the alien presence, the oldest cetacean mammals (ie Dolphins, Orcas and Whales) are arguably more advanced on the evolutionary scale than humans. Existing many many millions of years longer on earth than Homo Sapiens, these creatures have full natural balance within their ecosystem. Dolphin/Orca/Whale brains also cycle (process data) a minimum of 100,000 times faster than the average human.


What’s the scoop on Psychics?
If each human represents a unique connection to one universal mind/consciousness, then it isn’t hard to see how a variety of people with different ‘speeds of connectivity’ could use this to make contact with other inter-connected terminals(humans). There is no single psychic skill that necessarily stands out. Depending on one’s development, universal balance, body toxicity, etc the output can be anything from ‘sensing deeper emotional states, or ‘visually identifying a disease/ailment’, or These abilities are often mis-represented as ‘Predictions’ within the historical record. Predictions are only relevant at the time in which the ‘prediction’ was made. Simply the existence of a ‘prediction’ can alter the course of reality, which is indeed sometimes the reason for its actualization. i.e. The Subconscious(unfocused) self, saves the Conscious(focused) self from repeating a pattern of behavior it wants to change by raising into full awareness.