‘Belief consists in accepting the affirmations of the soul; Unbelief, in denying them‘
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This page details my fundamental beliefs, and functions as the site’s basic reference point. As you scroll down, you may notice that it is a lengthy and complex list. However, only the first point is important, for it is the absolute, objective truth that encompasses all subsequent illusory truths. It underlines the origin of the game; all truths thereafter are simply the game’s metaphysical rules and microcosmic particulars. At its core, absolute truth is elementary and unburdened by intellectualism.

Of course, this list represents a set of personal beliefs that may prove inaccurate in both theory and articulation thereof. No mind on Earth knows the truth, because no Earth mind can comprehend the macrocosm. Third density is the density of polarisation rather than comprehension, but if we can grasp the fundamentals whilst incarnated here, then we will unveil the footpaths towards deeper understanding.

Much of what I write below correlates with the Law of One and other sources of resonance, whereas much else is derived from personal insight and observation. Although I doubt that my belief in the objective truth will change, it is possible that my beliefs in the illusory truths will. This is the problem with publishing your beliefs; if they change over time, then all subsequent publications are viewed as jarring contradictions rather than natural evolutions. It would not surprise me if this understanding forced many credibility-conscious researchers to cling, quite reluctantly, to outgrown conjectures and erstwhile convictions. Personally, I endeavour to remain intellectually honest and to allow this list to evolve as I do. Ultimately, however, I do believe that each point herein is true – they have endured the persistent trials of intuition, and were composed with a warm inner accord.

The Objective Truth


We are all a part of one infinite consciousness (the Source) that chose to experience itself subjectively in order to explore itself as a creator, and to discover what it is (unconditional love, creativity, harmony and infinity) by experiencing what it is not (hatred, destruction, chaos and limitation). Thus, it created the ‘game.’

All truths hereafter are simply the rules of an illusory game, mere aberrations of this objective truth. They are only ‘real’ insofar as a computer simulation often seems real when played. All that vibrates is illusory, and all except the Source vibrates.

The Illusory Truths

The Game

1.) Life is an illusory game comprised of densities and dimensions. As infinite spiritual beings, we voluntarily choose to play the game and commonly start from the first density, the world of gross matter. As we gradually ascend the densities (the number of main densities remains debatable; I choose seven because I believe that each density correlates with the seven main chakras), we move closer towards convergence with our true nature, the Source.

2.) There are two basic alignments within the game; the ‘positive’ orientation of Service to Others (STO), and the ‘negative’ orientation of Service to Self (STS). The main purpose behind existence in third density (the density in which we are currently incarnated) is to orientate, then consistently follow our chosen path.

3.) Third density is the first and last density wherein STO and STS forces co-exist simultaneously. Thenceforth, each density until sixth branches into STS and STO equivalents. That is, while there is only third density, there is a fourth density positive, fourth density negative, fifth density positive, and fifth density negative. Third density STO-oriented incarnations ascend the positive equivalents, whereas third density STS-oriented incarnations ascend the negative equivalents. Sometimes the polarised densities superficially interact, but the incarnates (sometimes called personas) of each respective equivalent cannot usually perceive the other.

4.) Although neither orientation is ‘better’ than the other, the STO path is required for higher ascension insofar as the qualities that the path cultivates in ourselves – unconditional love, oneness and altruism – are the qualities of our true nature. For most STS entities, but there will come a time – typically in higher fifth density – when they realise the futility of self-service. It may take trillions of years, but the spiritual equivalent of a self-aware black hole will gradually recognise its increasingly unsustainable existence. Thus, before sixth density entry is permitted, the former STS being must choose to embrace, or re-embrace, the altruistic path.

5.) Our soul’s default ‘home’ within the game is higher fifth density, the density of wisdom that corresponds with the throat chakra. This is the non-physical ‘afterlife’ expounded upon by genuine psychic mediums and those who had near death experiences, and it is where we return inbetween incarnations into lower densities. As with all densities after lower fourth, the fifth density is non-physical and our awareness therein is considerably expanded. We understand, for example, that the game is cyclical in nature. As humans, our current perception is a ‘slide’ on a ‘projector’ that our consciousness currently collapses into awareness. Just because we are currently ‘focused’ on one slide, does not mean that the other slides don’t exist within the present moment. In other words, everything within the game happens simultaneously. The notion of linear time is illusory, for we exist – and always have existed – within the eternal present.

