What follows was sent to me by Michael Prince aka James Casbolt. I cannot confirm or substantiate this information at this time but publish it with the proviso to let the viewer decide…

Kerry Lynn Cassidy
Project Camelot

Janary 29, 2012

Life Extension- The Chronicles of Michael Prince
by James Michael Casbolt
1992 Sirius Sector
I am not fully conscious at this time when I’m physically on this planet. Part of my consciousness is trapped within a quantum computer system on board my space vessel named the USS CALOPIA. This vessel orbits whatever planet I’m on at the time. This vessel is a UN/US Space Command vessel. The technology on board actually causes the vessel to physically follow me around the galaxy using stargates to travel vast distances. During the compartmentalizing torture sessions at the Hive in South Africa and the London underground facility, my consciousness has been leaving my body and entering a physical cloned body in vat stasis on board the USS Calopia.

The computer system on board this vessel monitors the vital signs of these cloned copies of my body. When life signs are detected within the cloning vat, the computer system sends mechanical servitors to take me to a an emergency medical bay until I am physically recovered and can walk around the ship in a stable condition. My physical body down on the planet during these times is always inhabited by my MIRROR ENTITY. At the breaking point of maximum pain levels… when I ‘pass-out’ my consciousness leaves my physical body in the underground base or wherever and wakes up in the cloned body on board the USS Calopia. When I recover and leave the medical bay on the Calopia, I always enter a specific room where I can monitor my physical body down on the planet. I can also monitor the vital life signs of the body on the planet. This process involves looking through physical cybernetic implants within the eyes. I am also able to operate the computer system on board the ship and bounce the signal off walls to look at the body from a remote location as well viewing through the eyes.

There is always a time limit that the Mirror Entity can take possession of my body down on the planet. The computer system on board the USS Calopia will always give me a warning five minutes before the Mirror Entity departs my body. This physical body will then shapeshift back into a human form when my consciousness enters back into it. The computer system flashes symbols on one of the screens at this time and a digital voice will say-
“Five minutes to genetic molecule alignment”

At this point I will walk out of this particular room on board the ship and enter a room down the corridor to the right hand side. In this room a vertical body pod called a ‘Ventricle Duct’ is positioned at the far end of the room. I will step into the pod with my back facing the wall. A plastic screen will close in front of me and the pod will tip back slightly. The pod will then fill up with liquid that I can breath and I will slowly and gently fall asleep and wake up again in my body down on the planet. This technology assists me in dealing with intense/prolonged pain and terror.

However at this time in 1992 I do not have conscious control over all the technology on board the USS Calopia. I also have a slightly schizophrenic relationship with the computer on board the vessel. At times of acute distress the computer and I talk back and forth. I.E- at the time I was ‘drowned’ in the ‘well’ at the Sirius prison facility, at the moment of greatest terror for me, I heard the computer system on board the USS Calopia inside my head, saying something like-“Regulation 301- Assist in binary xxxx ( numbers I can’t remember ) teleportation? Assist in binary xxxx teleportation?”

The ‘Assist in binary teleportation’ would be repeated with an increased sense of urgency tone of urgency until I felt like my lungs were going to explode. Just at the point of lung rupture taking place, I saw the Kabballa formation in my mind’s eye. I had a split second to choose between two of circles lit up. One green in colour, the other red in colour.

Green= I leave my body ( less risk )
Red= I stay in my body ( more risk )

I choose red at this time, stay in my body and I actually start to breath underwater through some kind of cybernetic breathing mechanism inside my body initiating at this time. The ultimate goal is to stay in the body and gain fully conscious control over all the technology on board the USS Calopia. Some of the hardware and software on board is ancient. Basically I need to switch the AI section of the computer on board off. At this time my brain will become ‘quiet’ and the internal dialogue that takes place inside my head between myself and the computer, will stop.-The scepter artifact I was handed by the ‘Jesuit/Reptilian’ priests after the drowning was a missing piece from the computer on board my ship. I was able to stay in my body during the drowning and therefore realize my physically indestructible nature. However the artifact was ultimately placed within a container inside the Emerald Room at this time, with the female and male reptilians inside. Because of this the female and male reptilians in the Emerald Room own a piece of my mind at this time in 1992.

Now because I was able to resist teleporting my consciousness onto the USS Calopia during a time of intense stress, I have moved one step closer to mastering this technology. Now at times of intense stress when the internal communication between myself and the computer system on the Calopia starts, I can instruct the whole vessel to physically teleport near to my location and send mechanical servitors into the place where I am distressed and physically rescue me. This way I end up physically on board the USS Calopia without having to leave my body. The trick to mastering all this technology is to stay in one physical body and not ‘body hop’ from one physical container to another.

