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Decrypted Matrix Truth Seekers Archive
More Proof of WTC 7 Lie / 9/11 Strange New Footage WTC 7 – Video | 9/11 and Ground Zero Former NASA Official Found Dead With A Rope Tied Around His Neck And Genitals In Thailand Woman Records Police Barging into her Home in Case of Mistaken Identity Mark... Read more
Super Mega Bilderberg Infographic Flowchart of Connected Banks, Politicians, Corporations, Control Groups
  Bilderberg Group From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Formation 29 May 1954 (58 years ago) Membership ~150 invitees, smaller core group Chairman of the Steering Committee Henri de Castries Website www.bilderbergmeetings.org The Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg conference, or Bilderberg Club is an annual, unofficial, invitation-only conference of approximately 120 to 140... Read more
Icke Meets InfoWars: How Bilderberg Elites Control Society
Infowars.com travels to Britain’s Isle of Wight to speak with pioneering author and public speaker David Icke about the Bilderberg Group, trends in global activism and how the global elite are able to control society, as well as their ability to manipulate our reality.   Read more