6.) There is a difference between a soul and a Higher Self. The former is our subtle body that partially remains in fifth density during incarnation, and partially incarnates with us (effectively ‘superimposing’ itself over our physical body). The latter is our evolved self from the perceived ‘future’ that guides both our souls in fifth density, and our incarnations (‘conscience’). As we ascend the densities we become closer to our Higher Self, and once we attain sixth density, we merge with it. In this completed, harmonious state we attempt to perfect the art of serving others, often by incarnating into lower densities as STS personas (as with the Family, explained later) or, far more commonly, STO personas that help others to reach a greater self-awareness (for example, Siddhartha Gautama or Jesus). Eventually, we may choose to finally merge with the Source in seventh density and return to our truly infinite nature, thus ‘completing’ the game.

Soul Harvests

1.) All densities operate in cycles, and at the end of each cycle there is a harvest of souls. Despite the seemingly morbid connotations of such, harvests are simply the non-judgemental segregation of souls based upon vibratory attainment. If a soul achieves a predominantly STO orientation, it can graduate to fourth density. If a soul achieves an overwhelmingly STS orientation, it can graduate to fourth density negative (which, despite its seemingly elevated status, is ‘below’ third density). Unharvestable souls (that is, those who have not oriented via consistent work on either themselves or others) will undergo another third density cycle until they polarise.

2.) Third density cycles last tens of thousands of years (some sources claim 75,000 years, however I cannot confirm this estimation). Although there are sometimes smaller harvests during a cycle, the most important harvest for soul development is the great harvest that occurs at a cycle’s culmination.

3.) The next great harvest will occur, according to the Mayan calendar and other accurate sources, in 2012. Rather than being a sudden, physically perceivable event like the ‘rapture’ prophesied by Biblical literature, this date simply marks the beginning of soul segregation after physical death. Those who die prior to this time will not be harvested, those who die during or after it will. If a harvestable (i.e. oriented) soul dies prior to harvest, the soul can reincarnate during the remaining years. No harvestable soul unfairly ‘misses’ a due harvest.

4.) When a harvestable soul dies after the harvest date, it experiences the same ‘tunnel of light’ phenomenon described by those who died prior to harvest time, or who experienced near death experiences. The difference between dying post-harvest is that the soul will be ‘tested’ for vibrational stability; the tunnel’s light will become brighter and more loving until the soul cannot appreciate further vibratory ascension. If the soul accepts, without apparent discomfort, a predominantly positive vibration, it can graduate to fourth density positive wherein the vibrations are of a similar rapidity. The few souls who can graduate to fourth density negative (their post-harvest endurance test is similar to above, but light intensity is replaced with darkness) must have achieved an immensely high STS orientation. You don’t need to be perfectly altruistic to graduate to fourth density positive, but you need to be almost completely self-serving to graduate to fourth density negative. it is unlikely that complex, multi-faceted tyrants like Adolf Hitler or Mao Tsetung, for example, graduated to fourth density negative.

5.) The vast majority of souls, at least on third density Earth, are currently unharvestable insofar as they lack orientation. Most people’s lives are saturated with good deeds and bad deeds equally, and have not yet ‘settled’ on consistent altruism or consistent self-service. Fortunately, our existences are saturated with catalysts that can help us polarise.

The main suppliers of catalysts – intentionally or unintentionally – on Earth at present are the various STS and STO forces detailed below:

i) Organised Negative forces: the Family (sometimes called the Illuminati), whose influence is gradually intensifying as harvest approaches. The New World Order, or implementation of global fascism, is the grossest manifestation of their work, although cosmic laws ensure that their power over humanity is limited. The upper echelons of the Family (i.e. an absolute minority) are conscious that they help third density incarnations to polarise by providing catalysts, and are higher density STO souls incarnating as STS personas. I discuss the Family in greater detail later.

ii) Entropic Negative forces: hyperdimensional entities from fourth and fifth density negative, astral vampires, and third density STS entities. Wishful thinking pervades the dark minds of these beings, and they are unaware that their seemingly self-absorbed actions are forever assisting souls’ development. Unlike the Family, who are ‘organised catalyst-providers,’ these beings truly wish to corrupt or destroy us. Many are psychic vampires who feed upon fear, and use third density Earth as a ‘farming ground’ to generate such. As with the Family, there are cosmic laws limiting their influence upon humanity, and most people are attacked by them because they subconsciously willed or attracted it.

i) Organised Positive forces: spirit guides, souls, higher selves, benevolent extraterrestrials and higher density social memory complexes. Our primitive five senses cannot perceive organised STO forces, and one must sincerely request their assistance before their subtle, but notable, influence upon our lives is affected. They are cautious of violating our free will, and often communicate to us in dreams through indirect and ambiguous symbolism. All entities can enjoy the guidance of these beings, but most people are unaware of their existence.

ii) Entropic Positive forces: wanderers, spiritual teachers, third density STO entities. These are the positive forces who help show undecided entities the STO path in physical life.

