Humanists, Autobots, Scholoars, Monks, Patriots and those playing for the Good Guys. Plenty of men and women have traveled this road before us.  These secrets are not secrets anymore, and  thanks to them, we have information available that would otherwise never see the light of day.  Look closely at what these have to share, and you will see they are each telling a very small piece of the same overall story.

Short Version:  There are other events in play on this planet, that you are not being told about. Those things would completely change the way you view yourself, and the world, if known. This is all just a dream, and reality is whatever you decide.  Still hungry? Keep reading.

Disclaimer: We will be the first to admit.. a few of these could easily be ‘wolves’ disguised well, in ‘whistleblower’ clothing.   but who… and why..?

This is intended to evolve into a quick and efficient resource/database/archive.  Check back frequently for updates….

Alex Colier   Contactee

Alex Jones   Historian

Alfred Weber   ET Politics

Benjamin Fulford   Financial/Political

Bill Deagle   Historian, Nature, Secret Space

Bill Hamilton   Contactee, Secret Space

Bob Dean    Military, Contactee, Secret Space

Bradley Manning   Document Leaker

Brian O’leary   NASA, Free Energy

Chris Everard   Historian, Filmmaker

Clifford Stone   Military, Contactee, Secret Space

Credo Mutwa   Shaman, Historian, Zulu Nation

Dan Burisch   Private Sector, Contactee

Daniel Ellsberg   Document Leaker, Activist

Daniel Hopsicker   Investigator, Drug War

David Icke    Historian, Writer

David Wilcock   Metaphysics, Spirituality

Duncan O’finionan   Mind Control, Elite/Psy-Military

Edgar Mitchell   Military, NASA

Fintan Dunne  Journalist, Blogger

George Green   Finance

Gordon Cooper   Military, NASA

Gore Vidal   Political Activist

Jaime Maussan   Journalist, UFOs

James Casbolt   CIA Defector, Mind Control (currently MIA)

Jesse Ventura   Military, Historian, Filmmaker

Jim Humble   Natural Medicine, MMS

Jim Marrs   Historian, Journalist

Jim Sparks   Contactee

Jim Tucker   Historian, Occult

John Hankey   Historian, JFK

John Lear   Military, Pilot

John Young   Leak Facilitator, Cypherpunk

Jordan Maxwell   Historian, Occult

Julian Assange    Leak Facilitator, Hacker

Kurt Nimmo   Journalist

Kurt Sonnenfeld   Journalist, FEMA

Leo Zagami    Illuminati Defector

Michael Meacher    British Parliament, Former

Michael Schratt    Investigator, Black Projects

Mike Rivero   Journalist

Mike Ruppert    Historian, Police Corrupption

Nikola Tesla   Scientist, Inventor

Paul Craig Roberts   Journalist

Phil Schneider   Underground Bases Expert

Richard Dolan   Secret Space

Richard Simkanin   Activist, IRS

Robert Baer   CIA Defector

Rosalind Peterson   Chemtrails

Scott Stevens   Chemtrails, Weather Modification

Stephen Greer   Secret Space, ET/UFO, Black Budget

Stewart Swerdlow   Mind Control, Body, Hyperspace

Valery Uvarov   Cosmonaut, Russia, ET Contactee

Webster Tarpley   Historian

William Cooper   Military, ET Contactee, Secret Space

David Adair   Scientist, Area 51

Werner Von   Baun Scientist, Rocketry

Carol Rosen   Scientist, Rocketry,  Gov’t Contractor

David Shayler   Intel, MI6

Pete Peterson   Intel, Underground

Ray McGovern   CIA Defector

Kenneth O’Keef   ExMilitary, Activist