Vectors of Human Destruction – Master List


These conspiracy vectors converge into a puzzling category with HUMAN DESTRUCTION as a common denominator. In other words, these are NOT helping Humanity grow & evolve.  Possible overlaps with more specific terms often used in Alternative Media; False Flag, Assassination, Terrorist Attacks, Suicide Bombings, Mass Shootings, Black Projects, Conspiracy, War, Scandal, NWO Agenda, Secrecy, Hidden Government, Psy-Op, etc.

It may help to see them all at once, condensed into the shortest list possible. Unfortunately we must take a moment and identify with all the negative which we as a species are ready to leave behind. If we are ever to have any hope at surpassing these self-imposed evolutionary ‘limitations’, then our first step is to understand exactly what we are STILL ALLOWING TO HAPPEN.

“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”  — Aldous Huxley

Say 90% of this incorrect… what about the remaining 10% ? Does it not deserve attention? So with some time and effort this list will grow, and each will click-through to a dedicated page of consolidated, high quality search-able media both on-site and off-site. For now, you’ll have to step up to the plate and be resourceful on your own. Whats the worst that could happen..? Interested in helping or have questions about a topic I’m happy to assist in your exploration. Contact          -Max


Qualifiers for Inclusion:

1.) the direct historical conspiratorial nature, or in-direct connection to another conspiracy vector, as in multi-coincidental, convenient, and/or highly symbolic [to the agenda]

2.) multiple sources of document, photograph, video, and/or first-hand testimony ‘evidence’ to support the above association, facts, etc

3.) multiple elements of obvious and/or coordinated mis-representation within the ‘official record’, mainstream agenda, and/or mass-psyche understanding of the event [this often becomes a parallel ‘conspiracy’]


High Profile ‘Public’ Assassinations
(the official version prevails in Mainstream Media & Mass-Psyche, no matter how many holes / gaps / lies / inaccuracies)

Anwar al-Awlaki
Abe Lincoln
John F Kennedy
Lee Harvey Oswald
Malcom X
Huey P. Netwon
Benazir Bhuto
John Lennon
Che’ Guevara
Martin Luther King
Robert F Kennedy
Tupac Shakur
Christopher Wallace
Osama Bin Laden
Christopher Dorner
Rachel Corrie
Trayvon Martin
Pablo Escobar
Michael Jackson


High Profile ‘Underground’ Assassinations
(strong evidence of being specifically targeted, yet not widely accepted as ‘assassinated’; most often suicide’d or accident’d by unnamed 3-letter agency. The ‘why’ is quite fascinating within in this category)

Andrew Breitbart
Adam Lanza
Eric Harris / Dylan Kliebold
Phil Schneider
Michael Hastings
John Noveske
Heath Ledger
Robin Cook
Jimmy Hoffa
Payne Stewart
Aaron Swartz
Chris Kyle
Ted Gunderson
Branislav Milinkovic
Princess Diana
William ‘Wild Bill’ Cooper
David Kelly
Barry Seal
Eric Harroun
John Wheeler
Paul Walker
Pat Tillman
Bruce Lee
Peaches Geldof
Danny Casolaro
Ron Brown
John Jacob Astor
Ariel Sharon
Nikola Tesla
Ibragim Todashev
Tamerlan Tsarnaev
Brandon Lee
Deborah Jeane Palfrey (The DC Madam)
Tom Clancy
Vincent Foster
Gary Webb
Pope John Paul II
Bob Denver
Brittany Murphy
Fed. Judge John Roll
Kurt Cobain
Barnaby Jack
Marilyn Monroe
Stanley Kubrick
Kim Jong Il
Clinton ‘Friends’ Body Count (50+ former close associates)
Ken Lay
Tony Scott
Whitney Houston
David Carradine
Aaliyah Dana Haughton


Lone Gunman Mass-Shootings, Innocents Dead
(overlap with Manchurian Candidate, MK-Ultra, Mind Control. Notice these also have extended-emotional ‘Media Circus’ for added ‘psyOp effect’)

