Words, Terms, & Symbols

To learn them, could mean to avoid them. They are only words and symbols, but their meanings are intended to serve as a foundational influence into our daily lives, and especially plans for the future. There is a reason things are the way they are, and these terms will help you understand the totality of what is happening on this planet.  No punches are pulled here,  these are not for the faint of heart so proceed with an open mind.


Alien Races  Around 60 known and documented, by various world governments.

Aliens   What if WE are the aliens?

Atlantis  Too many references in history for this not to be somewhat accurate.

Ayahuasca DMT   Organic blend from the ‘rainforest’ that will open one’s pineal gland to higher dimensions & spiritual information ‘download’

Babylon   Widely regarded as the original birthplace of humanity, and the control system currently in place.

Bashar   Extra dimensional being channelled by Darryl Anka

Bilderberg   Hand selected members of one of many world governing bodies

Blue Beam (Project)  Satellite based program to project light, sound, shape into the ‘atmosphere’ appearing real. To be used in the coming staged ‘Alien Invasion’

Cable Snooping   Many insiders of black projects have claimed that cable boxes are equipped with microphones intended for data mining, since mid 90’s

Cancer   Controlled ailment that has been cured many times over with various natural remedies. Most/all of them are illegal or banned in the US

Channelling   The process of tuning the brain/focus into pulling down information, contained in higher levels of one’s own consciousness

Chemtrails   White trails left behind by planes. Spraying projects started in the late 90’s. Many suspected reasons ranging from weather, conductivity, weaponry. Derived from ‘Contrails’, ie condensation.

Codex Alimentarius    Publicly, a global set of safety ‘standards’ for everything relating to nutrition, food, and processing.  In reality, this is a globalist movement to completely limit, yet exploit the farming industry, making home grown food ILLEGAL, and requiring farmers to invest annually in GMO seeds that have been altered as to not produce new seeds.  Considered a Substantial Crime Against Humanity.

Collodial Silver   Potentially helpful natural supplement.  Data uncertain.

Conspiracy   The idea that multiple elements of influence converge on a common idea, in secret, against the good will of the people they are intended to represent

Crop Circles   Rings digitally injected into live crop fields, leaving patters, images, and symbols.  These can be done through black projects via Satellite, or ET contact/technology

Digital Television   Television technology created requiring higher bandwidth of transmission. It is speculated that this transition was on purpose, to assist with mind-control and programming via bi-directional carrier signals

Dinosaurs   Many species are likely still on this planet today. Legends that refuse to die, along with insider testimony that Jurassic Park style technology very much exists, and is exploited underground and in remote locations

Directed Energy   Energy produced by satellite, drone, or HAARP in order to effect the atmosphere/ionosphere or otherwise.  Likely unseen to the naked eye, can cause tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.

DMT Dimethyltriptamine   The spirit molecule.  Created by the pineal gland naturally, causes the ‘dream’ state during sleep

Drones   The beginning of Skynet.  These autonomous craft are poised to dominate all categories of airspace with Artificial Intelligence. Relevant recent movies: Terminator 3, Eagle Eye

Earth   To those at the top of the food chain, Earth represents one of many businesses within the Milky Way. To others it is a single living organism, struggling with life threatening disease.

Fluoride   Injected into the water supply since 1960’s, in order to calcify the pineal gland – cutting humanity off from higher levels of consciousness, awareness, and motivation.

Forbidden Cures   The FDA actively ignores, bans, or outright demonizes legitimate cures that threaten the Big-Pharma establishment (they control FDA, not the other way around as it should be)

Galactic Anomalies  Things are happening in space that are not natural phenomena. Scientists are forced to apply bogus explanations to UFO activity, Planetoids movement, Kuipers Belt activity, etc.

Ghosts   Energy ‘echos’ left imprinted into the fabric of space-time. Significant emotional experiences seem to leave the biggest impressions, resulting in the most common earth-plane paranormal experiences.

Hybrid Humans may indeed be hybrids of the ‘original Human’ coming from the Lyrea star system.  Perhaps we have lost our own history, or it has been intentionally re-written and packaged, for reasons of control.

Immunity Boosting   Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and other natural cures exist that could eliminate the need for synthetic pharma chemicals.

Law of One   Channelling sessions from the early 80’s that draw information from a source only known as ‘Ra’.  So much quality data regarding humanity, spirituality, connectedness, etc. was retrieved that this deserves thorough inspection

Lemuria   Antithesis to what is known as Atlantis. Similar time period, yet alternate global location (current Hawaii and nearby islands). Possibly involved in conflict resulting in Atlantis’ abrupt destruction (sinking into the Caribbean)

Mainstream Media   The big 5, are controlled to the core. Trust nothing from this stream of information.