Eventually the objective was to liberate this artifact from the Emerald Room and return it back to my ship. When events such as this happen, in times of danger, there will be no internal dialogue between myself and the computer on the Calopia. The artifact will be physically teleported to me from the ship and I will have complete mastery of my environment enabling me to come out of any dangerous situation safely. I can say at this time, I have claimed the artifact from the two reptilians and I have complete control over the Emerald Room they occupied in the past. I am approaching a state where I will actually be able to incorporate the artifact into my cybernetic body. At that time I will not have to wait for the time delay while the device is teleported from the USS Calopia to me. I will not have to rely on the USS Calopia at all and will have full conscious control over the technology. It is not a matter of if this happens but a matter of when.

1992- D4 facility- Sirius Sector

A door opens at the back of the Emerald Room. I exit the Emerald Room with the male and female reptilians in it and walk into a corridor. I am met by two human guards and I instinctively walk down the corridor behind them. Doors are located on either side of the corridor and some are open as I walk past them. I glance into a room on the left and see tall grey types working on some kind of crystal based computers. I glance to the right as I’m walking and see larger rooms with short grey types working on larger computers with conveyer belt type apparatus at the back of the rooms. I see box shaped objects on the conveyer belts and parts of exo-skeleton robotics such as mechanical arms and such.
A pair of tall grey overseers exits one of the rooms on the right and follow behind me. One of the greys creates a telepathic link between itself to the back of my head and a data exchange starts to take place as we walk. I see the layout and design on the whole facility.

The place is designed exactly like the Pentagon building in Virginia. This Sirius facility has five ring corridors within each other ( pentagons within pentagons ). Each of the five sections houses a separate extra-terrestrial race. Prisoners considered most dangerous by the ruling elite of each race work with scientists of the same race during their incarceration periods. This facility rests on a flat terra-formed seabed under the ocean of this planet to prevent escape. The facility is considered impossible to escape from as previously mentioned. The whole facility is able to detach itself from the seabed in times of emergency, emerge from the water and become airbourne/spacebourne.

The five types of lifeforms in each section of this facility are as follows:
5th Outer Ring- ‘Cat-People’ Bipedal cat type creatures based all over the galaxy but high numbers of these beings located in Sirius Star Sector.
4th Inner Ring- ‘Bird-People’ Bipedal bird type creatures based all over the galaxy but high numbers located in Orion and Draco Star Sectors.
3rd Inner Ring – ‘Wolf-People’ Bipedal canine type creatures based all over the galaxy but high numbers in Sirius Star Sector.
2nd Inner Ring- Humans.

1st Inner Ring- ‘Reptile-People’ Bipedal reptile type creatures based all over the galaxy but high numbers in Draco and Sirius Star Sector ( classic reptilian and grey types ).
A large space exists within the centre of the facility similar to the Pentagon building in Virginia but in the centre of this building is a huge five sided pyramid structure that protrudes out the top. Some type of antenna/teleportation device is located in the direct centre of the five sided pyramid. The data download continues to happen as we walk further down the corridor and I see that this reptilian section of the facility operates in a type of factory setting and the beings within operate in a very collective fashion. The entire facility operates in this way but it is most extreme here. I also see that ultimately the entire facility is run by AI at this time, which oversees most of the activity within the facility.

I see that the AI has been extensively involved in cognitive behaviour tests here. This has been to determine which of the five base races has the highest survival dynamic. These ‘survival of the fittest’ AI tests has been carried out separately on each race. The AI computer system has then mixed the races together in general population on several occasions. The strongest of each race have then been housed together for a continuation of these tests. Where I am being led now is part of the final series of testing in this area.
We continue to walk down and corridor and enter a lift at the end. All five of us get in and descend. The elevator doors open into an absolutely massive room with five walkways converging in the centre. The room is quite dark and very silent. I look up and see the huge five-sided pyramid structure above me built with a type of dark glass. We walk along our walkway towards the centre of the structure. It takes a long time and with every step I feel an awesome power building in my body. After walking for awhile I see on object in the distance. As we get closer I see a familiar trip seat type device. We get to the device and I get in the seat while the two human guards strap me into the chair.

Once this is complete, the two human guards and two greys walk away back in the direction of the lift. I sit in the dark silent massive room for a awhile and wait. I feel completely calm. I hear loud mechanical rumblings around me and five massive square mirrors extend out of the ground to form a pentagon shaped prism around me. My form sitting in the seat is reflected around me in many strange ways. My reflection seems to go on forever. I then see five faces appear on each mirror. They seem to be reflected backwards to how the facility is set-up I.E- A massive reptile face appears in this gigantic mirror to my left, the seat then rotates to the right and I see a huge wolf face, rotate to the right again and I see a huge bird-face, rotate right again I see a huge cat-face. The chair rotates slowly again and I see a huge human face. The face is Commander Sarion who may be my father. The chair then rotates to its original position and sinks into the floor where mechanical locks clamp the chair into a more secure position.

