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For level of consciousness (LOC) calibrating/testing, just post your request, as well as, remote healing through QE.

This thread is for all those who wish to participate or get information in energy healing, remote healing, measure your level of consciousness, kinesiology, Consciousness, quantum physics, spirituality, meditations, sound healing, and generally anything that balances and or lifts the frequency of the body, mind, humanity and the earth.

The current calibration of this thread is 4000 – 5000. Jumped to 7000-8000 for the thread as a whole – includes all content and posts. 1/5/12 – 20,000

Feel free to share links, post videos, practice your healing techniques with others when they request, send or receive prayers and healing, and anything else that will help or be of service to others or our Earth.

I suspect that many on GLP practice energy healing of some kind…. EFT, Reiki, etc.
Feel free to offer to do or request energy healing. However, no medical advice should be given. And anyone receiving any type of healing should know that remote healing would be practice and comes with no guarantees. Never discontinue any medications, without doctors supervision.

I’ll use this main page to compile links for those searching for emotional and physical energy healing as well as anything that offers enrichment for others. Some may want to learn techniques for self/others or just benefit from them for relief or growth.

There are many energy healing techniques available now – for our pets too! Here are a few that I am familiar with… EFT, Be Set Free, ZPoint, Dynamind, Ho’oponopono, Matrix Energetics, The Emotion Code, The One Command, The Release Technique, Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Touch for Health, and more. I currently practice Quantum Entrainment (QE) predominantly.

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You are welcome to add to the list of resources.

Muscle Testing – The Basic Arm Method


Uploaded by emotioncodehealing on Apr 18, 2011

A demonstration of the basic arm test based on applied kinesiology.

Correction: in the video when I am pressing down on Jay’s arm, I explained that “I am adding resistance”… I meant to say “I am adding pressure”. When you watch the video, you will see exactly what I mean and it will make sense.

Step by Step Tips:

1. Ask the subject you wish to test to stand up and hold one arm out directly in front of them, horizontal to the floor. They should not make a tight fist, but let their hand remain relaxed.

2. Place the first two fingers of your hand lightly on their arm, just above their wrist as shown.

3. Place your free hand on their opposite shoulder to support them, and for comfort.

4. Tell the subject “I’m going to have you make a statement, and then I’m going to press down on your arm. I want you to gently resist me by holding your arm right where it is.”

5. Have the subject state their name. If the subject’s
name is Jay, for example, he would say,
“My name is Jay”

6. Perform the muscle test by smoothly and
steadily increasing the pressure downward on
the subjects’ arm, going from no pressure to a fairly
firm pressure within about 3 seconds.

7. The shoulder joint should stay ‘locked’ against
your firm downward pressure, and should not
give way.

8. You can continue the test by having the subject stating a name that is not his, test again, and arm should give to your pressure.

It takes practice to really feel the difference in mucle responses. I have found that everyone responds differently, and in some cases, some people are not testable.

To read more about muscle testing and how it works, go to my site and download the entire Emotion Code E-Book by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

[link to]

Questions? Send an email to:
[email protected]

For a Map of Consciousness see these sites: [link to] [link to]
[link to] [link to]
It charts God-View, Life-View, Level, Emotion and Process.
Consciousness directly relates to inner spirituality that contrasts external forms of inspiration. David Hawkins created the The Map of Consciousness that can assist a person in understanding the progressional [sp] level of spirituality that relates to individual level of consciousness. By using Kinesiology Muscle Testing the average level of the Collective Consciousness for humanity is around a low 210, which is just over the integrity line, according to David Hawkins.

Map of Consciousness


Personal Note: We have increased in our LOC (level of consciousness) since this Map was established – almost 2 decades ago. If you are in the levels of below 600, this may be fairly accurate for you. I am currently testing Christ over 10,000 level at this time. Consciousness is unbounded. Hawkins selected the 1000 cut off level and used Christ as the marker. Consciousness expansion is far beyond anything Hawkins could have imagined in the eighties. It is similar to the rate of technology we are experiencing. See [link to] for more information.

From Wikipedia:

Hawkins’s Power vs. Force

In his book Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, David R. Hawkins offers numerous levels of consciousness, which arguably maintain a more specific and psychologically driven perspective of internal awareness than the modern views previously mentioned.[23] The features of each level are explicit enough that individuals can most likely place themselves in a stage depending on their perceived state.

Shame (20): Close to ‘rock bottom’; could have experienced a life threatening or traumatizing event at some point
Guilt (30): Questioning oneself; difficulty letting go of unfortunate _SPAMMER_vents
Apathy (50): Defenselessness and weakness; minimal power to change current situation
Grief (75): Sadness, deep loss
Fear (100): Uneasiness; feel pressured and sense a need to act quickly to change current situations
Desire (125): Greed; need to acquire things that can turn to addictions
Anger (150): Anxiety; typically a result of not meeting expectations while at lower levels
Pride (175): False positive; happiness in high statuses or other superficial benefits; leads to defensiveness and rebellion

Courage (200): Able to rationalize choices and control vision
Neutrality (250): ‘No strings attached’; content with current situation and no effort to change
Willingness (310): Moving forward; want to embark on new adventures
Acceptance (350): Reactive; step out of comfort zone; put goals and values to action after discovering them in lower levels
Reason (400): Separating objectives and tackling tasks that align with strengths
Love(500): Empathy; make decisions from true values
Joy (540) : Optimism, possibly after experiencing a life-changing event
Peace (600): Completeness
Enlightenment (700+): Large impact; vision of progress

The applicability of this tiered system can be generalized to rank objects, events, and entire societies rather than just individual people. Barrett hypothesizes that the average human being can fluctuate naturally between levels due to environmental effects, including media, people, places, material objects, food, and awareness of world events.[24]

If you decide to practice muscle testing to determine where you are in the above levels, I may be able to validate your results remotely. Many factors are involved, but it is generally fairly accurate. Be easy with it… keep it fun!

Throughout the first couple of pages are more videos for balancing the chakras and other emotional and physical clearing sessions. Try them. It’s free!!!

Suggested techniques for healing mind and body by gracious posters are:
The Healing Codes (thank you Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1329586)
TAT (thank you Anonymous Coward 1317855)

Easy reference:
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The Chakras and their Purpose [link to]
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Ghosts of Memory and The Evolving Universe…w/ Rudolph Tanzi, Ph. D. [link to]
How Do Bad Things Happen? [link to]
Philosophers Notes [link to]
PSYCH K – The Psychology of Change Rob Williams 7 of 8
[link to]
Ghosts of Memory and The Evolving Universe…w/ Rudolph Tanzi, Ph. D [link to]
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Through the Wormhole – Is There a Creator ? [link to]
Mike Heiser, Ph.D. explores the question: Can the Christian Worldview Accommodate an Intelligent ET Reality? [link to]
TEDxDesMoines – Angela Maiers – You Matter [link to]
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Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams [link to]
David Bolinsky animates a cell [link to]
TEDxSantaCruz: Lori Butterworth – Sustaining Compassion: A Nonprofit Story [link to]
TEDxSantaCruz: Nancy Abrams and Joel Primack – Changing The World Through A Shared Cosmology [link to]
Kristin Neff – Self-Compassion talk at Books Inc, Berkeley, CA [link to]
Happiness Within Reach Conference at Stanford University [link to] [link to] [link to]
What is the Internet Doing to our Brains? [link to]
Why Do We Like What We Like? [link to]
Alan Watts [link to] The Real You – Alan Watts [link to] Alan Watts – How We Define Ourselves [link to]
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