DynCorp Gets $72.8 Million Contract Despite History of Child Trafficking
DynCorp is one of the most lucrative and infamous military contractors in the world, perhaps only surpassed by Halliburton. They both have a documented history of gunrunning, drug dealing, and human trafficking. In addition, the actual work that they do on the record is sub par and their rebuilding... Read more
Andrea Davison who risked her life to expose arms to Iraq and pedophillia in England and Wales has been wrongly convicted  by the British Government. Like activists and whistleblowers before her  she was targeted by the State for political reasons. The State spent an estimated 1 millions pounds and... Read more
FlashBack: Belgian SuperCop Exposes Elite Sex Orgies
Punch-drunk Belgium is reeling from a new shock after a senior police officer confirmed last week what has long been rumoured: that some of the country’s leaders indulge in sex parties, known ironically as “ballets roses”. Amusing and appalling in turn, the testimony of Georges Marnette, a senior Brussels... Read more
Teenage girl recruited by paedophile Jeffrey Epstein reveals how she twice met Bill Clinton
By Sharon Churcher and Polly Dunbar Last updated at 12:53 AM on 6th March 2011 As a New Yorker from humble beginnings, Jeffrey Epstein played on his blue-collar credentials and enormous wealth to extend tentacles of influence throughout America’s liberal political elite. During the outcry over the Epstein case,... Read more
In 1993 a team from Yorkshire Television came to Omaha, Nebraska to document, investigate, and un-cover the mysteries surrounding the Franklin case and the ensuing cover-up. What the team would find through the course of their near year long investigation would ultimately reach to the White House itself, where... Read more