Because organised positive forces are omnipresent but unseen, and entropic positive forces are seen but rare, it seems probable that most indifferent souls on Earth will either remain unharvestable, or choose the STS path. Regardless of Earth’s seemingly imbalanced STS-STO ratio, however, both orientations will remain equally available. No soul is deprived of the STO path because the planet in which it incarnates is predominantly STS.

Preincarnative Choices

1.) Before incarnating anew, our souls (guided by our Higher Selves) outline the major events of our upcoming life, such as our birth and death, meeting a soul mate, acquiring a new job, being raped, etc. Inbetween these major life events are ‘gross free will zones,’ wherein the persona can exercise his free will without incessant gravitation towards a predetermined event or circumstance. If a persona fails to reach an intended event (such as meeting an important individual at a party), the universe can introduce the event via another outlet (such as meeting the same individual elsewhere, perhaps in a bar). In fact, we could represent a life as a car journey from Point A (birth) to point Z (death), with a satellite navigation system symbolising our intuition. We follow the routes we ourselves mapped, and if we take an alternative route to the one intended, the navigation system automatically re-routes for us.

2.) Personas are created by thought projection, which the soul then infuses with some of its lifeforce. Because a persona contains only a small percentage of the total lifeforce comprising the soul, it is possible and indeed quite common for one soul to have several incarnations operating simultaneously on the same density, during the same period of ‘time.’ Incidences of identical twins are common examples of such, although it is equally common for two or more personas of corresponding origins to never intercept or interact during their respective lifetimes.

3.) Because the game is ultimately about self-understanding and exploration, we ensure that our lifeplans contain an indefinite number of what we consider ‘unpleasant’ experiences. ‘Unpleasant’ experiences are essential because they provide the catalysts needed for an STO persona to see what he is not, and consequently grow from this understanding. When one has learned all he needs to know about a certain negative output, it becomes unnecessary for him to experience similar negative encounters thereafter.

4.) Although we are able in fifth density to freely outline a new life, we must also work with karmic considerations. After our first ever incarnation, all subsequent incarnations’ lifeplans must be shaped by our accumulated ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ karma. Karma is a neutral tool that helps us improve the evolutionary potential of our future lives by directing us towards specific areas of focus highlighted by past life actions. For example, if a soul’s persona once joined a National Socialist movement and consequently harmed other people, the soul may choose to be a victim of similar hate in a subsequent life and learn from the experience.

Dimensions and Densities

1.) Dimensions differ from densities in that they follow a horizontal rather than vertical orientation. Parallel – and therefore undetectable – to our perceived present are an infinite number of dimensions representing every alternative possibility in our third density existence. These parallel realities range from lifelines that are imperceptibly different from those we currently perceive, to lifelines so different that they almost defy comparison. When you make a decision that mirrors a decision made by the other ‘you’ in an alternate dimension, a bridging or convergence of dimensions occurs and you get ‘déjà vu’ – the collapsing of an alternative ‘you’ into the current, perceivable ‘you.’ When an entity time travels, he will understand that changing the past does not affect this lifeline’s present; instead, it affects the present of an alternative dimension that, in accord with the law of probabilities, is extremely unlikely to intercept the one from which he came. Thus, you will not instantly vanish from existence if you travelled back in time and killed your parents, and the future ‘you’ will not instantly die if the past ‘you’ committed suicide.

Objectivity and Subjectivity

1.) Truth cannot be subjective, and therefore the quest for truth is the quest for objectivity. However, there are two forms of objectivity, and only the first is attainable within the game:

i) Illusory Objectivity: Illusory objectivity is the closest form of objectivity to which we can currently aspire. It is achieved by following our lifeplan as closely as possible, so that our lives closely resemble what our souls intended. The best approach for this is to remain emotionally detached and maintain a non-judgemental outlook, to be open to all possible theories (this will prevent your reality from filtering potentially useful and truthful literature), to avoid manipulating the Law of Attraction, and, most of all, to follow your intuition at all times. Unless we can simultaneously experience everything within the macrocosm, and therefore be every possible mind, alternative, belief, sound, colour, density, and possibility, true objectivity is unattainable. If we have a different perspective from another soul, subjectivity dominates us. To believe otherwise is wishful thinking, and, ironically, wishful thinking is a prime distorter of reality.

ii.) True Objectivity: Only by simultaneously experiencing the game’s infinite number of subjective experiences can we achieve true objectivity. Thus, only the Source (seventh density) can achieve it.

