May 28, 2013 – Decrypted Matrix Radio: FEMA & Martial Law, Jerremy Hammond Deal, Eric Holder Investigated, Liberty Reserve ICE’d, Grooming NWO Puppets, FEMA Martial Law, Jay Parker Illuminati

Free Jeremy Hammond – Statement from Jeremy Regarding His Plea’

Quick History Flashback – Admiral Byrd Operation HighJump (covered in future episode)

Eric Holder Investigated?  Finally! But for which scandal?

Liberty Reserve shut down by DHS / ICE / FEDS

Vernon Hershberger aquitted on 3 of 4 charges stemming from Raw Milk sales

Grooming Puppets for the New World Order – JFK Example

Watching the UN Food Index Price

CLIP: Bill Deagle’s FEMA Source: Martial Law By June 2014 Nationwide

CLIP: Alfred Weber Interviews Illuminati Family Member Jay Parker

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