The chair starts to spin in a clockwise motion and gets faster and faster with each rotation. The faces appear to start laughing and as the rotation speed quickens, they all start to blend into one in my vision. I hear a crackling electrical sound and bright white light is coming from the centre of the pyramid down into my body. I start to convulse and I feel myself being filled with massive power and my muscles and joints tearing, stretching and ripping. This is massive pleasure and pain combined and feels like a huge orgasm. I feel my body expanding and when I feel myself reaching a climatic power point, the dark room around me disappears and I find myself standing in some desert canyon. My whole body is tingling with energy and feels very different.

Sirius 1992 continued

As the crackling energy envelops me in the chair, a time delay occurs just before I am teleported off planet into the canyon. I arrive in a tube on board the Calopia and look out through the clear partition as servitor droids come to collect me. The door in the tube opens and I fall forward in a weakened state into the mechanical arms of two servitors.

They lift me onto a hovering gurney and follow by my side on their wheeled legs as I am moved through the corridor on the right side of the vessel leading towards the recovery bay. Large viewing windows are positioned on the right side and I look down at the blue planet below. Most of the mass is covered by a huge ocean and I see a small land mass off to the left lit up by the huge sun behind the planet.

I am taken into the medical bay through a door on the left and moved into a corner where medical and laser equipment scan my body. I am given an injection by a mechanical arm that comes out of the top of the wall in front of me. A head visor also comes out of the wall and is positioned across my eyes. My strength is returning to me as I receive a digital debriefing from the AI computer on board the USS Calopia.

I learn the AI system on board my vessel has been in conflict with the AI system running the underwater prison down below on the planet. My very survival was at stake. Data regarding stem cells and genetics is scrolled onto the display screen. The AI system down on the planet has developed a complete science based the ancient art of terror, studying the deepest fears of an individual and sequence mapping of pain thresholds and physical torture breaking points.

It has learned that as the mind controls the body, physical pain is only effective up to a certain point. It’s goal is to physically remove an individual’s bone marrow by the quickest means possible while keeping the body alive. The bone marrow and stem cells within the marrow contain the individual’s identity and memory. Once the original marrow is removed the AI replaces it by teleporting stem cells from one of the animal type races located in a lab at the prison facility.

The AI system controlling the prison facility has probed into the deepest fears of men. It has found a way to literally and physically scare the life out of a man. To scare the life right out of one’s very bones!

On the other hand the AI system on board the Calopia is designed to enable me to survive under all circumstances. Back up exo-skeletal cybernetic chassis are located on board. These cyborg copies contain hollow tubes for the transportation of bone marrow stem cells if the Calopia AI registers that my DNA has left my body. This is accomplished with the use of atomic energy.

The debriefing continues on the digital visor and I learn that because I was able to stay in my body during my drowning experience at the facility, the Calopia AI has learnt that it can teleport my whole physical body directly onto the vessel, bypassing the need to vector locate and transport just my bone marrow.

A game of chess is being played out between the two AI’s and the Calopia AI now has the upper hand. In a covert maneuver of trickery, the Calopia AI has double crossed the planetary AI and teleported down a cyborg copy of my body into the chair as I am simultaneously being teleported to safety on board. Using massive amounts of oppositional extreme temperatures of heat and cold, the Calopia AI has managed to very rapidly swap each cell one at a time.

The cyborg copy has the standard hollow tubes within the bones of the alloy exo-skeleton. Therefore the facility AI teleports the stem cells of the animal into the bones without noticing a swap has occurred. Using this incredible energy source of heat and cold, the superior Calopia AI physically teleports genetic material two ways, while the inferior AI rides on the back of this process at the exact same time and teleports it’s sample without realizing the true process which is occurring. It is a three way process. Two parts living and one part dead.

On board the safety of the Calopia I am spared the damaging effects of the shape shift to my body for the first time in years. A throw away cloned body sustains this instead and a snarling eight foot tall bipedal, hairy beast is teleported into the canyon back on earth.
I am viewing the Bigfoot type beast in the canyon on a small screen above my head. A plastic tube shaped partition comes out the side of the gurney and I feel myself being pushed backwards through a small dark tunnel. I start to feel myself being pushed into sticky liquid and I realize I am back inside a tube.

