Sacrificed Entertainers – Doorknob Suicides as an Occult Ritual

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It would seem that June 2018 culminated a lengthy ritual involving the sacrificing of 12 well-known celebrities and members of royal families. Whereas this will only be news to normies, there has definitely been a lack of coverage on the occultic aspects of these deaths.

It would seem that the normies/sheeple of the world have not batted an eye at the fact that 12 wealthy celebrities have all died in the same manner in the past few years under very similar and bizarre circumstances. Perhaps this is because the mainstream media refuses to report on their connections to elite pedophilia rings which tie directly to powerful people in Washington, Hollywood, and the mainstream media. People on the last presidential ticket in fact.

No. The mainstream propaganda media would have you believe that 

12 independent and highly successful people with careers and influence hanged themselves on doorknobs. DOORKNOBS!!!

My first question is: How the hell does one hang themselves from a doorknob? Followed by: How common is this? Do people hang themselves from doorknobs regularly and I’m just now finding out about it? Is there a doorknob suicide club the rest of us aren’t aware of? Well, the answer to that last question is “yes.” One need only substitute the word “suicide” with “murder.” Or simply use the word “suicide” in the past tense while maintaining its usage as a verb. Eg. 

Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster “SUICIDED”


Hillary Clinton opted to have Seth Rich die in a “botched robbery” as opposed to having him “SUICIDED”

You get the point. I would like the reader to know how excruciatingly hard it was not to list the other dozens of people who have committed suicide surrounding the Clinton administration dating back to the Arkansas days. But what does this have to do with “Doorknob Suicides” you may ask? Everything.

Pizza GateJohn Podesta (Hillary’s campaign manager, child rapist/murder), James Alefantis (Restaurant owner front for DC child prostitution ring), Henry Weinstein (Hollywood Rapist), Boys Town (Male Child sex ring catering to politicians), Israeli brown-stoning (Israeli control mechanism for the U.S. govt, Jerry Sandusky (Low-level Pedophile who took the fall), Jeffrey Epstein (child prostitute procurer for the elite), Hunter S Thompson (Snuff filmmaker), The Catholic Church (Enough Said). Hillary Clinton (Rapist, murder, Deep State Luciferian), . None of these murders/sex rings are mutually exclusive. What’s scarier is, they occupy seats of incredible power and operate within the normalized institutions of Hollywood and Washington while being insulated by media and pop-culture. The desire for the supply of children for both pedophile sex rings and ritual sacrifice date back to the days of monarchy and are alive and flourishing within the institutions flowing within the undercurrents of our society today.

So why did these 12 people die in nearly identical ritual suicides laden with occultic overtones? Quite simply because they were either in the thick of it or had information which would’ve exposed those at the heart of the pedophile networks.

Why Doorknobs? Why 12? Where is the 13th? Skip to the second half of this article for an explanation of ritual mechanics.

In order of “Suiciding” they are as follows:

1) Michael Hutchence – 37

Died November 22, 1997. 

INXS frontman Michael Hutchence’s body was found hanging from a doorknob in Room 524 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney. The occupant in the neighboring room heard an unidentified loud male voice and swearing at around 5 AM; the coroner was satisfied that this was Hutchence arguing with another male. On February 6th, 1998, after an autopsy and coronial inquest, New South Wales State Coroner, Derrick Hand, presented his report ruling that Hutchence’s death was a suicide.

According to reports, Hutchence had information regarding a “VIP pedophile ring” in the UK that was connected to child killing rapist Jimmy Saville and high-ranking politicians.

It should be noted that this was the first “suicide” of the 12 and began on the same day of the year JFK was assassinated. November, 22. Of course, the reason for this is because 11/22 add up to 33. A numerical masonic/occultic calling card to be sure. Hutchence’s age also adds up to 10 or “1” Visit my numbers study page for more info on this. 

2) David Carradine – 72

Died June 3, 2009

Perhaps the most occultic murder to them all. Hollywood actor David Carradine was found dead in his room at the Swissôtel Nai Lert Park Hotel on Wireless Road, near Sukhumvit Road, in central Bangkok, Thailand. He was there shooting his latest film, titled Stretch. Really? Stretch? A police official said that Carradine was found naked, hanging by a rope tied to the doorknob of the room’s closet leading them to believe his death was suicide. However, later reports suggested that his death was accidental, the result of autoerotic asphyxiation.

Two autopsies were conducted, one involving the celebrity pathologist Pornthip Rojanasunan, and both concluded that the death was not a suicide. The cause of death became widely accepted as “accidental asphyxiation.”Carradine’s lawyer Vicki Roberts went on record stating: “I believe there may have been foul play.” 

Reports around the time of his death suggest that Carradine may have been involved in child sex tourism; a rampant issue in Thailand where he was found. If he was involved in pedophilia, could he have been connected to a wider network of Hollywood elite pedophiles?

Here we have the almighty “72”. If ever there was a more complete and hermetic number for ritual work this is it. Of course, what better way throw collective common sense out the window than to write a sex scandal into the narrative. “Death by erotic asphyxiation.” I’m calling Bullshit on that. Was Carradine into the Pedo scene? It sure seems like there are more than a few connections. Unlike other people on this list, he wasn’t in the process of attempting to out anyone at the time of his death. 

3) Alexander McQueen – 40

Died February 11, 2010

The first of 3 fashion designers on this list, McQueen was found in the AM, hanging from a doorknob by his housekeeper at his home in Green Street, London where paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene. Metropolitan Police stated that the note McQueen left was not suspicious, however, they did not confirm that his death was a suicide.

Photos of McQueen’s fashion shows. It’s obvious that McQueen was in the thick of it and made a regular habit of signaling his allegiance. As an occultist I can tell you that the attention to detail and themes portrayed in his shows were beyond that of casual decor. They ran deep. 

[Show slideshow]Designed by McqueenMcQueen photo shoot


Masonic Chess BoardDesigned by McQueenMcQueen with Pagan antlersMcQueen’s 2007-2008 fashion show

Aaron Swartz – 26

Died January 11, 2013

Tech pioneer, and Reddit co-founder, Aaron Swartz was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment by his partner, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman. A spokeswoman for New York’s Medical Examiner reported that he had hanged himself from a doorknob. No suicide note was found.

According to former-CIA agent Robert Steele, Swartz hacked into MIT Computers and found a huge stash of Child Pornography shortly before his death.

Another numerologically significant date. Jan, 11th is “1/11” and this number has a few meanings. first, 111 is 3 “1’s” or 3. Master Mason is the 3rd degree. It is also the first 11 of the year. 11 symbolizes the pillars of Boaz and Jachin which sat at the entrance to King Solomon’s Temple. 11 is also the first number after “10” which is the most perfect number and represents ILLUMINATION.” “11” represents imperfection in government because it is one number short of 12, which symbolizes a perfect theocratic government. Satanists love to utilize this dystopian number in their ritual work. Of course, the triple and quadruple “1’s” holds extreme significance in pop culture as a number everyone seems to notice regularly. 

At first, the numerology surrounding this murder seems a little overkill, no pun intended. 11 is quite a powerful and significant number to utilize when weaving into a ritual. But upon a closer examination of Aaron’s life, we realize that his death was most certainly to be used as an example to other budding geniuses. Although Aaron no doubt more than likely had incriminating files of the elite pertaining to pedophilia he was also the spearhead of a movement to bring and maintain freedom of speech and presence on the Internet. The internet HAS replaced TV and IS the default platform for the human species at this point. Aaron posed a real threat to this. 


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