by admin on March 30, 2010

As any doctor, nurse practitioner or other health care professional knows, the body is an interesting system. In many ways, it’s like a machine, with many complex parts. There is a lot to learn about the body and how it works, as well as how its different systems interact to create a larger system. Here are 49 interesting YouTube videos that can help you learn about the human body:


Your brain directs the rest of the body’s functions. It is also one of the most mysterious parts of the body, with science only just beginning to unlock some of its secrets.

  1. How the Body Works: The Regions of the Brain: An interesting look at the different regions of the brain, and what they are responsible for.
  2. Brain Anatomy Function: How brain works?: An interesting look at the parts of the brain, how they work, and what different areas do.
  3. The Miracle in the Human Brain: The way neurons in the brain connect to make everything work.
  4. Basic Facts about Traumatic Brain Injury: Learn about what happens with a traumatic brain injury.
  5. How the Brain Works Part 1 (UCLA): This video offers an introduction to how the brain works to help us acquire skills. Also, watch parts two, three and four.
  6. Pattern Seeking in Reading: An interesting video on strategies to help your brain learn reading through pattern seeking.
  7. How the Body Works: Center of Emotion and Memory: Learn about emotional response and memory formation in the brain.

Nervous System

The nervous system brings messages from the brain to all over the body. Learn more about how this system helps your body respond to what is happening in your environment. Includes information on how your senses work.

  1. How the Body Works: The Anatomy of the Central Nervous System: Find out how the nervous system is set up, and how it works.
  2. How the Body Works: Anatomy of Nerve: The nervous system is made up of thousands of nerves. Learn how these work.
  3. How the Body Works: 7 Receptors of Smell: Learn how smell works and the primary odors.
  4. The Sense of Hearing: Get an overview of how your ears work and how you hear.
  5. How the Body Works: Taste Centers: Learn about how your tongue is connected to your brain to help you taste.
  6. How the Body Works: The Sensory Cortex and Touch: An overview of how the sense of touch works, and the part of the brain that deals with sensory information.
  7. The Sense of Sight: A cool video about how your eyes work, and how sight works.


Our ability to walk, lift things and even lounge around comes from our muscles. Here are some videos about how our muscles work.

  1. How Muscles Work: An interesting overview of how muscles work.
  2. How Muscles Work: This is another video that addresses muscle and heart health.
  3. How Muscles Work 1963: This is a fun look at a video from 1963 showing how muscles work.
  4. Actions of the ocular muscles: A great video about how the muscles around the eyes work.
  5. Heart Anatomy: The heart is a muscle. Learn how it is set up, and how it works.
  6. How the Heart Works animation video: This cool video uses animation to show how the heart works.
  7. How the heart works: Another animated video going over how the heart is set up and how it works.


Learn how the skeletal system works, supporting your body and keeping everything together.

  1. How the Body Works: The Infant’s Skeleton: An interesting look at how the infant’s skeleton develops.
  2. The Structure of Bone: Looks at different parts of the bone.
  3. Bone anatomy: Another look at the interior of bone, and what each part of the bone does.
  4. Anatomy & Physiology: Bone Growth: Watch how the process of bone growth works, and how our bones develop.
  5. The Human Body: Skeletal System: A basic look at the skeletal system, and its importance to the body.
  6. Learn Human Body – Skeleton System: This is a child-friendly look at the skeleton system.
  7. How the Body Works: Skeletal Muscles: Learn about how muscles and the skeletal system work together.

Circulatory and Respiratory System

Learn about these two important systems in the body. The circulatory system helps your blood move through the body, while respiration deals with how you breathe.

  1. Circulatory System: Overview of how the circulatory system works to get your necessary blood throughout your body.
  2. How the Circulatory System Works: An overview of how your blood is pumped throughout your body in a child-friendly way.
  3. How the Body Works: Circulatory Changes at Birth: This fascinating video looks at the difference between how circulation and respiration works for a fetus.
  4. Respiration 3D Medical Animation: This is a cool 3D rendering of how the respiratory system works.
  5. Respiratory System: Learn about the respiratory system, and how it works.
  6. Respiratory System 3: A great video showing the different parts of the lung.
  7. How the Body Works: The Respiratory Sytsem: Learn the different part of the respiratory system, and how it all works to help us breathe.

Other System

There are other interesting systems in the body, as well as special conditions. These videos address other systems in the body, including digestive, urinary and reproductive systems.

  1. How the digestive system works: Learn how the food you eat is processed in the body.
  2. The Urinary System: Overview of how the urinary system works to get rid of toxins from the body.
  3. Introduction to how the immune system works: Learn about how your body protects against disease.
  4. Anatomy – Male Reproductive System: Get an overview of the anatomy of the male reproductive system, and how it works.
  5. How the Body Works: Female Reproductive Organs: A look at how the female reproduction functions.
  6. Signs of early pregnancy: Information on pregnancy, and determine whether or not you might be pregnant.
  7. Vaginal Childbirth (Birth) 3D Video Animation: Get a look at how vaginal childbirth works.

Disease and Injury

Learn about how your body deals with disease and injury, and its amazing defenses.

  1. How the Body Works: Cancer Growth: A look at the way cancer develops in the body.
  2. Flu Attack! How a Virus Invades Your Body: Learn how you get viruses, and how your body responds.
  3. How the Body Works: How Bacteria Cause Disease: Learn about how bacteria cause disease in the body.
  4. How a Fatal Heart Attack Happens: An interesting look at what happens during a heart attack.
  5. Arterial Plaque: A lecture on the dangers of arterial plaque.
  6. How the Body Works: When the Skin is Cut: Find out how the body deals with cuts in the skin.
  7. Repair of Bone: Learn about how the body’s bones repair themselves.