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The Paypal 14 – Activists
The PayPal 14 are a group of defendants allegedly connected with the hacktivist group Anonymous, thirteen of whom pled guilty in a San Jose court in California, United States in December 2013, to charges of conspiring to disrupt access to the PayPal payment service.are a group of defendants allegedly connected... Read more
When an Agent Knocks, Talk About It
Often, when folks find themselves having been visited or otherwise solicited for information by law enforcement, their reaction is to keep the fact that they’ve been targeted for government harassment quiet. In reality, however, the worst thing (next to cooperating!) that you can do in this situation is to... Read more
Obama Administration Prosecuting “Exactly the Kind of Whistleblower Who Deserves Protection”
 By NICK SCHWELLENBACH Last month, The New Yorker magazine reported on how POGO Executive Director Danielle Brian told President Obama to his face that “prosecuting whistleblowers would undermine his legacy.” One of those whistleblowers being targeted is Tom Drake, a National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower who is less than... Read more