Max is Back – Decrypted Matrix 3.0 – Launch Broadcast



Max is Back – Decrypted Matrix 3.0

Thanks for your patience, and support. Introduction to the new format, upcoming topics & more!

Snowden Leaks – NSA Sideshow? Hacking industry boomtown

AI Drones – When will the beast think for itself? Micro Swarms!

Manufactured Terrorism Off the Charts – False Flags further expose

Healthcare System Takeover + GMO Freight Train!

Medical Marijuana Movement Unstoppable? (health benefits no longer ignored)

Police State Brutality – and Getting Away with Murder

Trans Pacific Partnership – OMG WTF GLOBALIZATION

FAILED WAR ATTEMPTS: Iran, Syra, Ukraine?

Cabal Sinking their own ship? Does Humanity have a chance?

+Final Thoughts J, Krishnamurti , George Carlin

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