Social Activism Reminder – Problems are Profitable

Boston Bombing False Flag Wake Up

Learning, Sharing, Validating Information

Rolling Stone: Conspiracy Theorists finally Vindicated “The World is a rigged Game”

No charges for NYPD cops filmed punching, pepper-spraying Occupy protesters

Dr Judy Wood – Breakthrough Energy Technology used on 9/11

False Flag ‘Actors’ being used? Fake Amputees? Fake Lawyers? Fake Parents?  Dallas Goldbug –

Nukes Threat exposed by SEAL contact?  Possible Dis-Info!

HD Television Technology, Security Concerns, Spying Potential

Compact Florescent Light-bulbs Facts, Traps, Dangers – another scam!

LED Gravity Light Project – Game Changing Cheap Renewable Light for the 3rd world!

Special Forces Green Berets speak out for 2nd Amendment Support

Stephen Greer Interviewed At Citizens Hearing

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