Conspiratorial Truths

The Family and the New World Order

1.) Since the beginning of our third density cycle, a network of interrelated bloodlines have guided and controlled humanity with the ultimate intention of installing a global fascist state (the ‘New World Order’). Whether it be the sixties ‘Hippie’ movement, the World Wars, Ghandi’s liberation of India, the LA Riots (electromagnetically-induced mind control), the introduction of the Internet, the Lamaist theocracy of old Tibet, 9/11, the Women’s Liberation Movement, or the composition of key religious texts, the Family have either been substantially or wholly involved. Many of these events are applications of the Hegelian Dialectic – the greatest and most popular mass mind control technique – and all serve to advance the fascist agenda. (Note: Although most conspiracy researchers call these bloodlines the ‘Illuminati,’ I believe that this term has gradually accumulated nebulous connotations. It has become a lexical silhouette onto which all our fears and insecurities are superimposed. I feel that the term ‘the Family’ is purer, and better emphasises the group’s patrimonial essence).

2.) As with all true powerlines, the Family have remained hidden from the outset. Instead, they appoint comparatively powerless, non-bloodline puppets – presidents, kings, queens, chairmen, artists, writers, scientists, martyrs –  who are happy (or, in some cases, blackmailed) to publically advance the agenda in exchange for earthly wealth and respect. Most of these puppets (examples include Barack Obama, Damien Hirst, Charlemagne, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, John Lennon etc.), and the secret orders and institutions to which they often belong (the Bilderberg Group, the Knights of Malta, the upper echelons of Freemasonry [33rd until 360th degree], the Jesuit Order, the Roman papal families [the Houses of Breakspear, Orsini, Cecil, de Medici, etc.], the Californian Satanic powerbases, and so forth) have consciously chosen the STS path, or are STS Wanderers. Many are born without consciences and are clinical psychopaths, although society seldom recognises this fact due to the longstanding misconception that all humans are fundamentally alike.

3.) Unlike their puppets, the upper Family belong to a higher density STO social memory complex that was appointed to serve humanity by incarnating as STS personas who, through their controlling and ‘negative’ actions, provide us with catalysts that help us to polarise or refine our evolution. Although these catalysts will increase in number and severity as the great harvest approaches, the Family’s control never reaches the stage whereby incarnates can no longer exercise their free will.

4.) Family-organised events are often deliberately imperfectly executed to help slumbering minds awaken and polarise. For example, truthseekers often wonder why 9/11 was sloppily organised when some of humanity’s finest minds surely planned it. Why has the Pentagon withheld CCTV footage of what hit it, when advanced digital technology could have inserted a realistic computer-generated Boeing 747 into the video to support the official story? Why were Dick Cheney and George W. Bush forced to improvise their alibis when questioned (and consequently produce contradictory statements) when they could easily have been granted watertight, pre-planned answers? Why are seven of the alleged Muslim hijackers now officially revealed as alive and living in Iran? Nothing in politics happens by accident. The government does not make mistakes. 9/11 could have been so flawlessly executed that even the most jaded of conspiriologists would embrace the official story. If inconsistencies are apparent, then they are intended. The puppets may express disdain at them (mainly because they have to deal with public queries), but their masters always insure that the official stories are penetrable.

5.) The more we research and understand the extent of our manipulation, the more we can free ourselves – and others – from its grip. But remember that these events are also designed to distract us from looking within. Researching world events is important, but we cannot let it consume our lives. We must always prioritise our spiritual development, and remain emotionally detached from the Family’s holographic theatre. Likewise, informing others of the Orwellian agenda is a noble ambition, but we must place emphasis foremost on desired solutions. If we simply expose the agenda and then spend our days scouring newspapers and insider publications for confirmation of its procession, then we assist the truth no greater than the much-read columnist who opines that terrorists caused 9/11. Thoughts and words individualise our realities, and our personal realities determine the consensual reality. If our individual realities are shaped by fear, what emotion therefore shapes the consensual reality?