Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau

Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau is part of Telecomix. This wiki is used for discussing technology and philosophy. This wiki is also essentially the technical twin to the political WeRebuild.EU wiki. Both share the same fundamental goal: To defend and increase information freedom.

If you find anything here interesting and want to talk about it (we dont bother with e-mails) join us at irc.telecomix.orgOr just press this link.

Telecomix Crypto Munitions Bureau?

A decentralized organization without membership. The bureaus goals are described in this paper issued by Cameron. Beyond that, we also do whatever we want.




  • Encrypted Communication
    • GPG / Mac Encryption for mails, files and more. No forward secrecy!
    • JavaScript GPG for the GMail webinterface
    • OTR Extremely IMPORTANT for Instant Messaging – USE THIS
    • Tomb strong semi-deniable encryption for the desktop and safe transports
    • Tcpcrypt a protocol that attempts to encrypt (almost) all of your network traffic.
    • CurveCP Usable security for the Internet
    • Crayfish Safe IRC shelter server (concept).
    • LUKS LUKS is the standard for Linux hard disk encryption.
    • Truecrypt Disk encryption
    • Silc : Secure Internet Live Conferencing : IRC like but much more safer (to be written) SILCNET Offical Website
  • Anonymous and Alternative Networks
    • Tor (Peer reviewed, understood and very secure anonymity network.)
    • I2P (Likely unsafe in extremely dangerous situations, peer review needed)
      • OnionCat (Anonymous IPv6 tunneling on top of Tor/I2P.)
    • Netsukuku – Internet Protocol based alternative to ICANNnet – currently lacks dedicated anonymization mechanism, mainly based on physical WLAN links
    • CJDNS (this is not Domain Name System!)
    • Do we need something better?
  • General-purpose VPN software
    • curvetun (lightweight multiuser IP tunnel based on elliptic curve cryptography)
    • OpenVPN (Direct p2p VPN.) – Lacking peer review
    • VTun – Lacking peer review
    • PPTP (Knowledge needed to set up a linux computer as an IPREDATOR-router for your entire net.) PPTP is not safe to use
    • tinc
    • quicktun – uses Elliptic Curves, popular in dn42 community
    • SSH
    • IPSec (for example OpenSWAN)
  • Sousveillance/Counter Surveillance


The telecomix cluster – Wiki –Communiqués – Cameron –Telecomix News Agency –Organizational overview – (SSL on port 9999, also available through irc.telecomix.i2p)

Adopt a politician. The politicians will soon be voting about the Data Retention Directive.

Needed Software – projects

Software we may need for further projects, still to be found or written

Physical infrastructure

Repository of research articles

Mission: Helping to undermine one authority after the other…

Among the tasks given to TCMB by Cameron is to develop and spread knowledge about cryptography and security. So, here it is:


Cryptography for The Post-Quantum Computing Era

Books, papers and logs

Further Links

Meetings and seminars

TCMB official documents

Interesting papers/pads

Software watch list

Interesting software that is yet to be investigated.

  • CrypTool / JCrypTool: graphical cryptography teaching tool
  • AlpineLinux hardened and lightweight Linux distribution for setting up routers / gateways

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