Sen. Giffords Tucson Shooting (*Fed. Judge John Roll) – Jared Lee Loughner
Univeristy of Texas – Charles Whitman
Columbine High School – Dylan Kliebold & Eric Harris
DC Snipers – John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo
Aurora Batman – James Holmes
Sikh Temple – Michael Page
Oregon Mall – Jacob Tyler Roberts
Norway Shooter – Anders Brevik
Fireman Response Shooter – William Spengler
Sandy Hook Elementary – Adam Lanza
Manifesto Cop Killer – Christopher Dorner
Navy Yard – Aaron Alexis
Airport Shooter – Paul Anthony Ciancia
Kenyan Mall Shooting – Terrorists?
Isla Vista Massacre – Elliot Rodger
Jewish Comm. Center – Frazier Glenn Miller Jr.
Las Vegas Cop Killers – Jerad & Amanda Miller


Killed by Police Responders
(Unarmed/Questionable circumstances..)

Kelly Thomas
James Boyd
Eric Garner
Mike Brown


database here  >>


Misc. Bombings / Terrorist Attacks / War-By-Design
(most of these are self explanatory, but WTF certainly comes to mind on quite a few)

Native American Holocaust – Genocide of *8m Humans
Jewish Holocaust – NAZI extermination of *500k-5m Humans
Palestinian displacement, apartheid and slow genocide of Humans by Israel
World War 1
Pearl Harbor > WW2 > Hiroshima / Nagsaki Nuclear Proliferation
Gulf of Tonkin Hoax > Vietnam War
Branch Dividians Slaughter, Waco TX
Olympics Massacre
Ruby Ridge
Space Shuttle Challenger – Explosion on Exit
Space Shuttle Columbia – Explosion on Re-Entry
Anthrax Mail Scare
Lockerbie Scotland Plane Bombing
TWA Flight 800 Explosion
UnaBomber – Ted Kazinski
P. Murrah FBI Bldg, Oklahoma City
WTC first attack
WTC 1,2,7 – 9/11
London 7/7
Madrid 3/11
Olympics Bombing
Underwear Bomber
Shoe Bomber – Richard Ried
Afghanistan  [1m deaths] > Target > Osama, Taliban | Real Target > Metals/Ore, Opium, Police State 1.0, Imperialism
Iraq [5m deaths] > Target > Saddam Hussein WMDs | Real Target > Oil, Rothschild Banking, Contracts, Imperialism
Libya > Target > Muammar Gaddaffi | Real Target > Gold Reserves, Rothschild Banking, Nubian Sandstone Aquifer
Fast & Furious – Mexican Gun Running by FBI
Benghazi 9/11 US Embassy Siege – Christopher Stevens
Boston Marathon – Tsarnaev Bro’s
Civilian Deaths by Drone  – Intentional ‘Double-Tap’ Strikes
Al-Queda (CIA proxy) freedom-fighters (programmed to kill for a belief)
SEAL Team 6 Murdered – Staged Helicopter Crash
Government Mercenary Contractors (programmed to kill for money)
DynCorp Billion-dollar Sex-Trafficking & Human Smuggling
Ukraine Uprsising Revolution & Civil War
Malaysian Airlines MH370 Missing
Malaysian Airlines MH17 Shot down
Pilfering of African Resources / AFRICOM
Polish Plane Crash – All Top Cabinet Leaders Killed, Assassins at Crashsite


Financial / Technological ‘Scandals’, Ongoing Mis-Representation
(or various form of modern day ‘organized crime’, even more extreme WTF! most, if not all, on the next two lists will fall into the ‘unbelievable’ category, beyond human comprehension. )

