The Lightbulb Conspiracy – A Lesson in Planned Obsolescence

Planned obsolescence (OR PROGRAM) is the deliberate reduction of the useful life of products, to ensure frequent repurchases and consumption.

In the past, products were built to last. Then, in early 1920, a group of industrial reached the following conclusion:

“An article that refuses to goes down is a tragedy for the business”, especially in the modern consumer society, which is based on accelerated production cycles, repurchase and disposal.

This documentary combines research work with rare footage, stored under lock and key, on the practice of planned obsolescence by large companies in the world from 1920 to the present day.

The film, spoken in English, French, Spanish and German, travels the world interviewing witnesses who experienced the beginning of this practice, now applied worldwide, which harms consumers, generates mountains of waste and feeds the cemeteries of electronic equipment, which never stop growing.

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