A.B.C.’s the Resistance Alphabet by Beast1333

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A.B.C’s (Resistance Alphabet)
by Beast 1333 Prod. Nevahmind

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Ya’ll want the Alphabet?
A’s for airborne Diseases on Your Deathbed
As you Clamor and Pray to Jesus
B’s for Black magic fingers Itching to kill a Bilderberg
B’s for Bohemian Grove they Killing kids I heard
C’s for the chemtrails that Propagate and coat the City
C’s for the Comet that’s Coming this shit Aint gon be Pretty
D’s for the Devils & Demons that Play with D.N.A.
D’s for the Dicks that set us up that work for D.E.A.
E’s for the Eathquakes and F’s for Fukushima
the F.B.I. is working in Cahoots with Fucking F.E.M.A
G’s for Genetically modified everything they Grow
H is for H.a.a.r.p and the Holograms
I am in the Know
J’s for the Signals from Space they stay Jamming
K’s for the KKK who gay Slamming
L’s for the Lizards that made us turn to Human form
M’s for the Mind Control of Simple Brains
they Use it for em
N’s for the New World Order and all the Neocons
O’s for the Ozone Depletion will live to See it Gone
P’s for the Pork Pigs I live in a Police State
Q’s why i question Authority the Police hate
R’s for the Radiation cookin us from Inside
S is for the Satellites orbiting High the Seeing Eye
T’s for the Talent it Takes to Tie Tracks Together
Treacherous Tornadoes Tsunamis all types of Killer Weather
U’s for the Underground cities inside the Hollow Earth
V’s for the Visitors Viewing Us aint no Dollars worth
W’s what more can i say? the Dumbest president
W’s the World trade Workers inhaling Sediment
X is for the Xenophobe’s that dance the Jig of Xylophone
Y is for the Yuppy politicians on the Microphone
Y is for Yale and the Growing numbers of Skull and Bones
Z is for Zealots that call America they Home
Z is for the Zoo and the animals that We’ve all become

I plan on Teaching
the Resistance Alphabet to Everyone
Let’s spit it Backwards
since I’ma start With a Z see

Z’s for the Zodiac worshippers Poppin Feces
Y’s for the Ying Yang forces that Guiding all our Lives
X is for the Xerox company government Derived
W the Word that comes to mind for me’s the White House
Working as they Worshipping moloch the Whispering Night Owl
V’s for the Virgin mary who never Wore a Veil
Vultures of the Valley of Galilee carpenter’s that Sail
U is for Umbrella companies with Hidden assets
U is for Under as in Six feet in a casket
T’s for my Thirteen and T’s for my Thirty Three
powerfullest Numbers Thats why everybodies Heard of Me
S is for the Sun and the Saint’s its Solar worship
R is for the Rockets our Race has turned to Bird Shit
Q is for the Queen and the Queers of the Royal family
inbred Queens that Queef and claim insanity
P’s for the Pillars its Jachin that stand with Boaz
O is for the Ocean polluted from Oil a boat has
N is for the Nails in your coffin when smoking Cigarettes
M is for the Moon and the Metal pars in your nicorette
L is for the Lions and Lambs ya’ll Still doubting
K is for the Killings its Life on Cold Mountain
J is for the Journey we making After the future flood
I is for the Ice that is Molten goodbye to Who you love
G is for the Giants the ancients labeled them Nephilim
F is for the Father the spirit the Son of Bethlehem
E is for the Eagle the symbol got two Heads on it
D is for Darkness and Dragons with no legs on em
C’s for the Candles they burning in Cubed Circles
B is for Brimstone its raining the skies is Purple
A is for Adam smashing eve up on a balcony
A is for Alpha and Apple and even Alchemy
A is for the Axis of evil we’re nothing more than Apes
Abnormality Superficial Human Disgusting Traits

Download: http://www.sendspace.com/file/b6fmhi


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