K-Rino – Rapper, Activst


Rapper, Entertainer, Social Justice Activist.

Storytelling is a lost art in rap. Not many do it anymore. Storytelling is a testament to a writer’s creativity, all great writers have a great imagination. So you have to be able to create a plot that people can visualize. With a movie, you can see whats going on but when you can make someone see what you’re saying as you’re saying it, then thats a special talent. The knowledge comes from my roots in Hip Hop. In the beginning there were songs like “The Message”, “The Breaks”, then Public Enemy, KRS, X-Clan…those groups raised social consciousness in rap and thats the era i came up in, so naturally i understand the obligation to teach in my music, words are powerful and the things you say carry weight. I had to evolve and im still growing to where i dont get too wild anymore because i’ve corrupted enough minds.  -KRino


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