Mysterious Banker Deaths & Related Insurance Policies
Black Friday > Great Depression
D’beers Diamond Monopoly Fraud – Oppenheimer Family Controlled Market
Jekyll Island > Federal Reserve System
Billion Dollar Ponzi – Bernie Madoff
Voter Fraud by Technology – Monopoly of Insecure Voting Machines
Voter Fraud by Finance – Super PACs, Illegal Contributions, etc
Sinking of Titanic – Olympic Swap, FED Resistance Purge
NSA / CIA / FBI / Spying, Malware, InfoSec ‘business boom’ hype cash-in
Cannabis & Hemp: Natural Medicine, 1000 Uses, History of Suppression by Chemical/Sythentic ‘Profit’ Competitors
Bitcoin Launched – Digital Crypto Neo-Fiat Currency
Public Space vs. Secret Space Program – NASA, USAF, SAIC, Skunkworks, Moon Bases, etc
Overall Restriction of Alternative/Free Energy Sources [water, cold-fusion, over-unity, ?]
Super Computing – Quantum Computing – Artificial Intelligence
Mass/Individual Manipulation – MK Ultra – Social Engineering
LIBOR Scandal
Foreign Banking Trillion Dollar Bail-Outs
Directed Energy, HAARP, Remote Neural Monitoring
Cyber-Warfare  / Stuxnet-Flame Attack on Iran by Israel/USA
Nakey Body Scanners – Terrorism Hype Cash-in plus social conditioning
Time Travel – Time Pirates – Timeline Manipulation > Project Pegasus – Project Looking Glass – The NAZI Bell
Prison Industrial Complex > Prisons for Profit [fed by Rap, DrugWar, Lobbyists, ?]
The Pentagon’s ‘Missing’ 2.8 Trillion Accounting Error
Global Warming – Cashing in on the ‘Solution’
Trans Pacific Partnership – Copyright Take-Over & One World Govt
Fluoride Dumb-Down – Intentional weakening of the mass-IQ towards ‘Consumerism’ – Pineal Gland Attack
North American Free Trade Agreement
UN-Constitutional Executive Orders / NDAA / Patriot Act
Government >< Private – Revolving Door Contractors/Mercenaries
Nano-Bots – Microscopic Computer Bio-Interfaces
Vaccine Dangers – Profit Driven ‘Schemes’
Weaponized Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) – Monsanto, Dupont, BASF
Weaponized Mutant Viruses – AIDS, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, SARS
Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel – Organized & Officialized Crime
Sick & Twisted Medical Experimentation – Genetic Engineering of Humans w/ Animals
Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.s)
‘Prepper Mentality Programming’ Industry Cashing in on Doomsday Scenarios
Gangster Rap & HipHop Industry – Limitation & Scarcity ‘Programming’ > Prison Profits [modernized neo-slavery]
DrugWar Agenda > Feeds Prison Profits / Feeds Black Tech Budget / Feeds Wall-street illegality
Music Industry Satanism & Abuse – Grooming & Exploitation of Programming Icons
Occult Satanism within the ‘Church & State’ Hierarchies – Vatican / Pentagon / NASA /  ?
Medical Association of America / FDA control of Cures, Treatments, Dangers – Problems as a ‘Profit’ Mechanism
Disney Programming Young Minds With Consumerism & Victim Mentality

Nature Issues & Highly Questionable Disasters, & The Unexplained
(These are the deepest & darkest corners of ‘the rabbit hole’. Crazy? Perhaps.)

Global Bee Deaths – 1/3 Annual Hive Loses Navigation Ability… to be replaced by GMO Bees [to control Pollination]?
Intentionally Misaligned Reality Paradigm – Separation(Untrue/Negativity/Fear) vs. Oneness(Truth/Positivity/Love)
Infinite Human Potential, distracted, limited, manipulated by Techno-Corporate-Military-Industrial-Complex
Sumatra Tsunami Dec 26
The Mystery of the Dying Scientists
Haiti Earth-Quake
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Sandy
BP / Haliburton Oil Spill of 2008
Hollow Earth – North & South Pole Entrances
Chemtrails – Aerosol Spraying
Unexplained Mass Animal Deaths – Birds, Dolphins, Whales, Fish, ?
Crypto-Zoology Taboo – Capture, Experiments, Secrecy > Bigfoot, Chupacabra, LizardMan, MothMan, LochNess
Black Magic – Ether Manipulation – Demonic Summons – Aleister Crowley
Artificial Moon – Moon Bases & Ancient Origins Pre-Dating Earth
Gov’t Taboo & Weaponization of Paranormal / Metaphysical / Psychic Phenomenon
Ancient Astronauts – Lost & Taboo Human History
Industrial Waste, Oceanic Dumping, Pollution > Somalian Piracy(Retaliation)
Fukishima Nuclear Melt-Down & Radiation Dump > Gradual Mutation of Humanity by Design
Unexplained Siberian Crater Holes
‘Jurrassic Park’ Genetic Engineering Dinosaurs