I feel heat being scanned over my body and also realize I am being teleported. It is a quick triple realization as I also know I am being teleported into the canyon on earth to do battle with the hairy beast.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The next thing I am aware of is a cool breeze blowing on my skin. It is almost dark, late evening and I see the Bigfoot like creature standing in front of me about twenty feet away. It’s thick legs are slightly bent ready to spring. It is over seven feet tall and looks like a cross between a huge gorilla and a bear with dark brown fur with long handed claws at the end of it’s massively powerful arms. It is growling with saliva dripping off rows of sharp teeth. I can smell it’s stinking rancid breath and foul pungent body odor from this distance.
Time seems to slow down for me as I notice a blue glowing light reflecting off the high walls of the canyon we stand in. I notice this blue light is coming from my body and look down for a split second to realize I am sitting cross legged and levitating over four feet off the ground.

I feel completely calm and in control.

I wait for the beast to spring and as he leaps the entire distance with a roar, I bounce some kind of magnetic energy off the ground beneath me and float gracefully higher into the air. The beast misses me and I manipulate this magnetic energy again this time using it to smash my weight downwards in the split second he passes underneath me. Just as my right hand is about to strike the top if his stinking head, I project a magnetic shockwave out the palm of my hand. The impact on top of his head smashes him face first down into the ground with a huge thud. The beast screams in agony and rage.

The beast returns to it’s feet again in no time and is facing me again. It leaps and I sidestep to my right and parry it’s weight with my right arm. Once I have a slight grip on the animal I throw it hard into the canyon wall behind me using it’s own weight and momentum.

It smashes head first into the wall and screams once again in rage and pain and again it rushes me. I can’t keep moving out of its way as it is getting wise to this tactic and rotates it’s body and moves to my left as it comes at me, slightly shifting it’s weight so I cannot parry it away from me. I cannot move backwards either as I will not be able to muster enough force into my blows to neutralize the beast.

My only option is to meet it head on and we end up in a stand up grapple face to face. The beast is stronger and much heavier than me. I have hold of it’s left arm with my right hand but is pushes me back a couple of steps. It’s right arm is now free and it swings a huge clawed overhand blow at my face. I block the blow with my left forearm but the force of it cuts my arm deeply and knocks my arm down. It follows up with the same blow quickly as I attempt to bring my arm up again and it knocks my injured arm down further exposing my face and chest.

A third time it throws the same blow. I see the claws sailing through the air towards my face but my left arm is too weak and injured to block this again. At the last moment I manage to pull my head back and the claws miss my face but rake down the left side of my neck near the collarbone instead. The blow is thrown with such force the claws continue cutting vertically through my flesh, gouging deeply into my chest exposing metal bones, circuitry and pumping flesh organs underneath this.

The animals right hand is down by my left rib now and I grab it with my left hand and pin it against it’s body. I still have the beasts left hand tied up with my right hand and I use the opportunity to head butt the creature in the mouth. I feel some it’s teeth crack off and it screams as blood starts to pour from it’s mouth. It counters with a ferocious bite to the top of my left shoulder.

It opens it huge gaping snout wide and sinks it’s teeth deeply into my flesh.
Something snaps inside me. Some deep bestial trigger deep within is activated by being bitten by a large animal such as this. I roar as I feel my hands starting to break and explode. I look at my hands as the beast is still sunk deep into my shoulder ripping from side to side, tearing at my flesh.

Knife like blades have protruded from my hands. At once I realize the reptilian hand bones retrieved from the bodies back in France all those years ago have been incorporated into my physiology ( see France deprogramming sessions 1812 ).

I ram the blades of my left hand into the stomach of the animal with a left uppercut. It let’s go of my shoulder and steps back looking confused when it sees the blades. I follow up with a overhand right blow with my right foot forward that cuts deeply into the left side of it’s neck. It steps back again and I have pinned it closer to the wall. I kick the creature with my right leg. A front kick to position it against the wall for the final death blow then I thrust a left punch as straight as an arrow into it’s throat.

The punch is forceful enough to go all the way through it’s throat and pin it to the wall behind. In a murder frenzy I stab into it’s stomach over and over again with my right hand until its head falls limply down in death.

I pull the blades out of it’s throat and the body falls onto the floor. At first it appears as if the body is dissolving in black mist. Then I realize the planetary AI system is teleporting the body back to Sirius.

I realize this has been a survival dynamic test by the AI system. One of the last in a long long series of survival of the fittest tests to discover which race has the highest survival dynamics. I notice movement above me out the corner of my eye and look up to see some kind of metal observation platform high above near the top of the canyon wall. I focus my vision on the platform and see men in green military uniforms looking down with binoculars and camera recording equipment.

They know I see them and start to scramble around as two of the men rush to the back of the platform and quickly wheel some kind of cannon forward.