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Decrypted Matrix Truth Seekers Archive
August 15, 2012 – DCMX Radio: Ancient Civilizations & The Mysterious Architecture Left Behind, BONUS 2nd HOUR: BREAKING NEWS: Ecuadorian Embassy Surrounds Julian Assange
Megaliths of Earth: Civilizations, Construction, History, Perfections, Geography, Puzzling Questions, Moai of Easter Island, Stonehenge, Giza Pyramids & Pyramid Power, Machu Pichu, Nazca Lines, Baalbek Stones of Lebanon, Impossible Structures and More! BONUS 2nd HOUR: BREAKING NEWS: Ecuadorian Embassy Surrounds Julian Assange holed up inside the Ecuadorian Embassy, in... Read more
Zionist Origins & Symbolism:  Set, Isis, Osiris & Nephtys
The 4 primary Egyptian deities were Set, Isis, Osiris and Nephthys. Their initials spell SION, and if you take all the letters that make up their collective names, without repeating letters, you get “Hypnotizer”. One way or another the devotees of the ancient Gods and Goddess have strived to... Read more
             The ancient Babylonians have long been recognized as the preeminent astronomers of the far, distant past of the ancient world. Several thousands of years before Copernicus they realized that the earth and other planets were spherical and that all revolved around the sun. With this knowledge they... Read more
Words, Terms, & Symbols To learn them, could mean to avoid them. They are only words and symbols, but their meanings are intended to serve as a foundational influence into our daily lives, and especially plans for the future. There is a reason things are the way they are,... Read more