Manchurian Candidate   Susceptible individuals specifically targeted for assassination ‘jobs’.  They are programmed and triggered to carry out attacks they wouldn’t normally be fully capable of.  Accused as Lone Gunman

Matrix   The entirety of that which we can see, feel, taste, touch and sense.  All that exists. Nothing more, nothing less.

Mind Control   The ability for placement unnatural thoughts, feelings, dreams, aspirations through specific grammar, doublespeak, RF, satellite, visuals, and even trauma.

Mind-Body   These two are infinitely connected.  A continuous loop of unlimited potential… a cosmic space-suit.

MK-Ultra   Project taken from Nazi Germany and restarted in the US under new direction. Used for creation of super solders, and operatives that will do anything that is asked without morality or judgement.

Montauk Project  Government project from late 70s to early 90’s that involved Mind Control, Time Travel, and Teleportation

Moon    Evidence shows it as pushed into place by an unknown force/race/ET around 10,000 years ago.  Pings hollow when hit with acoustic laser. Perfectly Round. Doesn’t rotate. (Unlikely to be a natural object)

Nephilim  Reference to beings in Ancient Texts. Apparently translates to “Those from heaven to earth, came”

New World Order   Buzzword given to the globalist movement, pushing humanity towards a one world government, religion, and monetary system. Think, corrupt government hidden ‘within’ public government.

Nutrition   The best nutrition seems to be the eastern medicines and holistic ‘natural’ treatments. If its natural, its not patentable. Meaning, synthetics are profitable, and naturals, are not.

Off World Colonies   There are carefully groomed and selected members of the population that have been indoctrinated into new colonies, off-planet.  Gary McKinnon found evidence of this in his NASA hack, and many other black project insiders have spoken in detail about this.

Orgone   Some kind of undisclosed life-force Energy that can be drawn from space-time. Might be similar to chi, mana, and other cultural terms found throughout history.

Piso Family   Roman Aristocratic family that commissioned the writing of the Bible. Elements of the Old & New Testament were pieced together from recycled stories pre-dating Babylon.

Propaganda   This will actually mean two completely different things, depending who is using it.

Psilosybin   Chemical found in fungus that causes the spontaneous release of natural DMT

Pyramids   Found all over the world, above ground and under the oceans. Some are argued to be in excess of 400k years old, thus making the time periods of Atlantis for example, possible.

Quantum Supercomputing   Brain-Mind-Artificial? Definition unclear

Rife Machine   This machine, designed by Royal Raymond Rife, has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment and CURE of 1000’s of ailments and diseases. Its production is banned in the US and 1st world countries. Availability Rating:Extremely Difficult, Ownership possibly punishable by law.

Shaman   The spiritual leaders that led, and still lead small native communities in becoming one with nature, awareness of self, protection of mother earth. Basically, someone to explain the thunderstorms, lightning, etc.

Star Wars   Missile defence system used to Bankrupt the Russians in the cold war?  Or ultra secret space weaponry designed to ‘protect’ the earth. Verdict still out.

Strawman   The corporate ‘self’ every American agrees to represent. This is not the natural person, for it is the STRAWMAN, the shell corporation used to deal with you in a ‘legal’ matter. Apparently you can separate yourself from this legally, though no known successful proven record exists to date.

Sumeria   This is the first known civilization with a recorded history on tablets and artwork.  They had knowledge of the stars, planets, agriculture, mathematics, and obviously language. Spoke of the Nephilim. ~4500 BC – ~2500 BC. Popped up out of no where, faded away and society dispersed.

The Beast   Many eerie references in the bible. Mark of, and such. This is suspected to be the AI Supercomputer scanning all known intelligence in real time. ID Chips and RFID tags are said to be the indicators that bible prophecy is coming true.

UFO   Misnomer, in that they are not ‘unidentified’.  In most cases, they are either black budget advanced craft, or actual ET visitation.  Most unwarranted ET visitation is shot at, or downed and retrieved on purpose. Evidence shows that we are hostile towards them, so appearance is less common in highly populated areas.

Vaccines   Too much evidence exists that unhealthy additives are not only found in these consistently; they may also be used to spread a bio-weapon, such as AIDS (one of the few that has been proven to be engineered)

Weather Modification   Has been a wet dream of the military since the early sixties, maybe fifties.  Speculation has been raised that it was used to soak the VC with rain in Vietnam, since the US had few other advantages.

Zionism   Not to be confused with Judaism, though the connection is often made.  Hard to pinpoint the real definition, as it is more a movement towards consolidated control, under one world government.

Zionist Movement   See Above